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Her Diaper Therapy  by beerycake
Her Diaper Therapy by beerycake
Tammy is under severe stress. Her best friend offers her a diaper therapeutic solution where she has to be babied by her caring boyfriend through full and literal treatm...
Fall for you [COMPLETED] (Under Editing)#RainbowSA2k19  by miZzYrhonne
Fall for you [COMPLETED] (Under miZzYrhonne
LOVE???? If its because of his eyes his lips his great body It's not love "Its LUST" If its because of His intelligence or Insight about life Its not love &q...
growing up! by swalhatimimi
growing up!by swalha timimi
in a third world country there lived a family of five including swalha,a girl full of adventures. from her schooling days to her holidays but she commits several blunder...
Desi Confessions - Being Indian by Sany1318
Desi Confessions - Being Indianby Sany1318
Confessions of a Proud Indian teenager- all that stuff desis go through in their life. Hope you can relate to it and even if you can't, hope this tickles your funny bon...
Tales for teens  by TEEN_FIX
Tales for teens by TEEN_FIX
Hey teens, Here is a book for you Are you suffering from teenage problems then it will handbook for you to solve them. This book contains the major problems faced by t...
A Thousand Words Of Silence ♡NaruHina♡ by michycoronita
A Thousand Words Of Silence ♡ JESUS IS KING ❤️
Hinata Hyuga is a seventeen year old girl who made it out alive from a clan massacre. Her parents passed away, but she still had her cousin Neji who lived in Tokyo, Japa...
Knives Out: Case Closed (Benoit Blanc X Reader) by -DataBase-
Knives Out: Case Closed (Benoit -Database-
After your older brother mysteriously disappears, you hire a famous detective to help you solve this. Detective Benoit Blanc has worked with missing persons cases before...
Highest Rank- #4 in Mystery/Thriller #35 in Fanfiction COVER CREDIT - @SwathiV2 Story starts after one kidnaps other from marriage. An unfortunate phone call has separat...
Thea Stilton and The Fashion Crime by edjmayo
Thea Stilton and The Fashion Crimeby Edj
The Thea Sisters set off to an adventure in Milan to shop for their favorite clothes for the fashion show. But unexpectedly, they witnessed a theft in their favorite fas...
 Impetus by peacebeonyou
Impetusby serenized shades
A girl was once terrified to look at herself in the mirror as she was scared of what she might see. The world where she lives is filled with occupants frantically scramb...
Rainy Day by Bobbiejelly
Rainy Dayby bobbiejelly
It's raining again and it's fitting to suit your mood and also probably Addison's. Meredith Grey/Addison Montgomery. Angst & Hurt/Comfort. Rated E.
HOW TO LOVE YOURSELF (Completed) by BreathTakingMind222
HOW TO LOVE YOURSELF (Completed)by BreathTakingMind222
(((WILL BE REWRITTEN))) HIGHEST RANK #556 (13/4/17) HIGHEST RANK #404 (16/4/17) Finding it difficult to love yourself? This is the book for you. No research done, this...
The Big Book Of Debates!  by writing_slowly
The Big Book Of Debates! by Ysabel✍❤
On your marks, Get Set, DEBATE. •||Highest Ratings No. 1 #debates No.3 #solutions PLEASE VOTE !!!!
1000 things to do when you're bored by CompleteApocalypse
1000 things to do when you're boredby Ebony Apocalypse
Get bored easily? Here's a few solutions for different situations.
insane [bts] by Autumn__Leaves
insane [bts]by ❁
In which five teens with different problems are forced to participate in a program designed to solve all their troubles and build new friendships. Started - 160402 Compl...
When memories fade (shikadai x reader ) by BloodRoseShinigami
When memories fade (shikadai x Sanakatske Oda
No one there to love you, no one there to care. You travel from land to land not caring if someone try's to kill you. I mean why would you be afraid if you cant die, to...
SUCCESS IT ISby Ipsita Sharma
♔⚀Some interesting general hacks and facts that I came across and found useful. The collection of ways to improve.⚅♚
Story Of My Life by amanjotkaur406
Story Of My Lifeby Amanjot kaur
Life is a journey, we all knows that. But we all have different destinations. Different roads. Different stops. Different obstacles. Different distractions. And Differen...
Regeninspektoren von Wellen und Schatten by BlakeWaterDancer
Regeninspektoren von Wellen und Blake aka Lack-Two
Mysteries, secrets, puzzles... You name it, we do it! My name's Blake, Part of the Legends or Etta Squad. I lead this team of solvers. I also lead other things, but I th...