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Regaining Trust-A Paw Patrol Fanfic by ThreadyRumble
Regaining Trust-A Paw Patrol Fanficby ThreadyRumble
Five years ago, Chase had run away from Adventure Bay. He did it to protect the rest of the Paw Patrol after an incident where someone had told him that if he doesn't le...
Pawers by FritsAlone
Pawersby CallMeOllie
A Storm hit Adventure bay, their town's rescue group- The Paw Patrol, helped people get to safer ground for the storm to hit. But two in specific couldn't really get bac...
Truth or Dare (PAW Patrol Edition)  by CHASEBOII69
Truth or Dare (PAW Patrol Edition) by Hung Up His Boots
Rated PG-13 FOR OFFENSIVE LANGUAGE, ROMANCE AND ALL THAT SHIT Okay,I know that what cover shows, but there will be Chase x Skye on this, and maybe a little Marshall x Ev...
Hanging by a Thread by FritsAlone
Hanging by a Threadby CallMeOllie
"What was that?!" The question that would be asked frenctly over the time. The pups were all in the living room, hanging out with one another, as outside was...
Heartache: A PAW Patrol Fanfiction | ✔ by Amiable_Writer
Heartache: A PAW Patrol sksksksksk
Adventure Bay is a friendly place with joyful humans and animals. There's an elite team who helps the land stay like that, the PAW Patrol. They go on missions and solve...
Pups Save Chase-A Paw Patrol Story by ThreadyRumble
Pups Save Chase-A Paw Patrol Storyby ThreadyRumble
If you have watched the show, you might know about the episode called "Pups Save Skye." This is a story that is somewhat like that episode but instead of Skye...
Too Afriad by PawPatrolFurever
Too Afriadby #SKASE4EVER
Chase has a crush on Skye and everyone is aware, besides Skye. The other pups try to set the two up together and give Chase the confidence to tell her how he feels. When...
Skye's Ex by GDTrey
Skye's Exby Trey Farlow
Skye's ex boyfriend finally found out where she was and wants to get back together with her. How will she react and what will happen? Find out in this story!
Just Another Lullaby by DBOutsiders
Just Another Lullabyby Just Controversial
"S-Skye!" Skye flinched hard when she felt someone grab her by her shoulder. Through her hazy vision, Skye could see Chase stare down at her, his face showing...
Life as a Royal -A Chase x Skye story part 2 by makiultimateassassin
Life as a Royal -A Chase x Skye ♡Maki Harukawa ♡
This is a sequel or part 2 of my first story, hope you all enjoy!
PAW Patrol The Video Game: Next Level by Amazing-Writer
PAW Patrol The Video Game: Next Gonna cry?
The Locori game was completely destroyed by Ryder and Rocky. Life had finally become peaceful without this awful video game. Life is back to normal for the pups, but for...
PAW Patrol: The Vacation by Andymy1gamer
PAW Patrol: The Vacationby Andrew Gamer GL
2 Years after the events of An Unforgettable Adventure, Chase and Skye are now Boyfriend and Girlfriend and so are Marshall and Everest, one day, Ryder decided that the...
Truth or dare Paw Patrol version by Amazing-Writer
Truth or dare Paw Patrol versionby Gonna cry?
The pups of The PAW Patrol are bored. So, they play Truth or Dare. -Rules: ●You have to give a truth or dare in the last chapter. ●Nothing dirty. There's a special book...
Paw Patrol - Chase x Skye  by PawPatrol-PupsInHeat
Paw Patrol - Chase x Skye by PawPatrol-PupsInHeat
Straight up porn Enjoy it if you can, if you can literally read to the end of the 3rd chapter without stopping you are a powerful being, the more reads this gets the fun...
"The Masked Skater." by FritsAlone
"The Masked Skater."by CallMeOllie
Hello! And Welcome to the masked Skater!
Paw Patrol; Pups Save A Valentines Day Party by Cintrak48
Paw Patrol; Pups Save A Cintrak48
Valentine's Day is only two days away. Chase, Marshall, and Ryder have told each other secrets. Skye, Everest, and Katie have also been talking about things. Things are...
The Confusing Ship by bruhHEHHEH
The Confusing Shipby Hmm
A mystery and romance book, with a lot love and energy to keep these people awake, Skye a girl who later finds out she has a crush on Chase, and will do anything to brin...
Warm Blooded Love-A Chase X Skye Fanfiction by CHASEBOII69
Warm Blooded Love-A Chase X Skye Hung Up His Boots
AGAIN:NOT FOR CHILDREN BELOW 13 YEARS OF AGE. I GUESS Ayyy. my 6th Fucking Story. if you didn't see the 22nd chapter of my PAW Patrol Truth or Dare, Skye Dared me to Wri...
Tongue Tied (Valentine's Day Special) by LocalHomeBoiA-A-Ron
Tongue Tied (Valentine's Day LocalHomeBoiA-A-Ron
Valentine's Day is coming up in Adventure Bay, and Ryder and the pups of the PAW Patrol are keeping occupied with making sure the town stays safe. As the day of romance...
PAW Patrol Fed Up (Complete Version) (Original by Loguscus) by LucarioChaseDragneel
PAW Patrol Fed Up (Complete LucarioChaseDragneel
NOTE: This story is not created by me (LucarioChaseDragneel), it's by Loguscus. I only reposted this because the original story has only one chapter when I reread this i...