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A SuperFlash Story Reborn  by KiritoBinns
A SuperFlash Story Reborn by Kirito Binns
Barry Allen the fastest man alive is going head to head with Zoom, while testing his speed he made a jump to a familiar kryptonian's earth while there Barry starts devel...
SuperLove | SuperFlash | Barry Allen/Kara Danvers by EmreC99
SuperLove | SuperFlash | Barry EmreC
In this universe Team Flash was able to create Gideon for them. They implemented it in Barry's suit and even created a small device that stored the AI aswell. The artifi...
Love Rewritten by Lauriver1fanboy
Love Rewrittenby Lauriverfanboy1
Spin off of Destiny Rewritten. When Oliver Queen rewrote reality, it wasn't just his life that was affected. It also changed the lives of Barry Allen and Kara Danvers. I...
Superflash by TheyCallMeSpeedy
Superflashby They Call Me Speedy
Kara Zor El and Barry Allen were from two different universes. Before Barry was struck by lightning, he actually lived on Earth-3. It was the lightning that brought him...
Triangle : A post crisis story by professorx96
Triangle : A post crisis storyby professorx96
(Completed) Our story begins directly after the events of Crisis of Infinite Earths, Oliver is dead, the multiverse saved (atleast some of it) and the paragons back in t...
Superflash - Hope and Lost Love by ask_yo_girl_about_m3
Superflash - Hope and Lost Loveby SuperFlash Shipper
If Zoom managed to also steal The Flash of Earth-3's speed, he would have been able to kill all of Barry's friends and family, instead of just killing Barry's dad. After...
Just friends? by TheNightRider15
Just friends?by The Nightingale
Kara and Barry discovered friendship when Barry got trapped in Kara's earth. But a new turn of events will make both of them question that status.
My Super-Secret by CATERIVERS2
My Super-Secretby Cat Rose
Kara Danvers and her boyfriend Barry Allen are superheroes. They used to be normal humans named Marley Rose and Sebastian Smythe.
Immortal Love - Superflash Au by qxebtynjumk
Immortal Love - Superflash Auby qxebtynjumk
Barry Allen at the age of 11 lost both of his parents in a robbery gone wrong, and ever since then he has been broken. He gets adopted by the lead detective working the...
Until I Reach You: Superflash Fanfic by Alaska_Likes_Daisies
Until I Reach You: Superflash kai_k
Few things are more terrifying than being called to say your goodbyes. Specially when someone you thought was invincible is the same person you're saying goodbye to. Ba...
Battle of the Worlds by DJLStorme
Battle of the Worldsby David Joy
Barry Allen had just returned from earth 38 and is now waiting for the long awaited battle against the speedster villain Zoom. As they wait there is a sudden breach in t...
What We Leave Behind by baconaterftw
What We Leave Behindby baconaterftw
Barry Allen is gone but with his disappearance a mystery is left behind. May contain intense violence and action and of course I don't own anything in this story what so...
It Happened in a Flash by Pheonix_Girl_172
It Happened in a Flashby Pheonix_Girl_172
This is a Superflash fanfic that takes place a while after the Music Meister. Once Mon-El has left Kara and Iris was saved from Savitar. In this though Barry did not hav...
Superheroes Turned Lovers (Completed) by flarrow444
Superheroes Turned Lovers ( ColdFlash
Barry and Oliver have become very close over the years. Very close. Then they meet Kara, a cute, sweet, smiley girl who will change them forever.
Promise to always be there <3 (Superflash love story) by SuperxFlxsh
Promise to always be there <3 ( DahlingEdna
Iris never accepted Barry's apology after the whole engagement fiasco. He waited a year for her as she promised to do the same but she moved on. Mon El returned to Kara...
flirtfest [superflashϟ] by astronautically
flirtfest [superflashϟ]by annie + willow + ash
When Barry accidentally gets stuck on Earth 3 again and requires Kara's help to get back, she agrees on one condition. He'll take her with him to go visit his friends on...
Superflash: The New Beginning  by TheNightRider15
Superflash: The New Beginning by The Nightingale
After Team Flash defeated Reverse Flash, Barry decided to leave Central City. He gets a job in the National City PD and tries to start a new chapter in his life, away fr...
Trapped in My Own Little World  by IveYeedMyLastHaw
Trapped in My Own Little World by JJ
~~~~~~~~~~~~REQUESTS ARE OPEN~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This is a One-Shot book of anything people want me to write. ~~~~~~~~~~~~REQUESTS ARE OPEN~~~~~~~~~~~~~ #1 IN ZORALLEN
More Then Superfriends by gotitbebe
More Then Superfriendsby fuckit23gotme
When Barry gets trapped on Kara's earth and starts to feel something for her they kiss and she kissed back Disclaimer I do not own any of these characters they belong to...
Superflash:Last of Krypton  by Reality_sucks07
Superflash:Last of Krypton by A
Highest Rank: #1 in #SuperFlash and #1 in #Karry Kara Kent lived a rough life. After the destruction of her planet she moved from Smallville to Central City. She has suf...