The Redux of RiKara by meghals
The Redux of RiKaraby meghals
What happens when Gundi Gauri runs into a handsome long haired Oberoi on a fateful train ride and launches into a journey that takes them both by surprise? (complete)
  • gauri
  • gaurika
  • fanfiction
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[Thomas & Friends] Steamy Love (Thomas X Lady) by fnafworld021
[Thomas & Friends] Steamy Love ( fnafworld021
This is a short story about Thomas's secret 'Crush' and he doesn't know how she will react when he tells her. (I wrote this cause I'm BORED.) (Copyright) I do not ow...
  • friends
  • lady
  • love
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Thomas the Tank Engine X Reader by ThomasesCurvyBlueBod
Thomas the Tank Engine X Readerby TTTELOVE
You loved that blue train
  • readerinsert
  • schoolgirl
  • creepypasta
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Illegal by the_glare_you_see
Illegalby Zen
Nayeon has always had a crappy life, always having to hide a part of herself from the rest of the world. One day, she has a run-in with a stranger who offers her somethi...
  • running
  • hiding
  • superhero
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James and the Goods Demonstrator by Climax9
James and the Goods Demonstratorby Climax9
James and Stepney are both charecters made by the Reverand W. Awdry for "The Railway Series"
  • train
  • james
  • trains
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Train Love (Yami X Reader Short Story) (Completed) by KrissyHalo
Train Love (Yami X Reader Short Krissy
Y/n uses the train everyday to go to a dojo and practice her sword skills. She didn't mind it and loved seeing the views of the city. But what happens when a certain boy...
  • readerxcharacter
  • trains
  • romance
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Tails Of The Phoenix : Sunset Override by RuutoSamander
Tails Of The Phoenix : Sunset CaReLess Fey
Dare to dream, for everything isn't quite what it seems... Fey Samander, an aspiring author with his head in the clouds, is now bound by fate with his greatest hopes and...
  • mystery
  • samander
  • magic
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A Train to Nowhere by niaourisma
A Train to Nowhereby Miyuu
One step away from the gallows Two railways colliding. One wanted criminal. Two tickets to nowhere One Runaway Bride. Two hearts in limbo One journey with no destination.
  • mystery
  • chicklit
  • davidtennant
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Thomas The Train Smut Book by PinkMonkeys800
Thomas The Train Smut Bookby Amber Hatch
Just a little thing me and my friends did. I'm sorry world.
  • thomasthetrain
  • trains
Home at last | fairy tail fan fiction| by homiyah
Home at last | fairy tail fan homiyah
Natsu, Wendy and the exceeds dream about a mysterious land...a kingdom of dragons. Curious they go to find this land and meet their brother while their old memories are...
  • black
  • igneel
  • truelove
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Hot steam by KermitTheSmut
Hot steamby KermitTheSmut
Just a normal week in Sodor, but there seems to be a lot of steam around Thomas, and Sir Topham Hatt notices...... tension arises.... what will happen?
  • thomasandfriends
  • thefatcontroller
  • fanfiction
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excuse me, that's my sweater. by helloitsliss
excuse me, that's my Liss
two people on a train. one wears a white sweater, the other a black one. they mistakenly pick up each others. a fic about the commute to high school, misplacing things...
  • justfriends
  • highschool
  • cute
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The Big Storm by Cp8820
The Big Stormby Cp8820
This will be a story that takes place on the St. Oliver & North Eastern Railroad Dustin the St.O&NE snow plow is eager for work, but when a big storm is coming, will he...
  • ttte
  • stone
  • railroad
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Deus ex Machina by RomyAlexandre
Deus ex Machinaby Nihal
Terre. Des millions d'années après notre ère. Elle ne comprenait pas. Elle n'avait jamais compris. Le monde n'était plus que l'ombre de lui-même, les restes des excès...
  • steampunk
  • sf
  • trains
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Unattended Parcels (A Short Story) by GrahamChristian
Unattended Parcels (A Short Story)by Graham Christian Ganahl
It's raining and Robert hates everything in the whole entire world.
  • sadness
  • english
  • short
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The Levanthian Society by thedrowningfishi
The Levanthian Societyby Hishma Rizqi ✓
❝Secrets can never be kept for long.❞ Or can they? ...
  • pain
  • thevortex
  • fake
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American Beauty, American Psycho; An Avengers Fanfic by an_angels_grace
American Beauty, American Psycho; Gracelyn
Leah Barnes. The perfect American sweetheart. Now, time has come and gone, leaving her worn. But what happens next, shatters and recreates her entire world. Nothing will...
  • bucky
  • captainamerica
  • trains
train stations ✧ eden hazard by thibauts
train stations ✧ eden hazardby emily♡
"the train stations were our special places."
  • trains
  • hazard
  • chelsea
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Thomas the Tank Engine X-Reader~ New Beginnings<3 by TanyaVerse
Thomas the Tank Engine X-Reader~ TanyaVerse .
You move to a brand new station. At first, it's hell there. Then you meet HIM. The dazzling thomas the tank engine. Will you win his heart? Or will a mysterious obstacle...
  • daddy
  • tank
  • romance
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NEW EARTH by Douglas_Craig
NEW EARTHby Douglas_Craig
Jonah's girlfriend Sameera disappears one day. Following a trail that leads eventually to India, he is hunted by a terrifying woman named Devi. It turns out she and he...
  • caves
  • india
  • hinduism
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