Tommie  by Love_Me_7
Tommie by Plus Size Diva
Tommie is 17 year old trying get through the last two years of high school being a plus size girl surviving drama of high school, police brutality and the streets. *EDIT...
  • college
  • highschool
  • plussize
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Separate But Not Equal by Vjackson24
Separate But Not Equalby Vanessa Jackson
Ivory Jones has faced the challenges of segregation all her life. Growing up in Birmingham, one of the most segregated cities in America, she keeps her head down and avo...
  • africans
  • africanamerican
  • blacklivesmatter
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GET EDUCATED by positiveproject
GET EDUCATEDby ☆ spread love!
"life is short, live it." in this book, I'll provide you all with rants, problematic celebrities, poc faceclaims, fancasts and more. #92 in spi...
  • rants
  • woke
  • educated
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My bully (Lucas Coly) *Completed* by AnjaKay
My bully (Lucas Coly) *Completed*by anjanique🍭.
Amelia is a 17 year old girl with a father who is a drug lord of Atlanta.. she always gets bullied by these 3 guys Lucas , Antonio & Mikey.. one day the bump into eachot...
  • lucascoly
  • stopthebullying
  • bulling
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The Unwanted Princess (An Original Story) by NekodaDotR
The Unwanted Princess (An #Bl@ckPower
(I update on my own time without a specific date or day) •Mature Contents• There was a time I use to think that I could fly. I would always imagine my we...
  • powerful
  • urban
  • blackwomen
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homecoming. | EDITING by kia0107
homecoming. | EDITINGby 🤯✨🏁
⚠ INTERRACIAL ⚠ sequel to direct messages. highest rank: #134 in fanfiction ✨
  • romance
  • directmessagesfan
  • woc
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joy [urban] by -revolutions
joy [urban]by P R I N C E S S
"Everywhere I go, people get hurt. People die. I hate that my name is Joy, because all I bring is sadness." ©2018.
  • urban
  • action
  • bmbw
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Dolan Twins Interracial Imangies  by Lilbabynya
Dolan Twins Interracial Imangies by 💕🖇🍼Lil baby Nya🍼🖇💕
  • ethanishotter
  • ethangrayson
  • graysonissohawt
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philosophical Thoughts, Life Advice, and Unpopular Opinions by Melanies-Writing
philosophical Thoughts, Life Melanie Kollmeyer
I give a series of some of my thoughts and life advice based on experience, observation, and research. Please read with an open mind. Trigger warning: unpopular opinions...
  • philosophy
  • millennials
  • bullies
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The Ticket by issasnack52
The Ticketby issasnack52
Officer Combs was on his daily patrol when a speeding car came down the road. Little did he know the person in the speeding car would change his life forever. This book...
  • police
  • therapgame
  • quincy
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The Michael Perspective: Book II by MJamesonOfficial
The Michael Perspective: Book IIby Michael Jameson
The 2nd politically-based book (but not entirely political) in which I rant about the mainstream systems are. I'm a Libertarian, which technically means that I'm fisca...
  • politics
  • alllivesmatter
  • sjw
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Baby Face Killers by BabieZG
Baby Face Killersby Baby 🍼 Gwuapa💰
Their past is what makes them. Raised in New Orleans on the same street, and are all the best of bitches. Who would've known that these 3 sweet little girls, would becom...
  • druglord
  • money
  • love
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Red Ant: Revolution of the Worlds  by RimanEllis
Red Ant: Revolution of the Worlds by Riman
"Give them a deadline and they will come up with a plan to save themselves. I did this world a favour, I gave people purpose. On this Earth, we have no purpose exce...
  • dystopia
  • poc
  • africa
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Memories Faded by TrilllQueen
Memories Fadedby TrilllQueen
Lyric Taylor was born and raised on the south side of Chicago. It's tough being the younger sister of two overprotective brothers. It's even tougher being the sister and...
  • gangs
  • southside
  • urbanstory
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Silvered #Wattys2018  by Darkenth
Silvered #Wattys2018 by Darkenth
She thought she fell in love, maybe she did. He thought he could use her, maybe he did. Scarlett Summers, She's a normal high schooler. In every teenfiction story, a gir...
  • hurt
  • betrayal
  • freementalillness
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Lynched [SLOWLY BEING EDITED] by AliyahEzinma
Lynched [SLOWLY BEING EDITED]by Aliyah Ezinma
*Inspired by real events* Have you ever watched one of those thrillers on television, where the protagonist knows something horrific and no one will believe them? Well...
  • blackpride
  • murder
  • lies
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Love & Rap by queencaelle
Love & Rapby Caelle❣️
Diamond Jackson is your ordinary smart black high school student whose all about her grades, except, she had the passion to rap. This is her Junior year of school and ev...
  • blackpower
  • highschool
  • love
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WITCHERY by vibeology
WITCHERYby ˗ˏˋvegaˊˎ˗
❝black girl magic, emphasis on magic.❞ five witch clans in an epic battle for control over new orleans. one dark secret hidden from them, with a plan to kill them all. (...
  • supernatural
  • talkthepoc
  • magic
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Chasing Angels by rainbow-annihilation
Chasing Angelsby Roman
Chase Ange, a quiet boy who sits at the back of the class, is forced by his friend Ace Carter to go to some dumb swim team practice. He doesn't understand why his aroman...
  • highschool
  • aromantic
  • poc
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Break Free  by prettygirlmonie_
Break Free by BLK GYAL MAGK
Fifteen year old Eveline Josef works beside her parents and several of her siblings on Josef Family Zoo. A zoo that has been in her father's family for centuries.Homesch...
  • comingofage
  • talkthepoc
  • saveblackcharacters
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