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Percy Jackson goes to Hogwarts by just-shut-up-already
Percy Jackson goes to Hogwartsby just-shut-up-already
Percy finds out that his mother is actually a wizard. Now he must go to Hogwarts and compete in the Triwizard Tournament representing camp half blood whilst trying to ke...
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Storm Clouds by LilMissRiddle
Storm Cloudsby LilMissRiddle
No one expected Lord Voldemort to have a grandson, not even his grandson. It doesn't help that he's one of the most powerful wizards in existence. His name? Percy Jackso...
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Another Evil Grandpa?! by _Toxic_Shadow_
Another Evil Grandpa?!by ☠ᎦᏂᎯᎴᏫᏊ☠
A Percy Jackson/Harry Potter Crossover. Sirius discovers some shocking information that may or may not lead to problems in the future. Will Riddle's heir follow in his f...
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Voldemort's Grandson Perseus Jackson by shadowray17
Voldemort's Grandson Perseus shadowray17
Percy Jackson a two time hero lost his love. All of the seven is dead including his wise girl. Now missing some limbs and out of the demigod world for at least a year wh...
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Percy Jackson: Grandson of Voldemort (#Wattys2016) by Readingfreak70
Percy Jackson: Grandson of Ann Wolff
Percy Jackson is just your average demigod. Or so he thought... Apparently he is the grandson of some evil wizard wanting to take over the world. And now Evil Grandpa2 w...
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The Heir of the Dark Lord - A Percy Jackson and Harry Potter Fanfic by jazzlemine
The Heir of the Dark Lord - A jazzlemine
A Percy Jackson and Harry Potter Crossover Fanfic The war with Gaea is over, and the only plans Percy have are to spend time with Annabeth. But when a crazy old man com...
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A World Of Gods And Magic - Perseus Jackson Riddle by F180N4CC1
A World Of Gods And Magic - SpiralPhotographer
Yay, a bandwagon that is so full I'm surprised it hasn't collapsed yet. Or maybe it has, either way, I'm gonna have some fun with this story. So yeah, Harry and the othe...
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The Descendant of the Dark Lord by fmwoll5
The Descendant of the Dark Lordby ObsessiveFangirl
What would happen if the dark lord had a grandson. What if that grandson was also the two time saver of Olympus and son of the sea god. How would the wizards react. Wha...
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Phfame 2 by jayduuhhh
Phfame 2by Your local druggie
Sequel to Phfame
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The Heir of Slytherin by StyxHuntress
The Heir of Slytherinby Styx
Albus Dumbledore was in his office. Suddenly professor Trewalney sprouts a prophecy. A certain Half-blood is Voldemort's grandson. He is 29 years old. He is married and...
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Percy Jackson the Heir of Tom Riddle by Red_Infinity03
Percy Jackson the Heir of Tom ...
What if Percy had wizarding ancestry? What if Jackson was Sally's mothers maiden name? What if Percy has two evil grandfathers?!
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Music With Lyrics by Crossover_Fandoms_
Music With Lyricsby Erin Rose
Here! Have some songs to listen to!
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The Day That Changed My Life by aglover98
The Day That Changed My Lifeby Aglover98
Pete and Ariana. Ariana has a three year old and Pete comes along.
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Percy Jackson grandson of Voldemort by its_jaycee
Percy Jackson grandson of Voldemortby Jaycee Denisa
When Dumbledore discovers the grandsonson of voldemort, things start to get a little weird. He didn't mean for it to happen, it just did! Percy didn't want to be the gra...
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Voldemorts Grandson by IncrediblyRandom
Voldemorts Grandsonby Esteban Julio Ricardo Montoya...
PERCY wanted to live normally... Stupid old Fates. Turns out he has another evil grandpa. Dumbledore and Harry come to get him. But did they really need to knock him out...
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The Grandson of who shall not be named by shadowray17
The Grandson of who shall not be shadowray17
Percy had just went through the war. He lost his friends his family and is deeply in depression. When the war was over he had went home and found his mother and baby bro...
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Ishqbaaz ✔️ by desirablefiercedevil
Ishqbaaz ✔️by Dia
Shivaye ,Omakara And Rudra Share a very unique and strong bond. The three brothers love each other and support each other in every way possible. Throughout this story yo...
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Kidnapped baby- Pete and Ariana.  by aglover98
Kidnapped baby- Pete and Ariana. by Aglover98
Ariana grande and Pete Davidson story
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Synapsescapes by _Somethinggreater_
Synapsescapesby something greater
*WARNING* Contains things that may ignite your soul. 🔥
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