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Earth to Abbey by Sdutton96
Earth to Abbeyby Sarah Dutton
Abbey is just a normal little girl, abandoned in the woods -- a normal little girl with magic powers, that is -- until she hears the voice of her lost mother and goes on...
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Animal Control by tanz444
Animal Controlby Tanz444
Mitch, an animal control officer is plunged into a surreal and colorful world while searching for a dangerous animal.
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Adventuring in a Tabletop World I Designed by Maverick48
Adventuring in a Tabletop World Maverick48
We've all thought of living in our own fantasy world, but what would you do if you got the chance? Alec Conner has to confront this situation when he is sent into a myst...
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warmthby KURO
what is this tingling inside my guts? why am i so hot now? he's heating me up, like a piece of 4-day-old pizza in the microwave. i was stale and cold, but now i'm all wa...
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Stand Strong by surealworld
Stand Strongby Stephen J. Vattimo
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This Little Town by softyellowsky
This Little Townby softyellowsky
You are driving in the pouring rain, fog obscuring your vision as you strain to see. This town wasn't on the map, but you're tired and ready to sleep. Pull out the poetr...
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Next by NikolasThornton
Nextby NikolasThornton
What comes next? When our time on this world ends, what happens to us? Do we just fade to black? Does our soul depart for our final reward? Are we reborn into new bodies...
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Oblivion: the stories of the lost by WickerWolf
Oblivion: the stories of the lostby Th. Hemlock
In a world where only the strange makes sense, there is very little to alter expectations. however, when a young girl washes up on the shore of Oblivion a new way to see...
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Cinderella Fellow by surealworld
Cinderella Fellowby Stephen J. Vattimo
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100% Connected by lisazwilton
100% Connectedby Lisa Wilton
What happens when the connection becomes too much?
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The Two Foundations In Life by surealworld
The Two Foundations In Lifeby Stephen J. Vattimo
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The Interrupter by surealworld
The Interrupterby Stephen J. Vattimo
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METROPOLIS by Poetic14u2
METROPOLISby Poetic14u2
This is a poem that describes the typical big cities of the world. With the millions of people going about their daily routines like clockwork......Day after day, a see...
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Tales from Corvington by AndreReverie
Tales from Corvingtonby Andre
An anthology of tales from the mysterious land of Corvington. "Somewhere in our contemporary world lies an uncharted island for the casual explorer. A land crowde...
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