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Madam President (KarLena adaptación) by Lilaviolet
Madam President (KarLena adaptació Lilaviolet
Lena Luthor, la primera mujer presidente de los Estados Unidos, acaba de ser elegida. Rompiendo con la tradición de contratar a un escritor político para relatar su admi...
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A SuperFlash Fanfiction  by charliecat13
A SuperFlash Fanfiction by charliecat13
When Barry and Kara met, they were just normal teenagers who met at a reptile camp. But, when Barry and Kara both become heroes, they realize that there is more to there...
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Webbed love: DC Superhero girls X male Demon Spider Reader by deadpoolmerkwiththem
Webbed love: DC Superhero girls dead pool
Meet y/n Arachnid aka angle dust the hottest demon in the underworld and the decsendent of Hades God of the underworld and Aphrodite the goddess of love but what happen...
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More than a student  by SgHp124
More than a student by L🖤🦖
Kara Danvers is just an 18 year old student. Lena Luthor is just a 20 year old science teacher, who happens to be working at the same school. Kara loathes Miss Luthor...
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Stronger Together by yes-danvers
Stronger Togetherby yes-danvers
After nearly two years in the Marines, Kara Danvers faced a career ending injury that forces her to move back to her hometown with her mother and sister, Alex Danvers. H...
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Sanvers short stories  by emmafangirl
Sanvers short stories by Currently_fangirling
I love Sanvers. These are just some smol tales of them being cute and stuff. Enjoy
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Titanic - CLOIS by laly0203
Titanic - CLOISby laly0203
Lois Lane é uma jovem socialite infeliz de 21 que está sendo obrigada a casar com o bilionário arrogante Lex Luthor,um homem que ela não ama,Lois embarca no maior navio...
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Supergirl's Replacement by JaeBae1oo0
Supergirl's Replacementby JAEBAE
Layla Izara first met Supergirl when her mom went crazy and tried to shoot up the CatCo Annual Gala. Supergirl was Layla's idol and on top of saving her left her with a...
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Runnin' Out of Time by ElliannaGrey
Runnin' Out of Timeby ElliannaGrey
What if when Kara's pod got back one course she went through a wormhole that caused her to go to a different Earth, Earth 1. After landing on Earth 1 she is placed with...
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supercorp stories by adumbqueerstan
supercorp storiesby charlie f. grosskopf
Yes, a random Katie McGrath photo as the cover, feel blessed. Charlie, your unknow queer Brazilian trash is here to try and fail at producing nice content. I stopped w...
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You too?! by karaddanvers
You too?!by ❤️
This book will mostly be about spider man (peter parker) and about super girl (Addison Stark) and Iron man (Tony stark) the man we all love...3000 The book starts with a...
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the end of the f***ing world | arrowverse by catmikaelson
the end of the f***ing world | cat
The past meets the future. Mia and William travel to the past where they meet past Team Arrow, Team Flash, and Team Supergirl.
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I Promise [SUPERCORP] by Supercorp-Karlena
I Promise [SUPERCORP]by Supercorp-Karlena
(Based off DC's Supergirl show) (🏳️‍🌈) Kara knocks on the door, and 2 seconds after she sees the face of her best friend Lena Kieran Luthor. She doesn't call her that...
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In Your Head ▶ LENA LUTHOR¹ by splinteredstars
In Your Head ▶ LENA LUTHOR¹by 𝐚𝐫𝐢
in which lex luthor's eleven-year-old science experiment worms her way into lena luthor's heart *** (supergirl season 2) a lena luthor's kind-of-but-not-really daughter...
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Don't Let Go ▶ LENA LUTHOR² by splinteredstars
Don't Let Go ▶ LENA LUTHOR²by 𝐚𝐫𝐢
in which lena luthor's life becomes a whole shit show *** (supergirl season 3) a lena luthor's daughter and lena luthor's sort-of-daughter-but-not-really fic
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The New Speedster by ZaneNaylorstories
The New Speedsterby Zane Naylor
A new speedster has joined Team Flash, his name Hightail. Volt Maxim a seventeen-year-old boy, who's always wanted to be fast, figures out a way to become one of the fas...
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Imagine by Bellchan1
Imagineby RealRaraKim
"Dunia ini berbeda, Dunia ini unik, Dan lebih berbahaya." . Seorang anak perempuan bernama Lisa tersedot kedalam sebuah dunia Fantasi. Ia harus menemukan jalan...
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You Have To Save Her by fangirl3r5
You Have To Save Herby fangirl3r5
Sequel to Supercorp// Kara Danvers/ Lena Luthor.
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Winn Schott x Reader by DananaBurger
Winn Schott x Readerby Dananaburger
"You cant love me. No one can." Y/N said with a frown. "No," Winn said. "You can be loved, because I love you so much"
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Her kryptonite eyes: supercorp love story by Otaku_AnimeLover_
Her kryptonite eyes: supercorp Otaku_AnimeLover
Lena is a science nerd and Kara is a popular cheerleader. Their paths barely ever cross, but when they do they smile at each other. This is when they are in high school...
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