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* A Wattpad Editors' Pick (Spring /2019) * FOURTEEN-YEAR-OLD Myles is having a rough time. Not only has his mother run off with Jocelyn, her yoga instructor, but his dad...
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Eddie on the Edge of Everything by Jules_Haigler
Eddie on the Edge of Everythingby Jules_Haigler
[EDITORS' CHOICE January - May 2020] Eddie Eversby is an orphan after her astronaut parents are killed during a failed launch to space. Now living with her cruel aunts w...
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Beyond by Annie54433
Beyondby Anya
(Comic series/graphic novel) In a galaxy called "Beyond", Stella lives on a water planet, with powers to control over water, and goes to school with lots of ot...
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Mouse Stew and Other Tales by Bhashini
Mouse Stew and Other Talesby Bhashini
Wattys 2016 Winner Visual Storytelling Category. A Wattpad Featured Story. Mouse Stew and Other Tales is a collection of rhyming stories for children about the adventure...
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Maury The Moose Takes A Bet by HM_Braverman
Maury The Moose Takes A Betby H.M. Braverman
**FIRST PLACE** In @childrensfiction contest Tea and Whiskers *Featured in the Children's Fiction Bedtime Stories Anthology. Silly Maury the moose wants to prove he's...
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Monday Mornings by disney_villainess
Monday Morningsby Lisa
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The Accidental Pet ✔️ by GandalfofspaceAnli
The Accidental Pet ✔️by GandalfofspaceAnli
Do magical beings only exist in story books? The story of a heartwarming friendship between a child and a lonely baby dragon. [ONC 2020] [Prompt No. 2]
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Will there be a Unicorn? and Other Tales by Bhashini
Will there be a Unicorn? and Bhashini
Will there be a Unicorn? and Other Tales is a collection of short rhyming stories for kids which I'm updating as they come to me. The title story - Will there be a Unico...
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The Three Little Killers -Znation FanFiction 10K/Doc by aliassystem
The Three Little Killers aliassystem
The three sadistic killers are back and they want to play. Will Doc and 10K survive their games?
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Fourever Friends: A Kids Book by cookiegirl2
Fourever Friends: A Kids Bookby Me
Meet Kayleigh, Ashleigh, Vayleigh and Starleigh. Will they be forever friends, or will one of them just, leave?
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The little iPad who searched for his charger by loekibooks
The little iPad who searched for Loeki Books
This book is written by Loeki Books on Wattpad.
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The Frozen Mystery. by binkyboo123
The Frozen • binks •
When Elsa finds out she has a twin that washed up on the beach of Arendelle, she has suspicions. She looks just like her, but she isn't sure. Elsa must work with her sis...
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Furby World: A kids book: Complete Series by cookiegirl2
Furby World: A kids book: Me
The Complete Series of Furby World: A kids book.
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The shy elephant -kids book- by temoshime
The shy elephant -kids book-by Temoshime
This is a short kids' book I decided to make. This fits into Realistic fiction because Peanut is my friend Mackenzie's toy elephant. I just made up a story based off of...
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Short Stories I Write When I'm Bored by RichiesClownPhobia
Short Stories I Write When I'm Beep beep, Richie!
Short stories I write when I'm bored and have nothing better to do. Think of them as bedtime/kids stories I guess
All About Attitude (Book One) by Stories4Children
All About Attitude (Book One)by Stories4Children
The Very Best Bffs! is a fun and interactive childrens' book series where three girls who are so-called "the very best BFFs" go on many adventures together whe...
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Rosco the Rascal Goes to Camp by ShanaGorian
Rosco the Rascal Goes to Campby Shana Gorian's children's boo...
Ten-year-old James and his seven-year-old sister, Mandy are off to summer camp with their loyal German shepherd, Rosco. While Mandy struggles with homesickness, James's...
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A Day in the Life of a Flower by MatHenFer
A Day in the Life of a Flowerby Matt Ferreira
Bluwer is a little blue flower, he never really had any exciting stories to tell... But one day, he had one big adventure.
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Rosco the Rascal's December Magic by ShanaGorian
Rosco the Rascal's December Magicby Shana Gorian's children's boo...
It was Rosco's first Christmas eve with the McKendrick family. Rosco the German shepherd knew someone would be coming down the chimney late that night. So what was that...
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Strange Short Kids Stories (that have nothing to do with anything) by hawkeight
Strange Short Kids Stories (that Hawks
Stories that I just made up for a few competitions I entered (which I won). The beginning of the sea! Aliens come to earth! Beautiful creatures! And more.
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