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Truth or dare Paw Patrol version by Amazing_Writers_06
Truth or dare Paw Patrol versionby Amazing Staff
The pups of The PAW Patrol are bored. So, they play Truth or Dare. -Rules: ●You have to give a truth or dare in the last chapter. ●Nothing dirty. There's a special book...
From underdogs to top dogs by PawPerson101
From underdogs to top dogsby PawPerson101
The paw Patrol reimagined as humans in high school. Each one facing their own emotional and physical problems not to mention the bullies. By meeting and befriending each...
For Adventure Bay - [PAW Patrol Fanfic] by __amour_riza__
For Adventure Bay - [PAW Patrol Fa...by •͙͙✧⃝•͙͙Ree the Writer
⚠️Warning⚠️ The story you're about to read will contain violence, gore, and any other contents that might be disturbing to some people. Viewer's discretion is advised...
PAW Patrol: Chase and Skye's Love Story. by Andymy1gamer
PAW Patrol: Chase and Skye's Love...by Andrew Gamer GL
Guranteed to be one of the best Skase Fanfics ever. Cover made by: @GDTrey. Chase and Skye have always had a Crush on each other, and have always had feelings for each o...
PAW Patrol: Pups with a Night to Remember. by Andymy1gamer
PAW Patrol: Pups with a Night to R...by Andrew Gamer GL
A Re-Write Based on the Fanfiction by Swarm X Love; stress, courage, worry, and many other emotions packed into a being all at once. It can be heaven at times, but can t...
Everest 》Alec Lightwood | discontinued <3 by NamesLovely
Everest 》Alec Lightwood | disconti...by mini hiatus | lovely |
"you taught me what it felt like to fly and what it felt like to fall every time I breathed" (c.c.b) In which problems unveil and the only person keeping...
PAW Patrol: The Hidden Enemy by Andymy1gamer
PAW Patrol: The Hidden Enemyby Andrew Gamer GL
PAW Patrol: The Hidden Enemy Plot Ryder, and the PAW Patrol Rescue Pups have always loved each other, and cared for each other, after all, They are Teammates, who rescue...
PAW Patrol: Marshall Gone Missing. by Andymy1gamer
PAW Patrol: Marshall Gone Missing.by Andrew Gamer GL
Based on the Fanfiction written by HavocHound. After the Pups insulted their Dalmatian Friend, Marshall decides to run away and head over to Jake's Mountain, Hoping Ever...
Warm Blooded Love-A Chase X Skye Fanfiction by CHASEBOII69
Warm Blooded Love-A Chase X Skye F...by The Inactive Guy
AGAIN:NOT FOR CHILDREN BELOW 13 YEARS OF AGE. I GUESS Ayyy. my 6th Fucking Story. if you didn't see the 22nd chapter of my PAW Patrol Truth or Dare, Skye Dared me to Wri...
PAW Patrol Saves Themselves: A PAW Patrol Fanfiction by BerylhannahRy
PAW Patrol Saves Themselves: A PAW...by 😘 Moto Ryder😘
Dangers don't need to be invited. They turn up on they're own when we least expect them. The pups have a hard time saving their beloved owner. Serious medical attention...
M O N S T E R by space-cadet-stevie
M O N S T E Rby stevie k. d.
❝ Do you believe in monsters? ❞ I stared at him, surprised by the sudden question. I understood perfectly what he was asking, but the only face that popped int...
Paw Patrol- High School by klovedance
Paw Patrol- High Schoolby K🖤
This is how I would imagine the pups in high school! Enjoy! *Humans* Disclaimer: I do not own Paw Patrol
Paw Patrol : Christmas  by brosafyxqz1
Paw Patrol : Christmas by brosafyxqz1
" 'Tis the season to be jolly fa-la-la-la-la la-la-la-la " It's almost Christmas ! The Paw Patrol's favorite holiday of the year ! Who knows what could happen...
PAW Patrol: Mighty Pups: Fallout by Andymy1gamer
PAW Patrol: Mighty Pups: Falloutby Andrew Gamer GL
It has been a while, since the PAW Patrol Pups have been on a Mighty Mission, and the Pups were used to doing their Normal Rescues, but what Happens, When all of the Vil...
Paw patrol:The love story by pawpatrollover2008
Paw patrol:The love storyby pawpatrollover2008
this is a love story for:Marshall x Everest,Chase x Skye,And Ryder x Katie.this is my first story so i hope you enjoy it.
A Chase and Skye's Love story Part 1 by Amazing_Writers_06
A Chase and Skye's Love story Part...by Amazing Staff
Chase has feelings for Skye. And Skye has feelings for Chase. Everest and Sweetie have a crush on Chase. Is Chase going to confess his feelings to Skye? What will the ot...
Race Against Time - A Paw Patrol Story by ThreadyRumble
Race Against Time - A Paw Patrol S...by ThreadyRumble
Book One of the "Long and Hopeful Journey" Series. When Chase is missing, it is up to the rest of the Paw Patrol to go to Barkingburg to rescue him, not knowin...
PAW Patrol: Resurgence by Phoenix_647
PAW Patrol: Resurgenceby Phoenix_647
Marshall was seen as one of happiest and energetic pups in adventure bay, and rightfully so. That was something almost nothing could change. Almost nothing. When the Dal...
PAW Patrol & Friends (On Hold) by Andymy1gamer
PAW Patrol & Friends (On Hold)by Andrew Gamer GL
Guaranteed to be the Best PAW Patrol Fanfic ever! Follow up on the Ryder and the Pups' newest adventures In Adventure Bay, there will be New Rescues, New Drama, New Frie...
PAW Patrol: Mighty Pups Super PAWS: A New Mighty Pups. by Andymy1gamer
PAW Patrol: Mighty Pups Super PAWS...by Andrew Gamer GL
The Pups Got their Powers from a Meteor that crashed in Adventure Bay, The Pups became Mighty Pups, and have successfully defeated Mayor Humdinger and his Nephew, Harold...