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Sodor high school (Human Thomas and friends) by Trains4Days
Sodor high school (Human Thomas Trains4Days
This is a human Thomas the tank engine story. It takes place at Sodor high school. All the kids go by their train names. Some OC's will be used in this story(Maybe)
  • thomas
  • school
  • gordon
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Train Love (Yami X Reader Short Story) (Completed) by KrissyHalo
Train Love (Yami X Reader Short Krissy
Y/n uses the train everyday to go to a dojo and practice her sword skills. She didn't mind it and loved seeing the views of the city. But what happens when a certain boy...
  • trains
  • yugioh
  • xreader
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ThatOneKidCalledRick Presents by ThatOneKidCalledRick
ThatOneKidCalledRick Presentsby Riiiiick
  • iilike
  • trains
  • ajr
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I LIKE TRAINS by Theopm123
I LIKE TRAINSby Thesuperm123
I like trains kid in RWBY. I think I came up with this idea when I'm high on sugar.
  • blood
  • alternateuniverse
  • wings
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Life after Wakfu by nalubest15
Life after Wakfuby nalubest15
evangalene and peradel are having a grate time but what about yogo and amalea and rule? wait ware is rule
  • wakfu
  • love
  • adventure
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The mystery girl on the train by Sachiko_833
The mystery girl on the trainby Sachiko_833
All that she does is just sit there... the 3rd row at the back left next to the window... When I first saw her, she wasn't different and I thought she was normal... She...
  • ghost
  • trains
Photography. by StoryDreamer98
#7 ストーリードリーマ98
Pictures. What else? :3
  • camera
  • nyc
  • life
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Rondeau: A Lifetime isn't Enough by CottonJones
Rondeau: A Lifetime isn't Enoughby Olan Smith
This collection of my poems, consists of Rondeaux that I have written over the years. This form is difficult, and you will see how I mature in writing the the Rondeaux a...
  • reincarnation
  • lisaner
  • death
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Fate Trains by Pidge_Sell
Fate Trainsby Alan The Nerd
Wendy, Wendy Gypher. How can I help you?
  • gay
  • myvoice
  • fate
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Trains: Historical Journeys - (By David Hurt) by spm91212
Trains: Historical Journeys - ( David Hurt
Painting from Poems, by me, celebrating Trains and some unsung stories made by them... Includes Title Poem...
  • revolution
  • remembered
  • trains
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trains by KennedyLAZ
trainsby -kennedy-
a girl boards a train at midnight... but, why did the girl board the train? why was the girl by herself? why was it so late? where was she going? so many questions are n...
  • girl
  • whenagirlboardsatrain
  • trains
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The Uncertain Strangers | Short Story  by glynie_
The Uncertain Strangers | Short g. ♡
(1980s) Two eccentric souls find themselves within each other. Learning that sometimes not knowing the right path, doesn't mean you have to stop walking. Copyright © (...
  • forest
  • portland
  • 80s
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[Thomas & Friends] Steamy Love (Thomas X Lady) by fnafworld021
[Thomas & Friends] Steamy Love ( fnafworld021
This is a short story about Thomas's secret 'Crush' and he doesn't know how she will react when he tells her. (I wrote this cause I'm BORED.) (Copyright) I do not ow...
  • love
  • gordon
  • lady
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Going on the Tracks of Love - A Thomas the Train Engine x Shrek Fanfic by China-Girl-Buns
Going on the Tracks of Love - A EAT MY BUNS
A fanfic about two incredible things, Thomas the Train Engine and Shrek. I love both of these things dearly and just had to make a fanfic about them!
  • shrek
  • trains
  • thomasthetrainengine
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The Slow Fic by milktosintolerant
The Slow Ficby ° kye °
[warning- the following content is not for humans whom have weak hearts, are pregnant, are emotionally unstable, or could not handle the forest fic]
  • trains
  • boyxboy
  • tumblr
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The Levanthian Society by hish_r
The Levanthian Societyby Hishma Rizqi
❝Secrets can never be kept for long.❞ Or can they? ...
  • parents
  • blueeyes
  • thevortex
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×||The One Thing ||× [SebaCiel] by derpR3ss3d
×||The One Thing ||× [SebaCiel]by ;-;
In my world I am like everyone surrounding me...Human, but if you take a closer look I am less human than others see.... I am a Monster, that has been driven to insanity...
  • trains
  • romance
  • pain
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khloé ♡ cole sprouse by thelovelyhour
khloé ♡ cole sprouseby sugah .
and i remembered her. her plump pink lips, her caramel skin, and her dark eyes. her beauty replayed vividly in my brain. the girl i saw on the train every tuesday, khloé...
  • love
  • trains
  • sprouse
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A Collection Of Short Stories by sexuallyfreewbu
A Collection Of Short Storiesby sexuallyfreewbu
A series of short stories that I have wrote. This could also be called a book of stories that I am too lazy to finish.
  • romance
  • suicidal
  • short
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American Beauty, American Psycho; An Avengers Fanfic by an_angels_grace
American Beauty, American Psycho; Gracelyn
Leah Barnes. The perfect American sweetheart. Now, time has come and gone, leaving her worn. But what happens next, shatters and recreates her entire world. Nothing will...
  • bucky
  • captainamerica
  • trains