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From underdogs to top dogs by PawPerson101
From underdogs to top dogsby PawPerson101
The paw Patrol reimagined as humans in high school. Each one facing their own emotional and physical problems not to mention the bullies. By meeting and befriending each...
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Paw patrol memes by PawPerson101
Paw patrol memesby PawPerson101
Because why the hell not 😂 I DID NOT CREATE THESE MEMES UNLESS STATED Just thought I'd put it out there.
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Waiting for Everest ✓ by ToastedBagels
Waiting for Everest ✓by Kate Marchant
Camille Settlemeyer's life revolves around two great natural wonders: Mount Everest, the highest point on Earth, and Matt Everest, the boy she's been in love with ever s...
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Marshall X Everest: True Love by ArcticWolf48
Marshall X Everest: True Loveby ||EverestForever||
Everest Has Been Acting Weird Around Marshall Lately And Marshall Doesnt Even Notice That She Is Acting Weird Around him and It Is Up To Ryder,Chase,Rocky,Zuma,Skye, And...
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A New Ruler  by GDTrey
A New Ruler by Trey Farlow
The sequel to "Can't Take This Anymore" Zuma is the new ruler of Adventure Bay after a bomb went off, killing Ryder. Will the pups be able to stop him?
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Zuma's Revenge  by GDTrey
Zuma's Revenge by Trey Farlow
This is the final part to the evil Zuma series. Hope you enjoy it.
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Marshall and the mystery pup *On Hold* by Dont_Judge_Pippy
Marshall and the mystery pup *On H...by Pippy
Marshall meets a pup named Twilight. Ryder and the rest of the pups think Marshall dreamed her up but he knows she's real. Will Marshall find the pup of his dreams or wi...
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Paw Patrol- High School by klovedance
Paw Patrol- High Schoolby K🖤
This is how I would imagine the pups in high school! Enjoy! *Humans* Disclaimer: I do not own Paw Patrol
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Angel With A Shotgun - A Skye X Chase Story by PawPerson101
Angel With A Shotgun - A Skye X Ch...by PawPerson101
"You have no right to mourn him like I am!" Skye was screaming by now, plenty of people watching. I knew she wanted to lay low. We all did but right now what w...
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Can't Woof It Out | Chase x Skye by Miss-Cutie-Cat
Can't Woof It Out | Chase x Skyeby *❀⑅Catherine❀⑅*
"I can't seem to woof it out... What is this feeling?" Skye asks herself. But she seems she couldn't put a paw on the right word... *audios in every chapter, p...
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PAW Patrol: Marshall Gone Missing. by Andymy1gamer
PAW Patrol: Marshall Gone Missing.by gunter leba
Based on the Fanfiction written by HavocHound. After the Pups insulted their Dalmatian Friend, Marshall decides to run away and head over to Jake's Mountain, Hoping Ever...
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Paw Patrol Chase x Skye one shorts by Alex_the_dog
Paw Patrol Chase x Skye one shortsby Alex_the_dog
Chase x Skye one shorts!
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PAW Patrol: Mighty Pups Super PAWS: A New Mighty Pups. by Andymy1gamer
PAW Patrol: Mighty Pups Super PAWS...by gunter leba
The Pups Got their Powers from a Meteor that crashed in Adventure Bay, The Pups became Mighty Pups, and have successfully defeated Mayor Humdinger and his Nephew, Harold...
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The pain that comes with life. A Paw Patrol Fanfiction by Ra1d3rcs
The pain that comes with life. A P...by Ra1d3rcs
We all know how Clumsy Marshall from the Paw Patrol is. He can slip on every object in sight and crash into everything. Then, Marshall hears his friends talking behind...
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PAW Patrol: Chase and Skye's Love Story. by Andymy1gamer
PAW Patrol: Chase and Skye's Love...by gunter leba
Guranteed to be one of the best Skase Fanfics ever. Cover made by: @GDTrey. Chase and Skye have always had a Crush on each other, and have always had feelings for each o...
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Paw Patrol: Marshall's Experience Life by RanmaruSparky
Paw Patrol: Marshall's Experience...by M.Ripandi Sparky
This is the story of Marshall With his Girlfriend (Everest) Day Life. Not them two, another pups experience is have in this story...
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PAW Patrol: Katie's Secret [COMPLETE] by iiSaucerzZ
PAW Patrol: Katie's Secret [COMPLE...by iiSaucerzZ
"Katie has been acting real weird lately. As her boyfriend, I must find out what's going on about her." . . . "Ryder, it's nothing..." "Babe, I'...
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Paw Patrol: Vacancy by Insomni-act
Paw Patrol: Vacancyby Kojiseito
Marshall is turned down by Chase and broken. Now he has a vacancy in his heart. He meets a new pup and they seem to have a lot in common. When Chase becomes jealous know...
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Paw Patrol: Endgame by GDTrey
Paw Patrol: Endgameby Trey Farlow
Thanos did exactly what he said he was going to do. He wiped out 50% of all living creatures. What will the Paw Patrol do now that they lost? Will they give up? Or will...
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This when Marshall feels betrayed by his freind,find out in BROKEN HEART
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