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Teen Wolf watches Teen Wolf by Zachary_CH
Teen Wolf watches Teen Wolfby Quarentineboi6298762
What would happen if characters from a certain tv show were taken from different parts of time were taken out and put into a room to view what their future holds for the...
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UNFINISHED Stydia AU - Room Mates - Teen Wolf. by enchantedstydia
UNFINISHED Stydia AU - Room enchantedstydia
"One love, one house." .............. Set in an alternate universe where Stiles and Lydia had never met, they are stuck as room mates for a year. It's not idea...
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An O'Broden Story by MoonMajaWrites
An O'Broden Storyby Moon Maja
"You're really pretty" Dylan says. I look up at him. He seems surprised by his own words. I smile a little. "What?" I say and keep looking at him a...
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Superwolf: Pretty lies by Davina_Drewitt
Superwolf: Pretty liesby Davina_Drewitt
This is crossover between Supernatural and Teen wolf. The characters belong to their original owners, I only own the story. --- What will happen when Stiles finds out th...
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Change by drama_girl14
Changeby O'Brien Your Mind
When Stiles gets bit by a wolf, he now has to deal with the abilities of being one. In secret, he goes into the woods to train himself, not wanting to tell the others du...
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Falling For You | Stydia in Reverse by vintagemiseryx
Falling For You | Stydia in Reverseby vintagemiseryx
Stiles Stilinski is captain of the lacrosse team at Beacon Hills High School and the most popular boy in school. Lydia Martin is the socially awkward girl who has been i...
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Nothing More Than Neighbors || Stydia [COMPLETED] by okaykaela
Nothing More Than Neighbors || Kaela :)
"What's that noise?" Allison asks as the loud beeping noise echoes through my bedroom. She rushes over to the window with Kira coming fast behind her. I didn't...
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teen wolf texts by ivannadog
teen wolf textsby ~s t y d i a~
"hi, welcome to chili's" oh and whoever thinks stydia isn't endgame is not being smart and social distancing
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Mr. Bad Boy by flawlesslyfictional
Mr. Bad Boyby Micole
"I swear, Scott Mccall annoys the crap out of me," Allison complained to Lydia. Allison and Scott had been neighbors for a very long time but they were cert...
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one shots | stydia  by dvlanobri
one shots | stydia by dvlanobri
Complication of Stydia and O'Broden one shots. Enjoy? Instagram: stydiaaff Twitter: stydiaaaff ¥all rights and characters go to MTV's Teen Wolf. ¥ #18 in Stydia
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Because I Can't Lose You (a Stydia story){complete} by stydiaHAShappened
Because I Can't Lose You (a Stydiawillhappen
Stiles, Allison, Scott, and Lydia have been the four musketeers since the third grade. Though recently Scott confessed that he likes Allison, the couple are still waitin...
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Teen wolf: Season 7 by AniSshpt
Teen wolf: Season 7by Ani
Everyone around the world knows about supernatural now, but that doesn't stop an enemy. Scott and his pack have to face new challenges and the person they need the most...
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Oneshots. by panicattackkisses
A collection of Stydia oneshots written over the past year.
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Anyone But Her by 0hmystars
Anyone But Herby Annabelle
Lydia and Jackson have been dating for awhile now. They were the "it" couple. Everyone dreamed of a relationship like theirs. Things seemed to be running perf...
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(ON HOLD) Stiles Stilinski ~ The Decay Of The Waves ~ by aerinnleighh
(ON HOLD) Stiles Stilinski ~ The °•. mira .•°
Once you unleash evil, it will consume you. ~•~ Feeling like a fish out of water is not uncommon for the average teenager however for Stiles Stilinski this took a more...
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A supernatural twist (Riverdale and Teen Wolf crossover) by dheufrb
A supernatural twist (Riverdale Jasmine
It's finally summer and Lydia Martin pays a little visit her cousin Cheryl Blossom and her parents in the town of Riverdale. Lydia's banshee powers kick in and they find...
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 -Stallison   by stiles_void_xx
-Stallison by stiles_void_xx
Stiles and alliso had been in the same pack for 3 years. But they where never that close. Until one day everything changed. I do not own teen wolf or any of the characte...
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I Guess We're Lucky by loveswriting25
I Guess We're Luckyby Jaden Simons
Donovan kidnaps Stiles to get to the Sheriff. Will Scott, the sheriff, and the pack be able to save him?
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Out Of My Mind by Sarcastic_stiles
Out Of My Mindby Sarcastic_stiles
"I always thought that we've had this sort of connection... Unspoken- of course" ~~~~~~~ -Stiles Stilinski
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Notice Me (A Stydia Teen Wolf Fanfiction) by emilywrites-
Notice Me (A Stydia Teen Wolf emily
Its the last month of high school ever for the pack. Stiles is still dating the beautiful Malia Hale. Lydia is having a secret relationship with Jordan Parrish the deput...
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