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Shades Darker {BWWM} by ebreezy_
Shades Darker {BWWM}by •maniii•
After a brutal act of police brutality, the most important figure in Kendra Lyon's life is ripped away from her. Consumed by grief Kendra has channeled all of her anger...
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rapper imagines.  by Gl0balcam
rapper imagines. by black lives matter.
i address a number of serious topics in these stories so pls don't read if you're going to be disrespectful or insensitive. book started April 4, 2020 💙
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Injustice  by BabyLovee23
Injustice by LovaaBabyy💕
Two gangs come together for the justice of a close friend. One girl change it all. Rose Brooks will make a name for her self.
Cybil's Song  by swankyspice
Cybil's Song by ḧäŀċÿöń♕
Cybil Byrne, an eighteen year old orphan, has had anything but a normal life. From sleeping within the bellies of Louisiana's desolate alleys, to taking gradient dips in...
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Sin (BoyxBoy) ✔️ Book 1 by emoboychronicles
Sin (BoyxBoy) ✔️ Book 1by Blake M
Luke Ivy, son of a pastor. He's expected to follow the typical routine that his parents desire: Wake up, go to school, go to church, sleep. His family is the stereotypi...
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Darker Than Sin (BoyxBoy) Book 2 by emoboychronicles
Darker Than Sin (BoyxBoy) Book 2by Blake M
**Sequel to my book Sin. It could be read as a solo book, but for better understanding, I'd read Sin!** James Lancaster is the son of the famous Gabriel and Luke Lancast...
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Harry Styles Imagines. by cupcakeharoldstyles
Harry Styles 𝓼𝓾𝓷𝓯𝓵𝓸𝔀𝓮𝓻.
Olivia and Harry. Harry and Olivia. Olivia is everything you want her to be. Her skin can be orange, blue, grey. Her hair can be brown, blonde, green. Her eyes can be gr...
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Black Alice (The Silver Year) by Afro_Heiress
Black Alice (The Silver Year)by prisy abena afriyie
"Alice in the wonderland was white, but this black Alice is from hell" with that I was pushed into the pit and darkness engulfed me. . . . . . Clover field hi...
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BLACK LIVES MATTER by flawedclaw
Because I have had ENOUGH of y'all staying silent when you all have a voice
"Every girl can be nasty" - MGK by Fanfictionorwhatever
"Every girl can be nasty" - MGKby Fanfictionorwhatever
I was an angel before I met the Rap Devil...
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Past love💕 by TaliahH5
Past love💕by Taliah H.
This story is not based off of a persons real life. This is my first wattpad story and i hope you enjoy.☺️
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Saving Charlotte (Now on Radish) by JaneKiley713
Saving Charlotte (Now on Radish)by DoctorWho
16 year old Charlotte Moore seems like the average high school girl; good grades, great friends, and somewhat liked. Charlotte has a secret only a few people know about...
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Sleepyhead  by MissYanxiet
Sleepyhead by Ouanessa Nana
Everything in the small town of Lakeside is PERFECT.... At all costs. But as soon as the new girl, Fascia Robinson arrives, tension in the neighborhood stirs, dark secr...
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Trevon 18+ (Editing) by shahlacornpop
Trevon 18+ (Editing)by Shahlalala
He opens the door and instantly and pulls me inside. His mouth on mine like a magnet. My coat is in the way of all that wants and he drags the zipper down. I kick off my...
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My Flight of sympathy                  {COMPLETED} by LilacsAndCoffee17
My Flight of LilacsAndCoffee17
When Remus lupin had a bad transformation, Sirius was by his side waiting for him to be pulled out of an abyss that was to be called unconsciousness. After that things t...
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I CAN'T BREATH by CottoCandy
I CAN'T BREATHby CottoCandy
This is not a problem of policies or politics... this is a problem concerning morality and humanity.
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Let's Have A Chat: Black Lives Matter by smidorii
Let's Have A Chat: Black Lives Stephanie Midorii
The ramblings of a twenty-something year old and #BlackLivesMatter
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Sentiment [Urban Imagines] by DollsKeeper
Sentiment [Urban Imagines]by Doll❄️
sen·ti·ment ˈsen(t)əmənt/Submit noun 1. a view of or attitude toward a situation or event; an opinion. "I agree with your sentiments regarding the road bridge"...
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In My Feelings  by JazzTown1995
In My Feelings by Jasmine Dolphus
A collection of poetry to express my everyday feelings. Love, hurt, sadness, joy and even anger. This is just my way of letting it all out no matter how I feel.
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