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The Yandere Cooks for the Villain in Each World by Desert_S
The Yandere Cooks for the Villain...by Desert
After joining the Villain system, the Villain was forced to do world upon world growing emotionless from the pain and suffering put upon her in each world. That is- unti...
Eldest Miss's Style Isn't Right by Dreaming_Butterfly
Eldest Miss's Style Isn't Rightby Butterfly Blues
In the eyes of the public, the spoiled little crybaby daughter of the Gu family who was abandoned and discarded by her fiancé should be living a miserable life But they...
MY HUSBAND IS A MAFIA ! by yyashika_
MY HUSBAND IS A MAFIA !by yyashika
Please Leave me from this cage Vansh I assure you that I will not reveal this secret front of the world but please let me go.... 🥺A girl ( Riddhima) pleading Vansh Rais...
Silenced by a_spoonful_of_sugar
Silencedby a.m.m
Book 1 Silence. The art of keeping quiet and never making a sound. The fear that causes you to lose your voice. Kaiser Donovan hasn't talked in years. After being taken...
Ishqaan Wala Love by ContradictionQueen
Ishqaan Wala Loveby M M A
This is a fanfiction of Ishqi and Ahaan from Ishk Par Zor Nahi. Their journey from being "Risky Ishqi" and "Ahaan the Mahaan" to "ISHQAAN"...
Why Do All The Target's Hate Me?! by Desert_S
Why Do All The Target's Hate Me?!by Desert
Chen Yanyan was hated by that man, despised, ignored, that man even wanted him dead! ...D-didn't he?! Then why... Why was that man suddenly clinging onto his thigh as t...
A Prostitute's Love by varsh2110
A Prostitute's Loveby Varshasai
Story on how love blossoms between a prostitute Sundari and a middle class person, an engineer, Akash. ------- Sundari sighed as a person entered her room. She was fed u...
Sweet Honour- Benedict Bridgerton  by midnightskyrose
Sweet Honour- Benedict Bridgerton by Christina
"There's things I wanna say to you, but I'll just let you leave. Like if you hold me without hurting me. You'll be the first who ever did." Victoria Knight gre...
The Sunshine of My Life {COMPLETED} ✔️ by priyaxsidneet
The Sunshine of My Life {COMPLETED...by Priya
Sunshine of My Life A pure hearted guy who is a huge buisness man. What will happen when he will fell for a mentally retarded girl? Peep in to know 😉😉😉😉
Intimacy by sexyhorselover_2
Intimacyby Sammy Taylor
Part of the romantic twin series! Jayden Watters was orphaned at 5 years old. After a bad car accident, she was moved to Canada to live with a foster home. Moving straig...
💝💝 DIL SE DIL TAK 💝💖 ( PYAR KI EK AUR RANG )  by DeviDevi756
💝💝 DIL SE DIL TAK 💝💖 ( PYAR KI...by writer from heart
An unexpected love story btw three friends
From Cheated To Protected by smile_seungmin
From Cheated To Protectedby smile_seungmin
"How could you?! You know all the shit I've been through with relationships, but you still betrayed me? I thought we were friend! I thought you were my best friend...
Quick Transmigration Of The Divine Phoenix by Divine_Empress_344
Quick Transmigration Of The Divine...by Naomi
She was a peerless genius that everyone envied but suddenly she had congenital heart disease, which ruined her life but she didn't give instead she was more encouraged t...
Dark Secrets ✔️ by _hijabigirl_
Dark Secrets ✔️by Hijabi Girl
Assad Junaid is a 27 years old businessman admired for owning a well-known company at his young age. However, he has got secrets which no soul knows about. So he uses wh...
Mga Libro Ni Ate Jonaxx by Chrsly
Mga Libro Ni Ate Jonaxxby hidden
Best books of this Century! I recommended you guys to read it. Mga librong isinulat ni Ate Jonaxx gamit ang kanyang puso, determinasyon at inspirasyon. Mga librong magpa...
Unconditional Love ✔ by Dharani17
Unconditional Love ✔by Dhaరणि
#1st in RagSan on 25th August 2020 # 3rd in RagSan on 15th May 2020 The unconditional love of... 🤔🤔 Want to know? Then peep in 😂😂
Unconditionally by missAvaK
Unconditionallyby Ava Kingsley-Adamakos
Meet Marabelle Jaimeson. Dancer, lover of Starbucks and best friend to Mallory French. When Mallory starts dating Scott Vickers, in enters Freddie Rivers, Scott's best f...
Go Go Squid by OmegaSunShy
Go Go Squidby sun
We have already watch how our beloved Tong Niyan chased The Rough Man Han Shangyan. But have you ever imagine how will Han Shangyan chase Niyan if he had fall in love wi...
Unlocking Her by jsnj_writes
Unlocking Herby Jayasri Naga Jyothi Pasupuleti
(On hiatus) ✧ She is the magic only he could perform ✧ Lydia Rose Davies | Austin Cole Roberts Share same home city and company, but are just colleagues in relation as...