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The Stilinski Bloodline by StormStilinski24
The Stilinski Bloodlineby StormStilinski24
WARNING: SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!! Sumary: Beacon Hills is the beacon of all the supernatural creatures. At least ever since three teenagers sacrificed themselves to save the...
I'll Be Your Bat-woman (complete) by stydiaHAShappened
I'll Be Your Bat-woman (complete)by Stydiawillhappen
Lydia Martin has had the biggest crush on lacrosse captain, caramel eyed, Stiles Stilinski ever since the third grade. His jeep was badass and all the girls loved him. B...
Treacherous Fate: A Stydia AU by kaitlynn0803
Treacherous Fate: A Stydia AUby kaitlyn
Both fresh out of high school, Stiles and Lydia are on the path to a new life. When those paths happen to cross though, things don't go the way they expected. Lydia is e...
Pack Texts | Teen Wolf by voidxhannah
Pack Texts | Teen Wolfby hannah
AU // texts of Scott's Pack from MTV's "Teen Wolf" characters including: Scott McCall Stiles Stilinski Lydia Martin Allison Argent Malia Tate Kira Yukimura Lia...
Lies Behind The Blue Eyes by we_are_broken_01
Lies Behind The Blue Eyesby Fandom Daddy
Scott bit the nogitsune to destroy him. He wanted to save his best friend, his brother. Instead he failed. Instead the bite infected Stiles with something much wor...
No Questions Here (completed) by stydiaHAShappened
No Questions Here (completed)by Stydiawillhappen
"Are you really going to go without asking me the question that you've been dying to ask me?" "Well I'm not.... I haven't been dying to ask anything. I...
The Wolf and the Fox by geekgirl231
The Wolf and the Foxby Katie-Mary
When Void Stiles was bitten by Scott; him and the rest of the pack didn't know it was going to change Stiles too. Now Scott's Pack doesn't only include werewolves a...
Stallison AU~ A Second Chance by StallisonWolf
Stallison AU~ A Second Chanceby Teen Wolf
When Allison Argent mysteriously returns from the dead, she goes knocking on Stiles Stilinski's door. As the two get to know each other more then they had before, Alliso...
The Secret Holder by cristal_seas
The Secret Holderby cristal_seas
{a.u. of Teen Wolf Season 4} Since the third grade, Stiles Stilinski has had a crush on Lydia Martin. Lydia only...
stydia one shots by lyds-obrien
stydia one shotsby nessa
Stydia one shots/imagines & yes, I know I'm late on the Stydia ship, but better late than never :)))
Teen Wolf: Stiles Fanfiction by UtterlyWriter
Teen Wolf: Stiles Fanfictionby Anonymous
Stiles deals with his first full moon after his transformation and things don't really go as planned.... Set after teen wolf season3b finale will start to go into season...
❝It's time for me to take it, I'm the boss right now, not gonna fake it, Not when you go down.❞ Kareena Fazil, a half Spanish and half Arabian girl that lives in Beacon...
Hale: A Teen Wolf fanfiction by argxntmccall
Hale: A Teen Wolf fanfictionby argxntmccall
Dylan Hale is an alpha, and his father is Peter Hale. When something drags him to Beacon Hills, he must help protect all of the supernatural people there. But what happ...
Anchor (stydia AU) by _shanking_runners
Anchor (stydia AU)by Teen_alphas
What if stiles got bit instead of Scott? So stiles was the werewolf? And that the girl, who he has had a crush on since the 3rd grade, was his anchor. They key to keepi...
one shots | stydia  by dvlanobri
one shots | stydia by dvlanobri
Complication of Stydia and O'Broden one shots. Enjoy? Instagram: stydiaaff Twitter: stydiaaaff ¥all rights and characters go to MTV's Teen Wolf. ¥ #18 in Stydia
Werewolf : A Stydia Fanfic by bluegreen_larry
Werewolf : A Stydia Fanficby LarryandEvak
Scott McCall and Stiles Stilinski the best of friends. Been through everything together...but what happenes when they find out something that changes their live's. How w...
Stydia One Shots: After the Finale by olicityship
Stydia One Shots: After the Finaleby olicityship
Short stories of Stydia following the finale of Teen Wolf. After the anuk-ite has been beaten. Stiles and Lydia are starting their life together and being a healthy coup...
Stydia by tmhhoran_
Stydiaby Larry_
A collection of Stydia one shots; I hope you guys love it as much as I do! Enjoy x
Always And Forever |Stiles| |Book 1| by MischiefAag
Always And Forever |Stiles| | Dusky Fyre❤
Book One in the Stiles Mikaelson Series. Stiles Mikaelson. Stiles Mikaelson. Stiles had had enough of his brother Niklaus daggering his siblings...
Unexpected love (A stydia AU)  by teenwolfxst_
Unexpected love (A stydia AU) by Charlotte 💞
They are 15, Lydia and Stiles hooked up. Lydia hasn't come to school for ages, but what happens when Lydia comes back to school and she tells Stiles she's pregnant with...