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Chicken (2doc) by 18daydream18
Chicken (2doc)by Pansysoundblast
"Do you want me to explain what the game is?" I nodded quickly and Mudz sighed. "It's hard to explain.... two people sit across from each other and move...
SMUTS | Jaden Hossler  by jxdnxx
SMUTS | Jaden Hossler by A. S.
Just SMUTS with Jaden😏 ⚠️SMUT WARNING⚠️
The little wolf GxGxG by Dimples1912
The little wolf GxGxGby Dimples1912
Skyler Stormbrook (25) Alpha of the Dark Moon pack, the strongest, fastest and smartest alpha in surrounding areas. Known for her work alongside the Lycan king in defeat...
A ruined sleepover.. by chanchal2511
A ruined knotty_chanchal
Rogy, a younger step brother of Shana. Shana planned a sleepover with her best friend Mira, who has a secret crush on Rogy, in the absence of their parents. Rogy is kind...
The distracted flight by Coput001
The distracted flightby Tom
A couple on the way back from a holiday find themselves with room to spare on the plane so get a little distracted....
~Mammon x Dom Reader (POC)~ by deercat67
~Mammon x Dom Reader (POC)~by deercat67
After a pretty mundane day, you wanted to find another way to mess with Mammon. So, you looked into your "DO NOT OPEN" box of 𝚝𝚘𝚢𝚜 to see how you could bri...
How The Poison Thorned Rose and Death Fell in Love  {DISCONTINUED} by Rwbycosplay20
How The Poison Thorned Rose and emora
Izuku is sick of everything. He hates living in Mount Olympus. He wants to flee, wants to escape this gilded cage he is in. He wants someone to love him not just for his...
Hometown by HoppingGoose
Hometownby Zoe M.R.
[Y/N], born and raised in Shiganshina, finds herself at the Titans mercy. After a narrow escape, she enlists herself in the Cadets with the sole intent to find out the d...
roleplay sex stories by daddysslut289
roleplay sex storiesby pufferfish
For my daddy 💍💜 only
Attention Seeker by urfav_writter
Attention Seekerby ur fav writer
I'm playing video games, when my girlfriend Stacy wants my attention. So she does things to grab it.
SMUT Maui x Moana SMUT  by kelee19
SMUT Maui x Moana SMUT by kelee19
i think its self explanatory. just a lot of sex
J.JK • Unholy Collection † by pinguuby
J.JK • Unholy Collection †by rubie
An unholy ONE-SHOT collection of Jeon Jungkook. 𓆩 [ ¹⁸+ ] 𓆪 New updates every week! This is for female readers only so I will be using she/her pronouns. † Black & whit...
Draco Malfoy Smut (Possibly Other Chars.) by thatsmuttwriter
Draco Malfoy Smut (Possibly thatsmuttwriter
Super kinky smut!! -sir kink -choking kink -slapping kink -spanking kink -orgasm refusal -publicity kink -daddy kink Also some other characters also
Anime Lemonade 2.0 by Eyesonme9596
Anime Lemonade 2.0by ✌🏽
smutty fanfic. all of it is filthy. please enjoy.
Lovely (Glamrock Freddy/Michael A. x Reader) by Callie_Loveheart
Lovely (Glamrock Freddy/Michael Kco_pe
When a girl who has worked at Freddys Mega Pizzapleax for 3 years get Premoted to night guard. Finally being able to meet the animatronics, and falls in love with a sing...
Mattia polibio smut by m1la9i
Mattia polibio smutby mija😼
Just smut Oh and if there is anyway you,mattia,could find this,please do not read this thank you🤝🙂
Monsterfucker one shots (smut) by Prince_Cassian
Monsterfucker one shots (smut)by Clarke H. Clarke
Just smut one shots for my fellow monsterfuckers. I'm so sorry if this is bad.
Normal Nights💋 by carolyn_0905
Normal Nights💋by carolyn_0905
Smut 🔞 ⚠️SMUT WARNING⚠️ It takes some time to write these so be patient.
My Sister's boyfriend by SweetTiana15
My Sister's boyfriendby ava 🤪
"I see the way you look at me, I was hoping you would make a move first but you didn't" Noah pushed his body against mine "I'm disappointed." "...
Teen wolf Smuts x  by teenwolf1234x
Teen wolf Smuts x by Teenwolf1234x
Wow thank you for 71k reads Just made some more stories x Keep reading Mind some read at your own risk x