Survivor by xXStorm_RunnerXx
Survivorby Anissa Moreland
Samantha Shepard has survived encounter upon encounter, and has even been brought back from the dead. Now it's believed that the infamous Commander Shepard had died savi...
  • romance
  • garrusfemshep
  • femshep
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Outsiders Smut! by angi3_m12
Outsiders Smut!by Angieboi Curtis
The good ol' usuals. The Outsiders smut! I do requests, so text me! You can even dm me on instagram and I'll your request. @jd.grease
  • bob
  • sehinton
  • cherry
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You agian (Mark Sloan) by everydaybores
You agian (Mark Sloan)by everydaybores
Meredith sister comes to town. When she comes will secrets come too? I'm thinking of re writing this story that was originally on my old account (livvy33_) that I can'...
  • greysanatomy
  • shepard
  • adison
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Mass Effect One Shots by TurtleForkLiam
Mass Effect One Shotsby Jenna
Well the title really says it all. Just a bunch of Mass Effect little stories. I hope you enjoy!
  • wrex
  • garrusvakarian
  • shepard
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JACK | Book Three (BWWM) by kjwxox
JACK | Book Three (BWWM)by KJ✨
• Book Three in Love on Chesapeake Bay Series • Before he was a hotshot doctor he was just Jack. In a whirlwind romance that ends in betrayal and heartbreak, Jack comes...
  • mcdreamy
  • highschool
  • youngadult
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Ask The Outsiders by LaurenBlurton
Ask The Outsidersby MarineCorps101
You ask questions, the greasers answer!! If you ask a rude question, I will not answer it and you will be reported! DIBS ON STEVE RANDLE!! HE'S MINE!! ALL RIGHTS GO TO S...
  • tim
  • randle
  • pop
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Humanity's Lost Identity by Friend_Of_The_Souls
Humanity's Lost Identityby Friend_Of_The_Souls
The one thing everyone knows is that the Reapers are systematic. They kill. They take. They kill again. They take more. Systems. Planets. Lives. The ground they walk on...
  • 117
  • masseffect
  • crossover
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Burning for you (Male reader x Alexis Rhodes) by ArlanHanson
Burning for you (Male reader x Arlan Hanson
Y/n is a new student to duel academy with a new summoning method, but what he didn't expect was to meet his childhood crush and be in the Silfer red dorm, will Y/n becom...
  • jaden
  • chazz
  • shepard
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Mass Effect: Destiny Unbound by Lukara_Spock
Mass Effect: Destiny Unboundby Lukara_Spock
Months after the defeat of the Reapers, Shepard wakes up from her comatose sleep. All around her, everything is falling back into place like the Reapers never existed...
  • featured
  • romance
  • shakarian
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Redefining The Future by MindlessCreations15
Redefining The Futureby Mindless Creations
When the Gibbs' family are forced to flee and go into hiding, past secrets are revealed making it necessary for them to confront old and new enemies. Gibbs will stop at...
  • abby
  • ncis
  • gibbs
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18 Days Of NCIS by gracejarvis1405xx
18 Days Of NCISby Grace Jarvis
18 days of NCIS
  • tonydinozzo
  • david
  • mcgee
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Mass Foundations: Redemption in the Stars (Mass Effect/Fallout crossover) by NordRonnoc
Mass Foundations: Redemption in Nord Ronnoc
Years after the second battle at Hoover Dam, an experiment at Big Mountain had gone away, sending the Courier to a universe where humanity became a spacefaring race. In...
  • mass
  • character
  • vegas
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After The Fall by Julian-Greystoke
After The Fallby JulianGreystoke
The war is over, the Reapers destroyed... but what is to become of all the species trapped in the Sol system? Where is the hero, Commander Shepard, let seen gasping for...
  • n7
  • shepard
  • new
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A New Beginning (Book 1) by DragonQueen294
A New Beginning (Book 1)by DragonQueen294
Vorelea had joined into a mission with her Spectre mentor/Adoptive father, Nihlus Kryik to go to Eden Prime to retrieve a Prothean artifact and to see if Commander John...
  • aliens
  • shepard
  • galaxy
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Let's Party, Garrus X Reader by Koala_Dreams
Let's Party, Garrus X Readerby Koala 👑
It was your birthday and you wanted to celebrate it with your friends in the Normandy SR 2 but no one was there to celebrate it with you as there were too busy getting r...
  • shepard
  • masseffect
  • love
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Mass Effect Legacy: We Celebrate With Hero's by Themasseffect
Mass Effect Legacy: We Celebrate Themasseffect
A Mass Effect story that isn't Canon, but I do not own the franchise.
  • maleshepard
  • shepard
  • normandy
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Mass Effect One-Shots by Corrin_of_Nohr
Mass Effect One-Shotsby Shepard
You will either be Shepard or someone else, this is an insert and such
  • vakarian
  • garrus
  • mass
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Wojna o świat // Mass effect by natisieee
Wojna o świat // Mass effectby Zireael vas Normandy
Wojna ze Żniwiarzami trwa. Zbierana jest flota, która być może w niedalekiej przyszłości obroni Ziemię. To jednak nie jedyny problem komandor Shepard; również sprawy mił...
  • girlxgirl
  • kosmos
  • talizorah
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Folgenreiche Begegnung by CaitlinsophieShepard
Folgenreiche Begegnungby CaitlinsophieShepard
Ein Marine bricht aus einer Anstalt auf, während den Untersuchungen an diesem Fall trifft Gibbs auf eine Person die ihm mehr als bekannt vor kommt, doch was hat es mit d...
  • jethro
  • vergangenheit
  • dinozzo
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Mass effect: Into the Unknown by ytsc00
Mass effect: Into the Unknownby YTSC
A collective of Mass Effect 1-3 and Andromeda stories. Can be any kind of category, romance, tragedy, etc A/N: Spoiler warning No Beta reader the characters belongs...
  • mea
  • game
  • fanfic
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