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The Broken Immune (The Walking Dead/Carl Grimes) by ThatImmuneGurl
The Broken Immune (The Walking ThatImmuneGurl
Second Book! Please if you have not read my first story The Immune (The Walking Dead/Carl Grimes fanfic) go read it before you read this one! Eight months after the tra...
  • carl
  • prison
  • rickgrimes
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The Fear (The Walking Dead / Daryl Dixon) by jinx1996
The Fear (The Walking Dead / Jinx
Kat is the eldest daughter of Hershel and the rock of the Greene family. Through thick and thin she has kept them together, but when the apocalypse breaks out there is o...
  • hershel
  • twd
  • rick
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Forgotten Rhee  by Maxhamtay8
Forgotten Rhee by Glaggie/Reylo
«Glenn Rhee's little sister» "Deep inside where nothing's fine I've lost my mind&qu...
  • stevenyeun
  • laurencohan
  • maggiegreene
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i'm not afraid to kill, i'm just afraid. the walking dead gif series REAPVR © 2017
  • sasha
  • rosita
  • gifs
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Because of You 。 Maggie Greene [1] by calisunbee
Because of You 。 Maggie Greene [1]by —B.
BECAUSE OF YOU. "there are a lot of things that should have killed me, at least hurt me a little, but they didn't." THE WALKING DEAD OC x MAGGIE GREENE BOO...
  • hunt
  • greene
  • thewalkingdead
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The Gang Leader's Girl by DazzlingJazz9
The Gang Leader's Girlby DazzlingJazz9
Elaine Greene was the daughter of a multimillionaire. She loved her father and lost her mother at a very young age. She's always accompanied by a bodyguard and she does...
  • fun
  • ganglife
  • xavier
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My Fear, My Silence by CharlieTrenka
My Fear, My Silenceby Charlie
Mason lived in New York before her parents had to move to Georgia. They had a happy life, with some minor set backs. Mason has Asperger's Syndrome and a Panic Disorder...
  • greene
  • daryl
  • wattys2016
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BLOODSPORT.  (  carl grimes  ) by -celestials
BLOODSPORT. ( carl grimes )by ˗ˏˋanykaˊˎ˗
❝i was so far gone. and then i met you.❞ [the walking dead] [seasons 4-7] [under editing] [completed] copyright © -celestials
  • story
  • walking
  • daryl
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Taken «Stauren» by Maxhamtay8
Taken «Stauren»by Glaggie/Reylo
« A Steven Yeun and Lauren Cohan love story» "I never wanted this. I never wanted any of this. I just wanted you."
  • daughter
  • rhee
  • maggie
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Deadly Love//b.greene FF by EmmaJames22
Deadly Love//b.greene FFby ˗ˏˋ emma! ˊˎ˗
In the apocalypse, no one expected to find anything or anyone alive. But when Moon Gallagher found not only a group to stay with, but also a farm with said group. On th...
  • rickgrimes
  • lgbt
  • thewalkingdead
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BETH'S TWIN ( THE WALKING DEAD ) ✓by -`, mrs. wesley
"But she's alive?" "She's alive." in which a very problematic Charlie Greene loses it all. [seasons 2-5] [the walking dead] [I do not own the walking...
  • maggie
  • beth
  • carl
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POISON & WINE ( beth greene ) by duhkotaa
POISON & WINE ( beth greene )by dakota™
❝i just want to know; when did you get so cold? what happened to your soul?❞ Gray's world was black and white. He adjusted to the end quickly after incidents that turned...
  • greene
  • angst
  • bethgreenexoc
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Carl Grimes & Chandler Riggs One Shots by Charming__Fanfics
Carl Grimes & Chandler Riggs One Mrs. Riggs
This will be a mash up of many short one shots/ imagines, if you want one just ask! My Instagram is @charming_chan_fanfics so you can ask me there or here! I will try an...
  • carl
  • oneshots
  • carlgrimes
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twd one-shots by potatojesus-
twd one-shotsby m
❝fight the dead, fear the living❞ the walking dead one-shots and imagines. requests are; closed created april 4th, 2016 all rights reserved. © 2016 potatojesus- i don...
  • rickxreader
  • glennxreader
  • dixon
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Fury - The Walking Dead by horse_cray
Fury - The Walking Deadby horse_cray
Takes place season 2 - 4 Chey is another lonely girl trying to survive the apocalypse with help from her best friend, who is a horse. Together they conquer everything th...
  • twdfanfic
  • dixon
  • guns
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A Kiss From Lucifer (Mac smutfic) by Kittykatpsah
A Kiss From Lucifer (Mac smutfic)by KittyKat!
Beth is your typical southern belle. Blonde, blue eyes, sweet, singer. She is a good Christian girl who loves her family and Jesus. When her older brother, Shawn, offers...
  • mac
  • beth
  • canyon
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New Cop In Town | Blue Bloods by starsintheblue
New Cop In Town | Blue Bloodsby starsintheblue
Hannah was an average girl from Massachusetts who decided to transfer her job as a police officer in Boston to New York City. She happened to be placed in the 12th Preci...
  • bluebloods
  • police
  • jamiereagan
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Vi || TWD || OC x Daryl by Potterhead_Phangirl
Vi || TWD || OC x Darylby Potterhead Phangirl
"Look, I might not have had your experience but I'm not stupid! I can protect myself!" Idea: If Dr Edwin Jenner wasn't the last scientist standing ~•~•~•~•~•~•...
  • maggiegreene
  • hershel
  • survival
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~I S S A    D I X O N~ |The Walking Dead| by winwin-the-pooh
~I S S A D I X O N~ |The lets winwin this
"Nothing can kill a Dixon but a Dixon." In which 8 year old Issa Dixon is trying to survive in the apocalypse with his father and uncle. ~~ I do not own The Wa...
  • apocalypse
  • carl
  • andrea
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Euthanasia | R. Grimes by yanult
Euthanasia | R. Grimesby ‪˗ˏˋ CY ˎˊ˗ ‬
  • guns
  • fighting
  • rickgrimes
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