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Picking up the Pieces  by Shishilomu
Picking up the Pieces by Shishilomu
For as long as Meredith can remember she has been abused. Can a tall redhead pick up her pieces and put her back together? A little bit of Meredith/Mark in the beginnin...
Heart Skipped A Beat by Bobbiejelly
Heart Skipped A Beatby bobbiejelly
Tumblr prompt: Character A tries to send a sexy snap to character B to remind them of them. it accidentally goes to character C instead.
Out Of The Dark by Bobbiejelly
Out Of The Darkby bobbiejelly
Prompt: Can you write a story where Meredith comforts Addie after Bizzy slaps Addison in Private Practice because she didn't save Bizzy's girlfriend? I don't know if you...
Home(Grey's Anatomy Fanfic) by NicoleVultao
Home(Grey's Anatomy Fanfic)by Nicole Vultao
"Home isn't a place. It's the people in it."~Anonymous
Rockabye(Grey's Anatomy Fanfic) by NicoleVultao
Rockabye(Grey's Anatomy Fanfic)by Nicole Vultao
"No one's ever gonna hurt you, love. I'm gonna give you all of my love. Rockabye baby, don't you cry. Somebody's got you."~Anne-Marie
Saved. by soupskittles
#6 piperr🪦
TW: Eating Disorders! Meredith isn't eating again. Addison is back trying to win Derek over but she notices the blonde. Starts off as MerAdd but ends up Merzona
Help is Around the Corner by Bobbiejelly
Help is Around the Cornerby bobbiejelly
Addison and Derek's trailer catches fire, and Meredith offers them a place to stay for a while.
2022 Mini Pride Fest by NiceMiniPotato
2022 Mini Pride Festby NiceMiniPotato
30 short Meddison ficlets to celebrate Pride Month.
Meredith Grey/Addison Montgomery: A Learning Library by Bobbiejelly
Meredith Grey/Addison bobbiejelly
Libraries. Textbooks. Inappropriate flirting & sarcasms. Also, Meredith Grey sucks at studying, Addison Montgomery helps. F/F. Meredith Grey/Addison Montgomery. Rated E...
Merddison reunited  by elliegj
Merddison reunited by elliegj
After years of being apart Addison and Meredith meet up again because Addison's son is starting his internship at grey Sloan memorial. Will they stay friends or will the...
Band-aids And Papercuts by medusaswifey
Band-aids And Papercutsby 🦋meddison🦋
⚠️Currently undergoing improvement⚠️ (slight changes will be made to chapters as well as potentially more dramatic ones. If you have previously read this you might need...
Chief Montgomery's Seductress by Bobbiejelly
Chief Montgomery's Seductressby bobbiejelly
In Which Addison is named Chief of Surgery of SGH, and Meredith, her girlfriend, rewards her. Based on the 'Chief Shepherd' scene with Derek in GA-6x20, (but without the...
Atlas  by MerddisonWh0re
Atlas by MerddisonWh0re
15 merddison one shots based on sleeping at last songs from them album Atlas: II *I don't not own any of these characters they all belong to Greys Anatomy*
Falling Apart, Barely Breathing by Bobbiejelly
Falling Apart, Barely Breathingby bobbiejelly
In Which Addison meets Meredith in a bar. Things spiral from there.
Fever by Bobbiejelly
Feverby bobbiejelly
Meredith Grey has a fever, Addison Montgomery helps. F/F. MerAdd. meddison. Meredith Grey/Addison Montgomery. Guess Who's Crushing on Addison Montgomery?. Femslash. Rate...
The past secrets by greysdudezz
The past secretsby Ur mom
Meredith is new to Seattle and meets Derek and all is going well... but will it always be like that when a certain someone shows up? I do not own rights to these charact...
When The Snow Falls // Meredith X Addison by heyk8telyn
When The Snow Falls // Meredith heyk8telyn
Boston was cold in the winter, all Addison needed someone to keep her warm. College AU.
Body Pillow by NiceMiniPotato
Body Pillowby NiceMiniPotato
This was a prompt I came up with for our first exchange and I wanted to write it to sooo here it is. Enjoy!
Through Love Alone by SophiaMontgomeryGrey
Through Love Aloneby SophiaMontgomeryGrey
Almost every element of Addison Montgomery's life revolves around children. She works as a doctor, saving the lives of mothers and infants. She has many close friends, a...