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Pack Texts | Teen Wolf by voidxhannah
Pack Texts | Teen Wolfby hannah
AU // texts of Scott's Pack from MTV's "Teen Wolf" characters including: Scott McCall Stiles Stilinski Lydia Martin Allison Argent Malia Tate Kira Yukimura Lia...
The Lost Mikaelson Twin by werewolf7745
The Lost Mikaelson Twinby Son Of Stope
What if Hope Mikaelson had a twin but when they were born the three witches not wanting their power to grow stronger sent the twin away, blocked his witch side, and eras...
Detective Stiles Stilinski {Stydia} by loner3579
Detective Stiles Stilinski {Stydia}by loner3579
This is an alternate universe. There is no supernatural. Life is normal. Everything else in Teen Wolf is true, but Allison lives. Stiles leaves Beacon Hills when Scott k...
Tell me that you love me anyway by mylli_022
Tell me that you love me anywayby mylli_022
Lydia found out she's pregnant with Stiles' child, but gets scared and proceeds to run out of his life, and five years later they bump into each other in New York. Will...
Orange & blue - stydia  by stydiasbane
Orange & blue - stydia by stydiasbane
Beacon hills , A town where soulmates do exsist. A place made for perfect combinations. a town with sides. Blue and orange. Blue was where all the sadness was. There wa...
The way we fell in Love by StydiaWolfies
The way we fell in Loveby Teen Wolf
Stiles and Lydia are two teenagers about to enter adulthood with their friends, in a supernatural city. Beacon Hills. And this, is the history, of how they fell in love...
Stydia One-Shots by ElsaLovesStydia
Stydia One-Shotsby quietcloud
One-shots of Stydia moments. Mostly fluff.
That One Night by TWlover08
That One Nightby TWlover08
Lydia Martin, people call her "The Queen of Beacon Hills". Well, she kind of is. Stiles Stilinski, people call him "The Booty Call of Beacon Hills"...
Maze Runner/Teen Wolf by Tigersaturn1
Maze Runner/Teen Wolfby Tigersaturn1
I'm really bad at descriptions but here goes..... Stiles Stilinski went missing right after Scott kicked him out of the pack for killing Donovan. It's been almost two ye...
Friends? by DreamyBanshee
Friends?by Sara
Theo comes back to Beacon Hills after being away for months. How does Liam react when he finally finds out where the chimaera had disappeared? social media / real life
The Proposal|Stydia AU by rosewoodglitter
The Proposal|Stydia AUby lily
"I have a proposal of sorts." Lydia muttered. "We're getting married." "Ask me nicely." Stiles demanded. ~inspired by the 2009 anne fle...
Stydia by teenwolferer
Stydiaby X
A stydia story based of season 4&5 of teen wolf. But not all of it is season 4&5 some are my idea and thoughts.
 -Stallison   by stiles_void_xx
-Stallison by stiles_void_xx
Stiles and alliso had been in the same pack for 3 years. But they where never that close. Until one day everything changed. I do not own teen wolf or any of the characte...
Stydia by Sarcastic_stiles
Stydiaby Sarcastic_stiles
A collection of different Stydia short stories! **OPEN FOR REQUESTS**
Stiles Stilinski The Ghost Rider by werewolf7745
Stiles Stilinski The Ghost Riderby Son Of Stope
Stiles loves his pack his family but when he finds out that some one he cares about is dying he makes a deal that would save their life but damn his soul ...
Start of Time by TVDU2002
Start of Timeby Estelle du Plessis
Lydia starts to get dreams about Stiles 6 years after their breakup unaware of what it all could mean.
All in the Timing (a Stydia AU) by lizziethehuman
All in the Timing (a Stydia AU)by Lizzie B.
Everybody has their own personal timer that counts down until the moment they make eye contact with their soulmates for the first time. Its supposedly the best moment of...
Back Home ~ TW & Deepwater Horizon by NyaGordon-X
Back Home ~ TW & Deepwater Horizonby Nya
Stiles Stilinski hasn't been seen by anyone, besides his dad, since Senior year. His Dad always knew what was going on in his life. His girlfriend, his kid, the death of...
The lost Mikaelson by bookloverandwriter_
The lost Mikaelsonby Christina
What if Hope Mikaelson had a twin sister that went missing? What will happened when the Mikaelson find out that she is alive? (Teen wolf x The originals crossove...
Watching His Life (Stydia) by MichelleRoethemeier
Watching His Life (Stydia)by ElleRoth 1312
I have lived many lifes under different names. And i made a name for my self. Whether Stiles Stilinski, Thomas or Mitch Rapp. Not many know the real me and i am fine wi...