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I Dare You by ChasingMadness24
I Dare Youby Kyra Blackthorn
"You can't teach a Bad Boy new tricks."
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Sick with Love by RainbowGirlLOL13
Sick with Loveby Rainbowgirl
Gracie is a bisexual. When she finds out that she has cancer the first thing everyone thinks is that Gracie is going to go through a lot of pain. But when Gracie is at t...
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Random Conversations by Erza1998
Random Conversationsby Erza1998
These stories are about these conversations, I have people online and when my mind takes me on weird journeys. Have a peek, won't you? I won't tell anyone.
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When It All Started ff by aisyyyah by aisyyyah
When It All Started ff by aisyyyahby bored
She used to have a crush on him. But she didn't confess at all. how come she end up being his girlfriend? The art club contains hot members such as Kim Taehyung, Nam J...
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Don't die a virgin by Josiefeathergirl
Don't die a virginby Josie Hunny
Lucy is sixteen year old girl who is bored with life. Its the same everyday. Just when she decides to give death a try, she realizes everything she has not done yet. She...
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One jump makes a proud skydiver by cindyhiday
One jump makes a proud skydiverby Cindy Hiday
My author bio says my break in publishing came from an essay I wrote for a community college workshop, about my first skydiving experience. I thought it would be fun to...
My Last Year by dacerfreak
My Last Yearby Ronnie
When Molly Kerks is diagnosed with Cancer and given 12 months to live, she feels her world crashing down around her. From losing friends, to losing strength, and through...
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HARD DIVE by shinshinmato
HARD DIVEby choyu-shin
GOT7 x BAP Two of the Most Dangerous Gangs in the area cross-paths. What would you expect? Will they become mortal enemies or will be each other's strongest alliance? Wh...
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Lucid by AaidaNawaarArpa
Lucidby Aaida Nawaar Arpa
An 18 year old is falsely put into prison for a crime he did not commit. Things are going pretty rough in jail until his lawyer visits him one day, bringing in surprisin...
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Bucket List by FlynnRider
Bucket Listby Sydney
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Flipped ❝Cᴏ-Wʀɪᴛᴛᴇɴ MʀsHᴀʀʀʏSᴛʏʟᴇs ❞ by BabyMeringue
Flipped ❝Cᴏ-Wʀɪᴛᴛᴇɴ MʀsHᴀʀʀʏSᴛʏʟᴇ Linden Harlow
He took his last jump and leaped into the air, but the line was useless of his weight and sprang back letting him fall. He crashed, face first. That's when this happened...
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Scared to death by tatjanaurbic
Scared to deathby Tatjana Urbic
My first time skydiving An experience I will never forget. A short story.
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The Day Of Wednesday by Bikie_Caramel
The Day Of Wednesdayby Bikie-Caramel
She never saw that blimp coming. She never expected to be in hospital, fighting for her life. And most of all, she never expected to then, in her hardest moment, find he...
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Things to Do Before I Die by lovelybooks32
Things to Do Before I Dieby LovelyBooks32
Shelly Carson loved her life. She had great friends and an amazing Mom. Her life was right on track. But then, Shelly gets diagnosed with leukemia. Suddenly, her life is...
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Specially UnAverage by Kastalinara
Specially UnAverageby Kastalinara
College is supposed to be about reinventing yourself. My life took it a bit far. When you're as infamous as I was as a kid, you grow up to be allergic to the limelight...
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The Bucket List by Taco-Time
The Bucket Listby Taco Time
How does one even begin to describe Clementine Young? She was so much more than technically pretty, or technically smart. She was a dreamer. Clementine Young was the ki...
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The Amazing Adventures of YOU by SquirticusMaximus
The Amazing Adventures of YOUby Squirt :D
This is where I ask a question, and you answer it. Simple right? Take a peek inside to fine out. (Also might contain a riddle here and there)
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