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The Beast | Harry Styles by WhisperOfDreams
The Beast | Harry Stylesby ❆ J o l i e n ❆
***WARNING: This story has VIOLENT and SEXUAL scenes*** Also I want to say that I know that the first few chapters suck as does the grammar. So there's no need to poin...
  • harry
  • beast
  • mistery
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My Innocent Mate by dellamp15
My Innocent Mateby Della
Kisah cinta seorang Alpha yang telah ia ketahui sejak gadis-nya lahir kedunia ini. Siapakah gadis ini? Bagaimana kisah percintaan mereka.... Ayo dibaca! ^^ Note : DON'T...
  • love
  • mate
  • sad
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The Stalker by prettymuchdeadx
The Stalkerby prettymuchdeadx
Just about a guy that broke up with her girlfriend because of family issues etc,so he used the pc to kill the time being sad.Later he found a girl in a video game he was...
  • horror
  • mistery
This is it by haleytreadway7
This is itby haleytreadway7
You know that feeling inside that feels like ur heart is being crushed into a million pieces ? Yea that's my story. Bo run out of the airport as fast as she could, not...
  • teen
  • humerus
  • mistery
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Am I still not good enough? by its-fearless
Am I still not good enough?by jan
Jesy had a secret..
  • shortstory
  • english
  • rixton
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Back In Time by ginnyfashionista
Back In Timeby Ginny
In This Story, Teenager Harley Accidentally Goes Back in Time, And Then Goes Forwards While Trying To Go Back To Her Era. Enjoy!
  • kenzie
  • ginnyfashionista
  • bffs
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Atlantis: the island of Plato by marcogoti
Atlantis: the island of Platoby marcogoti
Why did the mythical island of Atlantis disappear so suddenly "Submerged by water and sunk in a day and a terrible night "? Is it still possible to find it? An...
  • atlantis
  • mistery
  • plato
I dreamt a dream on Walpurgisnacht by anna_gretchen
I dreamt a dream on Walpurgisnachtby Anna
The young psychiatrist Julie Lohmann, a brilliant doctor with emotional disorders responsible for the sadistic serial killer Reinhard Wagner, author of 8 sanguinary crim...
  • mistery
  • paranormal
  • depression
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The wrong girl, in the wrong place by ValentinComito
The wrong girl, in the wrong placeby Valentin Comito
Terror Short story. I hope you enjoy
  • mistery
  • horrorgirls
  • horrorbus
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TIME TO PAY BACK by YeswanthChinnu
TIME TO PAY BACKby Yeswanth Chinnu
Keep your eyes ONN.. for a Breath Taking REVENGE THRILLER like u never heard before
  • gobber
  • snotlout
  • fishlegs
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||Not again, a Stranger Things story || by Lusssii_21
||Not again, a Stranger Things sto...by Lussii
This are your last days in Hawkins Lab. Dr. Brenner wants to sell you to a very big Russian company as a weapon. Throught the week you are submitted to different tests a...
  • 010
  • 012
  • strangerthings3
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Amber's story of love by SkysenMarieWolfsvain
Amber's story of loveby SkysenMarieWolfsvain
This is the story about A girl named Amber. Her friends are Heather, Lew, Crystal, Robert, Dakota, Madison, and Adam. Stuff happens, and normal people may not be able to...
  • partreal
  • leftinsuspense
  • friendship
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I will be there always for you by sunjaha
I will be there always for youby aliha
Is the story of two young people, who maybe even have no intention in their life to get to know each other the fate brings them together, a troubled and painful past con...
  • psichology
  • comedy-romance
  • romance-friendship
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Big Box by reader0212000
Big Boxby reader0212000
Sally Johnson, a 7-year-old, received a big box from the mailman. You won't believe what was inside.
  • joven
  • short
  • shortstory
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"Sometimes you have to LET GO" I said Walking away from him. I could feel him right behind me. I walk faster. I didn't want to see him EVER AGAIN. He walk fast...
  • popular
  • sad
  • romance
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Raven's wariors by purplediamond150
Raven's wariorsby G.A.I.L
Tagalog-english story ______________ Many years ago the charmers and human are enemy but they decide to live in a peaceful life. No battle No enemy And No misunderstandi...
  • love
  • tagalog
  • teen
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dream big(smiling heart) by irgess
dream big(smiling heart)by irgess
there is a reason why you dream...there is a reason that you smile ,you laugh ,you cry ,you get disappointed, you get hurt ,you breath!! this is a story of tears, of tru...
  • story
  • teen
  • love
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Dance Whit The Devil by AngelWhitBlackRings
Dance Whit The Devilby AngelWhitBlackRings
...i tek tako,znao je da ona nije samo prolazna... Ona je nesto vise... Mozda cak... Bozansko
  • specialgirl
  • devil
  • romance
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