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Beauty and the Beast||Loki x Reader AU by IggeeRoseBby
Beauty and the Beast||Loki x Reade...by ℑ𝔤𝔤𝔢𝔢 ℜ𝔬𝔰𝔢
You've heard the original story of Beauty and the Beast. Now, it is your turn. Nobody ever batted an eye at the Asgardian castle. Nobody ever thought of who lived in it...
·~ Who's The Best? Toi, Mon Amour ~· (Lafayette x Reader) by Depressed_cos
·~ Who's The Best? Toi, Mon Amour...by ✨JessMixx✨
·~Y/n Hamilton, twin sister to the notorious Alexander Hamilton, the loud mouth himself. Unlike her male counterpart, Y/n is a more soft spoken individual. They share th...
Dark Waters Rising [#1] [BXB] [COMPLETED] by OminouslyAnonymous
Dark Waters Rising [#1] [BXB] [COM...by Mora Montgomery
Book #1 "Very good, Wesley," he breathed, the warm air fanning across the merchant captain's face. "Now I suggest you listen closely because I don't do th...
Hamilton One Shots (x reader) by thatstoreonthecorner
Hamilton One Shots (x reader)by thatstoreonthecorner
*reads title* highest ranks: #762 in fan fiction #12 in hamilton #38 in oneshots
Hawaii's Story: Where Mountain Meets Sea by ApeculiarChild2
Hawaii's Story: Where Mountain Mee...by ApeculiarChild2
Everyone has heqard of Pearl Harbor, Every From 1795 to 1893, we will take a dive through years of history of the 50th State of America, before she was even a territory...
Dead Seas Surviving [#3] [BXB] [COMPLETED] by OminouslyAnonymous
Dead Seas Surviving [#3] [BXB] [CO...by Mora Montgomery
Book #3 to Dark Waters Rising and High Tides Colliding *Started on Jan 27, 2021*
Over the Years (Colonel William Tavington) by GabsJolie
Over the Years (Colonel William Ta...by GabsJolie
After an incident, Angelica and William were separated, she was sent to a boarding school in France and he was sent to War. When she comes to America after 16 years, the...
The Town That Changed Everything (Ichabod X Reader) by ashlikelynx
The Town That Changed Everything (...by Ash
!IMPORTANT! I used they/them pronous while describing Y/N and their actions because those pronouns are gender neutral and I wanted to write a gender neutral fanfic. Als...
Soft blue skies (countryhumans revolutionary war) by frogthemangoguardian
Soft blue skies (countryhumans rev...by TOMMY???
Fourteen-year old America is tired of being under his father's thumb. Sixteen-year old Canada has to deal with his love life, and an arranged marriage. Britain is not on...
Liberty Calling by Maddielb98
Liberty Callingby Maddielb98
As the war for America's freedom stretches on, Emmeline Reed is sure that she knows exactly what she stands for. Her brothers fight in the British Royal Army. Her father...
Gone Too Soon • Hamilton {John Laurens} by thatstoreonthecorner
Gone Too Soon • Hamilton {John Lau...by thatstoreonthecorner
DISCONTINUED & CRINGEY Brielle Washington finds herself moving in with her Uncle temporary. That temporary turned into more permanent due to the most upsetting casualtie...
Of Parchment and Saltwater by lafxyette
Of Parchment and Saltwaterby oh I won't be hiding
(The sequel to "Of Wildflowers and Gunpowder") Nearing the end of the Revolutionary War, Louisa and Benjamin Tallmadge have finally begun their lives together...
Fates - a story of mistakes  by jimiinslefttoe
Fates - a story of mistakes by jimiinslefttoe
He knew they were not supposed to be together, she didn't. Keeping this in mind, it is almost unfair that now she is the one lying on the floor, dying, chocking on her o...
Siren | Cutler Beckett by hillewi_02
Siren | Cutler Beckettby Hillewi
"So you're going to throw me out?" she asked, while she tried to swallow the lump in her throat which only seemed to grow. "Leave me with a few pounds so...
Time: A Hamilton Story {UNDERGOING EDITS} by POTCfangirl
Time: A Hamilton Story {UNDERGOING...by Emma Hamilton
I stood just outside the door of an old fashioned house. A man who bore a striking resemblance to Lin-Manuel Miranda answered the door, wearing a bright green suit and...
hereafter; larry stylinson (bottom!louis vampire!harry) [completed] by larryent
hereafter; larry stylinson (bottom...by Charles Bukowski
"A legacy is every life you've touched. And you've touched mine twice." On the coast of San Francisco in 2024 is where Harry falls in love all over again. Alte...
Within The Castle Walls by Dina-M
Within The Castle Wallsby Dina M
Emilia was a ordinary 17 years old with an extraordinary beauty. At an era where people ate scraps for dinner, Emilia started serving at the castle to save her low class...
Magia Posthuma ✓ by inkmagpie
Magia Posthuma ✓by Ink
When the Empress appoints Irina's father as the new Governor of Transylvania, the young Duchess is swept away from her glamorous life at court in Vienna to the mysteriou...
Unknown Love (Benjamin Tallmadge x Reader) by 19961999dorrell
Unknown Love (Benjamin Tallmadge x...by pianonerd
(Y/n) Washington is the daughter of George Washington and wanting to fight for freedom but can't since her father doesn't want her to get hurt. She decides to join the r...