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Shane and Squad Imagines/oneshots by Kel616
Shane and Squad Imagines/oneshotsby Kel616
So I have a lot of ideas of stories I want to write and instead of having separate books for each one, I decided to combine them into one book. These will be shorter sto...
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BOY OF MY DREAMS | SIWICKI | by writersblock-ed
"You're the Josh Peck to her Morgan!" (andrew siwicki x oc) (social media) (previously 'first date')
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angel with a camera || andrew siwicki x reader by starkissedbxby
angel with a camera || andrew 𝙡𝙞𝙯𝙖
"i love you" read at 11:11 am -COMPLETED HIGHEST RANKING: #11 in Fanfiction
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Afraid of Being Alive (Shane Walsh Love Story) by MayDeathNeverStopYou
Afraid of Being Alive (Shane Daria
My life was a mess before the world went to shit, so when humanity was exiled from the face of the earth, it didn't surprise me. Why should it? My life made no sense bef...
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Smutty-one shots  by fallen_angel413
Smutty-one shots by Tobias
I can't do descriptions just read the warnings thing
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In Your Arms by paperandpen444
In Your Armsby ~Samantha~
Felicity and Shane, married now, raise their family.
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My Wattpad Love✔️ by Ariana_Godoy
My Wattpad Love✔️by Ariana Godoy
Julie has always been the shy type. Her world changes when she finds wattpad, a very popular ebook community. She becomes addicted to it and even starts posting her own...
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Andrew Siwicki x reader  by user05490653
Andrew Siwicki x reader by Wannabewriter
Being in love with someone is like being on a rollercoaster.
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Youtubers in Saw by Ghoul_boiz
Youtubers in Sawby Madison
You guys get to vote on who lives, and who dies- good luck. the youtubers in here will be Dawko, Rhys, Markiplier, Jacksepticeye, Will of DAGames, Thomas Sanders, Shane...
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Slow Dance With You {} Andrew Siwicki by fangirlnobody
Slow Dance With You {} Andrew Barely functional™️
"Care to dance?" *** Cecilia Jonas is your average 21 year old girl. 1.3 million subscribers on YouTube, best friend of Garrett Watts and Shane Dawson, has a g...
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Package Deal ( Andrew Siwicki x Reader ) by castielbradbury
Package Deal ( Andrew Siwicki x CastielBradbury
You become Shane Dawson's assistant, which is a dream! Falling for his cameraman is just a bonus...
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Disarm ⋙ Shane Walsh ⋙ The Walking Dead by velvetweiland
Disarm ⋙ Shane Walsh ⋙ The Megan
"Disarm you with a smile." Katherine Rae Grimes is 18 years old at the start of the apocalypse. She is currently living in a makeshift camp with her mother, Lo...
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True love - Andrew Siwicki x reader by user05490653
True love - Andrew Siwicki x readerby Wannabewriter
Throughout the chaos of team10 Y/N meets Andrew Siwicki
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Host of Sheets (shyan) by boojaybluejay
Host of Sheets (shyan)by whiskeyjuniper
"I'd say like... 30 percent of my thoughts are ones I recognize?" Shane said after careful consideration, idly tapping his lower lip. "I still care about...
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The guy I met online | shyland by boujeeryland
The guy I met online | shylandby boujeeryland
ryland is sexually confused until the pretty, auburn haired boy sends him a text. (all lower caps intended)
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Take Me Beyond Me (boyxboy) EDITING by AmesMax
Take Me Beyond Me (boyxboy) EDITINGby AmesMax
[COMPLETED but currently editing] Shane Cooper is the supposed "bad boy" of the school, but it's just another rumor. In reality, he's a broken boy who has ha...
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Imagines about your favorite squad! - - #1 in shanedawson 10/20/18
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Danny Mahealani's Twin (Scott McCall) by xKol_Mikaelsonx
Danny Mahealani's Twin (Scott Smile For No Reason
its a new start to a new year at high school and danny and shane mahealani have just returned from a family holiday in hawaii jackson is happy to have his two bestfrien...
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GINGER ☆ A. SIWICKI by vividtoxicity
GINGER ☆ A. SIWICKIby Just Some Girl
she's a rising actress he's a camera man they're both ginger
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Swan Song [boyxboy] by SkeneKidz
Swan Song [boyxboy]by Jen
Jace Butler and Mitch Marion used to be hopelessly in love with each other. Then their relationship fell apart, and the two haven’t seen each other in nearly a year. Jac...
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