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Marshall adopts puppies. by RonanFinlay
Marshall adopts Ronan Finlay
Ryder bring new born puppies to the look out and the puppies want Marshall to be their Dad !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chase's Ex by GDTrey
Chase's Exby Trey Farlow
Sequel to Skye's Ex
The Night by PawPatrolFurever
The Nightby #SKASE4EVER
Hey guys!!! I know the name sucks lol. This is a story about the pups from PAW Patrol as humans in high school. U should go read my 1st fanfic story, "Too Afraid&qu...
Pups Save Chase-A Paw Patrol Story by ThreadyRumble
Pups Save Chase-A Paw Patrol Storyby ThreadyRumble
If you have watched the show, you might know about the episode called "Pups Save Skye." This is a story that is somewhat like that episode but instead of Skye...
Pawers by FritsAlone
Pawersby CallMeOllie
A Storm hit Adventure bay, their town's rescue group- The Paw Patrol, helped people get to safer ground for the storm to hit. But two in specific couldn't really get bac...
Skase- Past Memories by Driftin03
Skase- Past Memoriesby Driftin
The Paw Patrol had just gotten back home from Adventure City where they took care of Mayor Humdinger. Chase had some past memory problems, but it was nothing they couldn...
Chase x Skye (Christmas Special re-uploaded) by PawPatrol-PupsInHeat
Chase x Skye (Christmas Special PawPatrol-PupsInHeat
For legal reasons any characters depicted in the story are 18+ and any animals are people wearing costumes I had a description here before just imagine there's a good o...
The Wish by Lone_Wolf_4_Life
The Wishby Dreamer_4_Life
Chase has a crush on Skye, and one night chase is in his pup house looking up at the stars. As he is looking he sees a shooting star and makes a wish. Little dose he kno...
Operation : Love by FritsAlone
Operation : Loveby CallMeOllie
{ This is kind of movie-Story} Skye Henderson , 17 Year old Girl. A trained Professional Spy, After a life full a training and begging of having a normal life. She got i...
PAW Patrol: Chase and Skye's Love Story. by Andymy1gamer
PAW Patrol: Chase and Skye's Andrew Gamer GL
Guranteed to be one of the best Skase Fanfics ever. Cover made by: @GDTrey. Chase and Skye have always had a Crush on each other, and have always had feelings for each o...
Paw Patrol: Love and War by GDTrey
Paw Patrol: Love and Warby Trey Farlow
I hope you enjoy my story! ;)
Skye's Ex by GDTrey
Skye's Exby Trey Farlow
Skye's ex boyfriend finally found out where she was and wants to get back together with her. How will she react and what will happen? Find out in this story!
The Betrayal by cambroll
The Betrayalby Ramess Cambroll
The Paw Patrol has always been a loyal team but what if 1 of the pup betrayed Ryder (Story included Skase and Evershall and many other ships) Who will it be but for sure...
Runaway Chase saves the PAW Patrol (HCIC Series Part 1) by G-Reader13
Runaway Chase saves the PAW G-Reader13
Chase is constantly being hated by the rest of the pups. He finally decides to run away where he was taken in by the secret organization, the Human-Canine International...
The End Of The Paw Patrol? by GDTrey
The End Of The Paw Patrol?by Trey Farlow
This is not a sequel to my other stories, so Rubble is still part of the Paw Patrol and all that other stuff! Enjoy 😊
Everything has a beginning by stickykey
Everything has a beginningby StickyKey
This story about the PAW Patrol takes place shortly after PAW Patrol: The movie. With Chase's fears of the city resolved the PAW patrol appears to be as best as can be...
PAW Patrol : A New Life by Amazing-Writer
PAW Patrol : A New Lifeby Eymyn
After Steve, the new mayor of Adventure Bay, announced that the PAW Patrol is making worse the city's development and economy, the pups are separated, and each begins a...
Paw Patrol AU (Skase ver.) SuperVerse S1 by marshallskyePAW
Paw Patrol AU (Skase ver.) MarshallSkyePAW
Skye has always been having feelings with Chase ever since they first met. That led her to liking Chase a lot, but she's too afraid to admit her crush, and so does Chase...
PAW Patrol:  Family Found by Superfan2600
PAW Patrol: Family Foundby Clayton Walker
PAW Patrol: The Wedding. by Andymy1gamer
PAW Patrol: The Andrew Gamer GL
This is most likely the final sequel to my other 2 Stories, Chase decides to propose to Skye, but something will happen. What? find out in this story.