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Maus Haus  by Boah63784
Maus Haus by Boah63784
The maus a big wonderful tank was now the most feared tank on the battlefield. But until one day a maus disappears and ends up in a different world along with there divi...
The P 1000 back in time by Boah63784
The P 1000 back in timeby Boah63784
Germany was on its last legs but when the P 1000 rattle was done being built Germany was able to turn the tide of the war. But when the P 1000 ends up in the past it mus...
Long's America VS remnant (Kaiserreich X rwby) by MrBlue2806
Long's America VS remnant (Kaiserr...by Blue the madman
Its 1956 and 10 years after the second weltkrieg and the American union state rules all of north america unopposed from Alaska to Panama, the world is currently in a col...
Dragon Princess Will Do Her Best To Prevent The World's Destruction by PainfulExile
Dragon Princess Will Do Her Best T...by PainfulExile
Reincarnation is a popular genre, isn't it? Well, I want to file a complaint to the god or system in charge of it! Where was my adventure!? My relaxing days of rolling i...
Girls Und Panzer den Fanfiction: It's St. Gloriana and the Dimension Hopper! by MusashiBear
Girls Und Panzer den Fanfiction: I...by MusashiBear
After a little accident and a run-in with commander Kay, ex-dimension hopper Arthur Bucol agrees to become a spy for the famed Saunders University High School in order t...
5 Tankers And A Dog In Another World by Thegamingtrooper73
5 Tankers And A Dog In Another Wor...by Thegamingtrooper73
1944, a Tiger 1 crew perish in an unforeseen accident but they are not finished, they will encountered new and old foes and meet new people, this is their tale. Cover ma...
Modern Tank Went to another world. (male reader x armor blitz)  by JeanCarlo3806
Modern Tank Went to another world...by RedGamer3806
There's one t-14 Armata was traveling on the desert with the crew. Commander Makarov and he's crew was on the recon mission, there will be finding some stuff and getting...
Girls Und Panzer Tankery's End by KingDiscord
Girls Und Panzer Tankery's Endby King Discord
Japanese Sensha Do is a sacred piece of Culture for the people of Japan. it dates back for decades the use of old tanks to teach a young woman maturity, individuality, a...
Dust Devils - A Girls Und Panzer Story by _---AAHW---_
Dust Devils - A Girls Und Panzer S...by _---AAHW---_
From the sands of the Mojave, Valarie Woodlin of Mojave Rose High School has been a passionate fan of the sport of tankery. For so long, she could only be a fan. No long...
Sky Hawks (Male Reader X Girls Und Panzer) by Maybe_an_author
Sky Hawks (Male Reader X Girls Und...by Maybe_an_Author
Tankery. The age old sport that sees girls from all over the world compete to become the best tankers. However, when a board meeting is held, the decision to include a n...
The Mysterious Firefly (Male Reader X Darjeeling) by Jax_Blue
The Mysterious Firefly (Male Reade...by Joshua Balingit
(Completed) Do fireflies still exist? Anyway; What if you were to find a firefly that will bring you to the world of your favorite anime, Girls und Panzer!? You will hav...
Philippines In A Fantasy World! by The_War_Reader
Philippines In A Fantasy World!by The_War_Reader
(don't forget to read the note at the bottom.) 2067 - Philippines has risen, due to skyrocketing economy and budgets, and also with the help of their allies of course, m...
The Death of Katyusha by ViktorChild
The Death of Katyushaby ViktorChild
After an all-nighter finishing her paperwork, Katyusha suddenly fell ill and was confined to her dacha for two weeks. With Pravda rudderless without the Great General Se...
Girls und Panzer (Forgotten Brother) by Ogoysss
Girls und Panzer (Forgotten Brothe...by USS Enterprise CVN-65
As a child Jiro Nishizumi has been close to his family and his love with tanks, at age 7 he already knows how to shoot and drive one that's why he was chosen to go to Eu...
Girls und Panzer: Downfall by MarkR03
Girls und Panzer: Downfallby MK109
What happens when Senshado becomes a discipline for males as well? A seemingly ordinary boy, named Michael, coming from a not so happy situation with his family, decides...
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A Fresh Start by PanzerAce
A Fresh Startby PanzerAce
George has spent the better part of his time in high school trying to forget something that happened in his past. Spending most of his time alone, he doubts that he'll e...
The Fight For His Heart. (Girls und panzer x Male reader x Yukari x Erwin ) by Anime_Progam
The Fight For His Heart. (Girls un...by Anime_Program
You were close friends with Anzu since you two were kids. You went to hang out with her one day to see she was actually in a tank. But what caught your attention was two...
Gate: The New Era by DemonWasAlreadyTaken
Gate: The New Eraby DemonWasAlreadyTaken
A Gate opens up in Times Square, right in the middle of a war-torn world and a war-torn America. Having suffered nearly 3 decades of war, the American people will not st...
Our Own Style by Pashico5
Our Own Styleby Pashico
Maximus Belus and his friends have made a portal-type machine that will grant them a one way trip to the universe of the anime "Girls und Panzer". Unsatisfied...
Miho X Male reader by coolguy6267
Miho X Male readerby coolguy6267
Miho and the Oarai High School girls faces their toughest match yet when they face the new Experimental all Boys School. And Miho faces a challenge that she has never fa...