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Percy Jackson Revealed...Accidentally by Peacefully_Quiet2243
Percy Jackson A.C.
This is my first story, so I hope you all like it for both our sakes. Happy Reading!! [July 24,2018] Ranked 49 out of 115 mortal novels [July 28, 2018] Ranked 68 out of...
Vamp by ZRai-512
Vampby Z Rai
Fhipite, a simple ordinary girl, who lived with her uncle Archie he's everything for her, her mom and even dad, Living a peaceful time in Germany Berlin, Until she got...
Lost in Japan by UnsinkableShips
Lost in Japanby Sarah Douglas
Coming here, I wanted to get lost. I wanted to be so alone I had no choice but to discover myself, as well as this beautiful, vibrant country. A sample contest entry for...
The edges of the known #solotravel by littleLion4321
The edges of the known #solotravelby Little Lion
Nothing can top summer in Seoul. A single traveller on a monthly adventure, to become a tiny part of a city with 9,8 million people, 707 subway stations and a once in a...
At Nineteen (a #SoloTravel story) by eacomiskey
At Nineteen (a #SoloTravel story)by Elizabeth Comiskey
"At Nineteen" is the almost entirely true story of how I came to fall in love with traveling as a young, single woman. May it bring you joy and stir your wande...
The American and the Aborigine by spaceface0
The American and the Aborigineby spaceface0
Ricky Barnes has spent much of his life traveling across the world with his country superstar parents, juggling a regular life, and standing out from his peers. However...
Looking for Gerard Butler, but instead finding love for solo travel by JennyCurrier7
Looking for Gerard Butler, but Jenny Currier
My first solo travel adventure was to Scotland. This is how the story unfolded.
She Was A Gangsta With A Heart Of Gold  by Sandhali
She Was A Gangsta With A Heart Anne sandali wickramarathne
Alexis wasn't the same after the tragedy.. witness what becomes of her and become a part of her life changing course! By sandhali Wickramarathne
One way out ( #watty2020 #travel #soloTravel ) by Saudha_Ifham
One way out ( #watty2020 #travel Saudha Ifham
Grab your passport and slam that door. For all those who stay in bed and limit your world to the four walls of your room, this is the book for you, fly to new places and...
Finding Freedom by Riverside2021
Finding Freedomby Riverside2021
If you feel as if you are being crushed what do you do? Do you stay under the pressure because it is what society wants you to do? Or do you set the boulder down and go...
Solo Travel : The Five Kilometers by little_mafuyu
Solo Travel : The Five Kilometersby Mafuyu
This is my entry for the #SoloTravel contest "I went to my Granny's home on my last summer vacation. This trip was interesting to me as I went there alone for the f...
Searching for Myself- Marriot Traveler #solotravel contest entry by starparasite
Searching for Myself- Marriot Sabrina M
This short story depicts the struggles of a young woman distraught by a recently failed relationship. After days of letting herself sink into sadness and regret she deci...
📝 Travel Twerps by MarilynAHepburn
📝 Travel Twerpsby Marilyn A Hepburn
**SUBMISSION FOR MARRIOTT'S TRAVEL BRILLIANTLY CONTEST** All Farrah wanted was a tour of Seattle that incorporated places from her favorite books (Fifty Shades of Grey...
VISITING MY DREAM DESTINATION (SoloTravel Contest ) by sdash99
Check out the experience of a single woman travelling to her dream destination all alone.
Travel Itch by 1_800sarcasm
Travel Itchby Kay
I had an itch. A terrible, disgustingly, distracting one that picked at me like a woodpecker to a tree. Peck, peck, peck. The kind of itch that terrified me and compelle...
The Harsh, Beautiful Earth- a Wattpad Solo Travel Contest Entry by -UnrealisticDreamer-
The Harsh, Beautiful Earth- a @UnrealisticDreamer
Pain. Something I know all too well. Boiling softly at your heart, then striking suddenly at the pit of your stomach. Hurt. Something that boils beneath you, slowly man...
Cuba Stole My Heart by Mariah_EJ
Cuba Stole My Heartby Mariah
Nikola is a free spirited individual who has never been anchored to anyone or anything in her life; her parents taught to enjoy life to fullest extent and she decided sh...
Dreams and Discovery by Aqualight_909
Dreams and Discoveryby Socracy Murtis
"Only for a long while." Says the wild. "For I'll be back and with you" ~{ Cover done by @amber-amelia }~ *She's an amazing designer* ~Short story (D...