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Special Agent Loki Laufeyson by darthwitty
Special Agent Loki Laufeysonby Skylar Wittenborn
After the devastating invasion of New York, the war criminal Loki is being punished. He has been sentenced to work for a mortal law enforcement agency, and S.H.I.E.L.D...
NCIS: LA The Lost Agent  by Sydney456
NCIS: LA The Lost Agent by Sydney456
Alexa Deeks is the sister of Marty Deeks. She was also Callens girlfriend. She went undercover one day and it got blown. She was then kidnapped and the team couldn't fin...
Sherlock: The Nanny's Anomaly by Uilosris
Sherlock: The Nanny's Anomalyby Uilosris
[#1-Sherlocklovestory] John and Sherlock realize that they need someone to care for Rosie in their stead. Solution? A Nanny. After weeks of searching, they hire Susanna...
The New Agent by NCIScrazy
The New Agentby NCIScrazy
A murder of two married Navel Captains result in an orphaned 15 year old. There is no other family to Madeline Green. What will happen when the same people that killed...
Next Generation Profiler by GradeAFan1
Next Generation Profilerby GradeAfan1
Krista is Dr. Spencer Reid's daughter, his wife Mackenzie died in a car crash years prior. After losing touch with close friends after her death, Krista never expected s...
The Shadow in the Bayou by AlexCooper250
The Shadow in the Bayouby Alex Cooper
Elliot Jo "EJ" DiNozzo is the newest NCIS Probationary Agent, to join the NCIS New Orleans field office located in the French Quarter. She followed in her cous...
The New Probie (an NCIS Fanfiction) by hidden--skies
The New Probie (an NCIS Fanfiction)by hidden--skies
It's a normal day for the team, although quiet. That is, until a girl walks in asking for Gibbs. She's the new agent. 'Wait. Ellie? Oh my god, is that you?' I did a dou...
The Story of Robin Jackson Gibbs (An NCIS FanFic) by FanFic_writer10
The Story of Robin Jackson Gibbs ( FanFic_writer10
Hi. My name is Robin Jackson Gibbs and this is my story. All I'm going to say is that life is hard, but it's worth it. Disclaimer: I do not own anything apart of the NCI...
Hawaiian Love  by Luke_Eat_My_Waffles
Hawaiian Love by Erika Hilton
In which a mainlander falls in love with the head of the Five-0 task force. Cover by luseoks
Alex Rider Crossover by Rider_007
Alex Rider Crossoverby Rider_007
A little Alex rider and NCIS crossover.
Slibbs and the boat by dinozzobby
Slibbs and the boatby dinozzobby
Why does sloane have to leave? only Gibbs will know... Thank you for #91ncis ->30.9.20 One month on wattpad -> 30.9.20🤯 Thank you for everything you're all amazin...
Zoey Deeks by ncislosangeles123
Zoey Deeksby ncislosangeles123
sequel to "densi love story". This fanfic is set in the present. (2015)
Family business  by Agent-Lokitty
Family business by SpecialAgent-Lokitty
NCIS and Supernatural crossover. You'd got out, got a good good and started to feel normal. Going as far as starting to fall in love. Everything was fine until you got...
Don't Mind The Pink Elephant by HydraKitty
Don't Mind The Pink Elephantby HydraKitty
Ducky's niece comes to visit and gets more then she bargained for.
The Blue Guitar (NCIS fanfic) by JTKirk96
The Blue Guitar (NCIS fanfic)by The Gibblet
Gibbs and his team are called to what seems to be a murder scene, but one of the hostages that were there survived. Ellie Bluinto (Blue) can't remember why she was taken...
Hidden family  by just_me_4321
Hidden family by just_me_4321
Everyone knew Hetty Lange as a bad ass. She would keep her privat live exactly that, privat. What happens when suddenly the secret about her family comes out? Everybody...
NCIS LA: The New Member by alexabg21
NCIS LA: The New Memberby Alexa
This is the first of many fanfic I will be writing for NCIS LA. Please comment even if it's bad. All Feedback is welcome.
What Am I Here For? by ChattahoocheeAFlint
What Am I Here For?by Josephine Lyles
Leah is visiting her cousin Christopher LaSalle in New Orleans. She has not seen him since she was 13 and he was 18. He was like a big brother to her. He was also her...
The unknown Gibbs daughter by ImpalaAllie
The unknown Gibbs daughterby Allison Balkum
Growing up without a father was hard but having cancer was the worst part of Alexis' childhood. She's found the one man who she has spent her entire childhood dreaming a...