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Adopted by suga by hope1299
Adopted by sugaby kk.slays
"You were worth saving."~suga Elijah is 6 years old.he had terrible life.he is mute because of it until one day a famous Korean rapper saved him. Will he make...
Hurts so good by Adel_dynasty
Hurts so goodby Adel_dynasty
"I could give you what you want, what you crave" he whispered in my ear and I shivered as I felt his hand slide into my shirt. "How do you even know what...
Irondad and Spiderson One-shots (Discontinued) by Krazy_Chaotic
Irondad and Spiderson One-shots (D...by Krazy_Chaotic
this book is fairly old so excuse the horrible spelling and/or grammar mistakes that come with some chapters. as well as confusing plot holes. I do not own any of these...
Saturn by grantbqueen
Saturnby grantbqueen
After Mike's parents die his grandmother is forced to tell him the truth; his dad wasn't really his dad. His real dad is a hotshot lawyer named Harvey Specter. His grand...
Dragon Heir by Nickdabeast03
Dragon Heirby Nightlight
WARNING! THIS SUMMARY CONTAINS SPOILERS!!! When Stoick found out about Toothless, he disowns Hiccup. Hiccup breaks Toothless out of the Arena and leaves with him. This i...
Tony Stark Has A Heart by AnabelleBlack20
Tony Stark Has A Heartby AnnabelleBlack20
Fluffy Irondad and Spiderson one-shots.
Shortstory's [Tony Stark | Peter Parker] by oldstoriesaccount_
Shortstory's [Tony Stark | Peter P...by Elea-Angelina
Oneshots in which Peter Parker, our favourite Superhero, has to balance High School and being a Superhero in order to keep his life in line. He'll have his Mentor and Fa...
ᴡʜɪᴛᴇ ᴄʜᴏᴄᴏʟᴀᴛᴇ {BWWM} by XXmickeyXX16
ᴡʜɪᴛᴇ ᴄʜᴏᴄᴏʟᴀᴛᴇ {BWWM}by ✧・゚: *✧・゚:*
Trying to blend in with her group of so called friends. Grace got a bit to drunk on the night of her 20th birthday. Had an incredible one night stand she was hoping to f...
A Slice Of Life, Death And Everything In-Between by Buckets_Of_Stars
A Slice Of Life, Death And Everyth...by Buckets_Of_Stars
Tony Stark never thought he would start to get gray hair at only 48 years old. Then along came a certain Spider-Baby that turned his whole world upside down. (Or: A seri...
Save me (Severitus) by Fiyshstick
Save me (Severitus)by Fiyshstick
¡THIS IS NOT SNARRY STORY! Harry was so tired, he just wanted to curl up and perish. Harry couldn't remember anything he needed to live for. Harry was terrified, scared...
mera yeh bharam tha mere pass tum ho  by Jyoti343
mera yeh bharam tha mere pass tum...by jyoti
it's not a love story .. if you want to know what is this ..then peep in .. Maine pics crop nahin kiya ,kyunki the pic belongs to the owner of that I'd ..I used it as th...
A Bird Without Wings by stardancer5
A Bird Without Wingsby stardancer5
Reeling from the harsh blow of his parents death, Tony Stark can barely hold his life together. Sometimes he doesn't want to. Until the anniversary of his parents death...
Irondad and Spiderson oneshots  by pineapplespongebob
Irondad and Spiderson oneshots by pineapplespongebob
Mostly fluffy oneshots of the best father and son duo. !!NO SHIPPING OF THESE 2 CAUSE PEDOFILIA IS NASTY!!
Irondad and spiderson oneshots  by keira-june
Irondad and spiderson oneshots by Keira-June
• Tony and Peter being father and son • Superfamily • all characters belong to marvel #9 father and son
It'll be Over Soon by hpspirit
It'll be Over Soonby hpspirit
Peter has gotten himself into some pretty deep shit for Tony Stark, but this one Tony didn't know if he could live with, knowing it was his fault. Now Tony has to find...
Kanan and Ezra One Shots by SilverReading823
Kanan and Ezra One Shotsby SilverReading823
This is mostly going to be one shots of Kanan and Ezra. Mostly father and son moments and master and apprentice moments. I will take recommendations. I DONT OWN STAR WAR...
{LeviHan} Searching by Luna_Yakamoto
{LeviHan} Searchingby Luna_Yakamoto
Levi Ackerman and his son, Eren, were alone together for over 4 years. Petra Ral-Ackerman died in a car accident when Eren was a year old. At that point, Levi vowed to n...
Fires in my heart (Complete)  by MickyMajhi
Fires in my heart (Complete) by Micky Majhi
the play boy ommkara singh oberoi.. who never fall for any girl.. fall in love with ishana malhotra.. who make him realise the real meaning of love.. the real meaning of...
5 Times Peter Impresses the Avengers by Karmitara
5 Times Peter Impresses the Avenge...by Kay Lawson
And the one time he couldn't.