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Teen wolf imagines by madfangirl37
Teen wolf imaginesby forever a fangirl
You know how this works. I write, you read, hopefully I don't damage your soul too much. REQUESTS CLOSED
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Isaac Lahey Imagines  by bansheebabe
Isaac Lahey Imagines by stark
ATTENTION PEOPLE!! You can buy an Isaac for just $19.99 and get a Stiles as well for no extra charge. Order on E-bae today! #1 in Issac
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Satsuriku No Tenshi || Zack X Reader One-Shots by Lonely_Irene12
Satsuriku No Tenshi || Zack X ⓘⓡⓔⓝⓔ
[CLOSED] Hello fellow reader and welcome to Angel of Death/Satsuriku No Tenshi book, where you all can request Zack X Reader One-Shot here! This is the first book of Zac...
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Life As Charlotte Jamison  by LifeofmegXO
Life As Charlotte Jamison by M.OBRIEN
Five years later and college graduation has passed Charlotte by. She decides it is finally time to return home in order to begin a new chapter of her life with her daugh...
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Sinful Desires by KayKa9869
Sinful Desiresby KittyKay420
*WARNING* sexual Content throughout Text copyright © Kayleigh Barlow ™ 2019 ® The moral wright of the auther has been aserted. All rights reserved. This story is publish...
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Smells like Sterek by DaPheash
Smells like Sterekby Callum hale
UPDATED. COMPLETED FANFIC Things get a little weird after the pack has to get used to having two alphas. scotts eyes still blaze red but now dereks have regained thei...
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The Serpent 🐍 S. Stilinski by AngieluvzU21
The Serpent 🐍 S. Stilinskiby Angela Yazzie
Every fairy tale comes with the same warning: Good children should never go into the woods alone. Stray from the path and who knows what you'll encounter. A hungry wo...
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Stiles Mikaelson  by stiles_void_xx
Stiles Mikaelson by stiles_void_xx
Stiles stilinski isn't who he says he is. He's really a mikealson...
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Fire In The Water · Teen Wolf {REVISING} by im_just_fangirling
Fire In The Water · Teen Wolf { im_just_fangirling
Kailey Whittmore is a free spirit in a few ways, well, was. After years of oppression, her mysterious Aunt lets her free in a new place, Beacon Hills. She meets her brot...
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We bare bears boyfriend scenarios by JJM112
We bare bears boyfriend scenariosby JM
Basically the title says it all
I Need Help: Sterek by EvilAffliction
I Need Help: Sterekby EvilAffliction
Summary: Stiles is loosing hope for himself after his father starts getting drunk and abusing him. Derek finds out and tries to help but Stiles keeps pushing him away. B...
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 -Stallison   by stiles_void_xx
-Stallison by stiles_void_xx
Stiles and alliso had been in the same pack for 3 years. But they where never that close. Until one day everything changed. I do not own teen wolf or any of the characte...
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Old Ties ~Teen Wolf~ COMPLETE by sweetpeasbitch
He thought that I would never come back, but he was terribly wrong This book has some serious issues, read at your own risk. EDITING
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Inked Stiles. by itsjustreeree14
Inked itsjustreeree 14
Stiles always has worn long sleeves and never been seen wearing shorts. because he likes to make everyone think he's weak, defenseless and skinny. but under all the ba...
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Two Killers and a Rachel (Zack Foster x reader) by _holy-water-needed_
Two Killers and a Rachel (Zack _holy-water-needed_
What will happen when Zack meets (Y/n)? "You're just some fucking kid." she said eyeing me up and down. "You won't last a freaking day in here." she...
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Sterek One-Shots by Patnis
Sterek One-Shotsby Love At First Klance
Enjoy! + I do own these short stories, but not the characters
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I Need a Human by 88CupidsChokehold88
I Need a Humanby Kris
Stiles Stilinski has encountered alpha werewolves, kanimas, darachs, nogitsunes (he's still kind of messed up about that)and crazy-psycho Peter, but nothing prepared him...
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Imagines ⌲ Lahey by winchasster
Imagines ⌲ Laheyby ❰ hayden ❱
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Teen Wolf Preferences by thatsbreanna
Teen Wolf Preferencesby bre
Thank you all for reading, I hope you enjoy, always leave a comment!! WARNING: These are my ideas. None of these preferences are made by anyone else, unless I say they a...
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Beacon Hills Mermaid by MPereira_T2
Beacon Hills Mermaidby MPereira_T2
Khole Tyler is a normal 16 year old girl... except for the fact that see's a mermaid. Before moving to Beacon Hills, she was living in Hawaii. In Hawaii she stumbled upo...
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