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The Lost Mikaelson Twin by werewolf7745
The Lost Mikaelson Twinby Son Of Stope
What if Hope Mikaelson had a twin but when they were born the three witches not wanting their power to grow stronger sent the twin away, blocked his witch side, and eras...
Teen Wolf/Maze Runner Crossover Book 1 by tcher1993
Teen Wolf/Maze Runner Crossover Cheryl Beasley
It had been five years since we all went our separate ways for college but we still remained a strong and united pack, we stayed in touch no matter what and they always...
I'll Be Your Bat-woman (complete) by stydiaHAShappened
I'll Be Your Bat-woman (complete)by Stydiawillhappen
Lydia Martin has had the biggest crush on lacrosse captain, caramel eyed, Stiles Stilinski ever since the third grade. His jeep was badass and all the girls loved him. B...
Life As A Teen Wolf by elizabeth_reads
Life As A Teen Wolfby elizabeth
"I feel like this is when I'm supposed to say something cliche and meaningful," Scott says with Allison attached to him at the hip. Isaac looks up at Scott and...
Just Hold On |STYDIA| by Softygrievers24
Just Hold On |STYDIA|by A sarcastic bitch
Stiles barely survived the nogitsune. He used his last strength to defeated it. But then he passed out immediately after the dark demon died. He wakes up 3 days later bu...
Tell me that you love me anyway by mylli_022
Tell me that you love me anywayby mylli_022
Lydia found out she's pregnant with Stiles' child, but gets scared and proceeds to run out of his life, and five years later they bump into each other in New York. Will...
Inked Stiles. by itsjustreeree14
Inked itsjustreeree 14
Stiles always has worn long sleeves and never been seen wearing shorts. because he likes to make everyone think he's weak, defenseless and skinny. but under all the ba...
Back Home ~ TW & Deepwater Horizon by NyaGordon-X
Back Home ~ TW & Deepwater Horizonby Nya
Stiles Stilinski hasn't been seen by anyone, besides his dad, since Senior year. His Dad always knew what was going on in his life. His girlfriend, his kid, the death of...
Me Too (completed) by stydiaHAShappened
Me Too (completed)by Stydiawillhappen
"Our moms were best friends before mine died, we used to take freaking bubble baths together when we were three."
Teen Wolf one shots smut/fluff by VickiHH2
Teen Wolf one shots smut/fluffby VickiHH2
Different mixings with Teen Wolf characters
Love me everywhere, I'll fuck you anywhere by hxophilia
Love me everywhere, I'll fuck hxophilia
Stiles always had a crush on Lydia, when she started developing feelings, it was too late.. he was with malia, but a couple of drinks can really bring out the truth.
After they left/Stydia by river-flow
After they left/Stydiaby ARMY
Since Allison and Aiden died Lydia's been left alone with her grieving. The pack has replaced her with Malia and now barely talks to her. Not even Stiles stops to give h...
I Didn't Mean It by drama_girl14
I Didn't Mean Itby O'Brien Your Mind
During the heat of the argument, Lydia accidentally said something to Stiles. Which makes him doubt their relationship. What will happen to Stydia when the supernatural...
Teen Wolf: Season 7 [FanFic] by Gemz2610
Teen Wolf: Season 7 [FanFic]by Gemz2610
3 years after the finale the pack are living somewhat normal lives, Scott is working as a vet at the Animal Clinic, Stiles is now the sheriff after taking up the role af...
Change by drama_girl14
Changeby O'Brien Your Mind
When Stiles gets bit by a wolf, he now has to deal with the abilities of being one. In secret, he goes into the woods to train himself, not wanting to tell the others du...
Stiles Stilinski: A Sad Tale by _Megan_x_
Stiles Stilinski: A Sad Taleby Megan
"Everything was falling apart. Everything." After accidentally murdering vengeful fugitive, Donovan, Stiles feels the guilt of what he did weigh heavily on hi...
Saving Stiles by SilentSummary_9
Saving Stilesby SilentSummary_9
In order to save Stiles from The Wild Hunt, the pack must remember him. Deaton has come up with a solution. He has gathered the pack in Derek's loft, where they can witn...
Badass Stiles one shots  by hawkeyehybrid
Badass Stiles one shots by hawkeyehybrid
The title says it all. A bunch of one shots where Stiles is a badass and/or has a secret and the pack finds out. Minimal shippings, mainly Stydia, Scallison, Stallison...
When we were young | Derek Hale Book 1 by thehalediaries
When we were young | Derek Hale E.
"I love you, Derek Hale." The moment Derek met Emilia, he knew. He knew he would love her forever. Protect her no matter what. He would be at her side through...
EIGHT LETTERS || Liam Dunbar  [2] by -Banana-Bread
EIGHT LETTERS || Liam Dunbar [2]by Hannah
HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT ME? "I said I love you, and I don't expect you to say it love her, and that's okay" ••• After coming back from her summer in F...