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Armageddon (Highschool DxD x DOOM) by Square4you
Armageddon (Highschool DxD x DOOM)by Square
After finding a mysterious tomb in the Kadingir Sanctum of Hell, Sirzechs discovers the tomb of the legendary Doom Slayer.
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Highschool Dxd x male reader lemon [I DONT OWN THIS STORY ANYMORE] by BoiDisIsHot
Highschool Dxd x male reader BoiDisIsHot
this is going to be a lemon of you the reader and a bunch of the girls in the show i might copy the show but add my own little twist to it i hope you enjoy
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The Devils' Sins (Highschool DxD x Male Reader) by BigBlackChris
The Devils' Sins (Highschool DxD BigBlackChris
Have you ever wondered what would happen if some of the youth devils got sent back in time to the devil civil war? No? Well hopefully you are now so you'll read the stor...
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Werefox of Bael by Mitsuki-Sempai-UwU
Werefox of Baelby ǫiɒɿbᗡ
Autor : Werefoxes, yokai tan raros, se cree que están extintos. El único que conoce Satanás es el Peón de Sairaorg Bael
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High School Dxd X Male Reader: Volume 2 The Rise of a King by Strykerxk9
High School Dxd X Male Reader: Strykerxk9
He's back everyone! Y/n has just revealed that he is the Heir of a house that was thought to be lost forever. Something strange is happening in Kuoh, will He be able to...
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Legend Of The Ghost Rider (Book 2) by Square4you
Legend Of The Ghost Rider (Book 2)by Square
(High School DxD x Male! Ghost Rider Reader)
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Return Of The King by Square4you
Return Of The Kingby Square
There is something within you... A long-forgotten monster who was feared by the three factions. The heavenly dragons felt threatened by his presence and attempted to eli...
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Highschool DXD x Male Reader Lemon [Counting Te Story] by CanadaBallThatReader
Highschool DXD x Male Reader Canadian Boi
I will be countining this story for BNHAFANFEMDEKU so yeah
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Issei el unico dios verdadero by teorias-de-todo
Issei el unico dios verdaderoby teorias-de-todo
la historia esta basada en no game no life y high school dxd ya que no encontre ninguna historia de estos dos animes juntos hice una yo mismo por puro aburrimiento así...
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The Locust King (High School DxD OC Story) by TheRealAlucard
The Locust King (High School DxD TheRealAlucard
Jake Miller on the outside looked like a regular kid. He wasn't popular with the girls, didn't play any sports and tried to keep a low profile However, being bullied at...
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 abused apocalyptic survivor sitri oc x Dxd by EricCoronado3
abused apocalyptic survivor Eric Coronado
saba sitri had a horrible life growing up he ran away to the human world right when the undead appread now a survor will he forgive
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The pretty doll of Hell by MyFirstWatt
The pretty doll of Hellby MyFirstWatt
Sitri is a rather young fallen angel and an attractive one on top of that. But most of all, he's absolutely naive. And when you live in Hell, there is always someone tak...
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Ask or dare Makai ouji characters! by MyFirstWatt
Ask or dare Makai ouji characters!by MyFirstWatt
The title says it all. Characters available for questions/dares: William Twining Dantalion Sitri Camio/Nathan Caxton Isaac Morton Uriel/Kevin Cecil Michael Jeanne d'Arc ...
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Children of Darkness by OopsThereGoesGravity
Children of Darknessby OopsThereGoesGravity
In a kingdom known as Dreicia the King of the Gods, Zyaos, has granted the humans there the ability to subjugate the gods of the world by force. A thousand years ago Zy...
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Electress [Makai Ouji] by ReturnTriumphant
Electress [Makai Ouji]by Kai
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¿Sirviente? Definitivamente, NO (Naruto x DxD x Fate series) by TerriTorialFics
¿Sirviente? Definitivamente, NO (
Ser arrojado a un mundo extraño y ser convertido en un demonio. Naruto puede manejar eso. ¿Que le digan que ahora es un sirviente por el resto de su vida? NO Autoria Ale...
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Best Kept Secret (Sona x Male Reader) by Lynxtheguy2
Best Kept Secret (Sona x Male Lynxtheguy2
A strong devil, must chose between two groups that want him.
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The Ancient God: A OC X Akeno Story by IndigoPrince99
The Ancient God: A OC X Akeno Storyby IndigoPrince99
An average 17 year old boy named Shoki Tanahashi did not come from humble beginnings. But he's ready for a fresh start with his elder sister Uzume at Kuoh Academy. So wh...
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The Pure Devil by Streetsamurai11
The Pure Devilby Street
A male readerxsona sitri requested by @Jason12346
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