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NCIS Family by breukdog
NCIS Familyby BreukDog
This is a story where the NCIS team is a family.
Human rituals by MoonyPad
Human ritualsby Kota
After accepting his undeniable attraction towards his commander, Garrus has a new mission: To win Shepard's heart. With a little help, of course.
Mass Effect: New Dawn by Mattchew07
Mass Effect: New Dawnby Matthew Leong
A crossover story featuring the Halo and Mass Effect universes. Tali'Zorah x OC Liara T'Soni x OC EXTENDED SUMMARY INSIDE Updates will occur every Tuesday and Friday St...
Mass Effect Arks by Shadow_trooper
Mass Effect Arksby Shadow_trooper
Not an ark game cross over, an idea of sleeper ships that are found, they are from an alternate dimension, and they change the history of the Galaxy.
Grey's Anatomy Imagines by TumblrGirl97
Grey's Anatomy Imaginesby Snowtiger
Grey's Anatomy imagines about the characters from the show. Hope you enjoy them. You can send requests. (CharacterXOC)
A few Titans solve many issues, including the Reapers. by Vinnymoneyho
A few Titans solve many issues, Vinnymoneyho
There has always been a section of the galaxy closed off to all of the galactic Civilization. Known simply as the Montoken Region and encompassing 20% of the galaxy, no...
Angel's Lament by Brother_Antros
Angel's Lamentby Brother_Antros
A Strike Force of Blood Angels and Lamenters are thrust into a completely new reality, along with a fleet of Imperial Refugees. But how? And Why? If fate is to be believ...
🄴🄽🄰 🄾🄽🄴🅂🄷🄾🅃🅂 by mrspicysauce
🄴🄽🄰 🄾🄽🄴🅂🄷🄾🅃🅂by mrspicysauce
The Perfect one ( Abused,Neglected Mass effect Reaper Male reader x Rwby Harem) by SkullOfTheDeaths
The Perfect one ( Abused, SkulloftheDeath
You can't stop us Shepherd.!.!. Brzzz I will find bezzzzz another way... Y/ son.......go...... The Perfect one...... My son..... I.....will always be with you...
Treasure Hunt | Without a Paddle  by boohoo_boo
Treasure Hunt | Without a Paddle by 💫BooBoo✨
A lot of people found it weird that Parker was the only girl in her group, but to the four guys, she's always been one of the guys without a dick. "Let's... let's...
You agian (Mark Sloan) by everydaybores
You agian (Mark Sloan)by everydaybores
Meredith sister comes to town. When she comes will secrets come too? I'm thinking of re writing this story that was originally on my old account (livvy33_) that I can'...
Mass Effect: Male Quarian Oc  by gokugunslinger
Mass Effect: Male Quarian Oc by gokugunslinger
Lack of male Quarian stories. Oc will replace Tali, im sorry.
When Gibbs met Jane  by italexys
When Gibbs met Jane by Alexys
Jane is the daughter of former NCIS director Jenny Shepard. Hardly anyone knows that she exists or who her mother is. She lost her mother very young and when she was old...
Mass Effect One Shots by TurtleForkLiam
Mass Effect One Shotsby Meg
A collection of Mass Effect one shots! Most are with Garrus Vakarian, but there are others mixed in there! I haven't updated in a while, but I will post more stories as...
Unseen: Mass Effect FanFiction by RedzDragon
Unseen: Mass Effect FanFictionby RedzDragon
Unlike her famous Spectre brother, Captain Shepard has always preferred to work in the shadows and away from the spotlight. But when rumors about an illegal A.I is broug...
Wisps of smoke by abby1353
Wisps of smokeby abby1353
Multiple patients come into Seattle Grace ever day. Patients with all different types of injuries. Along with the patients come the friends, family and loved ones. But w...
The Galactic Swordsman (N7 Spectre/Mass Effect Reader x Demon Slayer Harem) by KnyJimmy
The Galactic Swordsman (N7 SpectralAssassin15
Reincarnation is always messy, especially when you, Y/N Shepard, is the descendant and reincarnation of three legendary swordsmen: Yoriichi Tsugikuni, Michikatsu Tsugiku...
JACK | Book Three (BWWM) by kjwxox
JACK | Book Three (BWWM)by KJ✨
• Book Three in Love on Chesapeake Bay Series • Before he was a hotshot doctor he was just Jack. In a whirlwind romance that ends in betrayal and heartbreak, Jack comes...
The Great Hunt by RampantRex
The Great Huntby RampantRex
Cut off, outnumbered by the Xenos horde. The stonehide marines do what they do best: kill and maim for humanity. Wherever they go their mission stays the same; the safeg...
Delayed Translation by ytsc00
Delayed Translationby YTSC
Mass effect AU. Garrus a soldier is sent out to fight the humans in the First contact war aka Relay 314 Incident. He start to notice that every failed mission or hasty r...