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Swan Song [boyxboy] by SkeneKidz
Swan Song [boyxboy]by Jen
Jace Butler and Mitch Marion used to be hopelessly in love with each other. Then their relationship fell apart, and the two haven’t seen each other in nearly a year. Jac...
Eccedentesiast by dealialestina
Eccedentesiastby Spilled-my-coffee
Eccedentesiast Noun Someone who hides behind a fake smile, when all they want to do is hide and/or die. (Cover art is not mine, Undertale is Toby Fox's, please don...
Heartland's youngest family member by Daniventurer
Heartland's youngest family memberby Daniela
Hi my name is Olivia Noel Fleming and I'm the youngest sister. I have two older sisters named Samantha Louise aka "Lou" and Amy. I'm 9 years old which means I'...
A Somewhat Different Story by VeronicaChase
A Somewhat Different Storyby Veronica Chase
FROM THIS POINT ON EVERYTHING WAS WRITTEN BY @SoraShima IM JUST A TRANSLATOR Marion is a boy who is in love with Adrien although he does not notice. Chat Noir is in lov...
Fonzie X Reader (Happy Days X Reader Series, Book 1) by JayBirdM
Fonzie X Reader (Happy Days X Sister_Of_Wakanda
You had just moved to Milwaukee and didn't know anyone there. You started going to school when you met Joanie Cunningham. She invited you to dinner that night where you...
Consequences (Warm Bodies fan fiction) by KageOkamiKogo
Consequences (Warm Bodies fan KageOkamiKogo
Not everyone is happy with the former zombies rejoining society. Not everyone wants to give R a chance to fully heal and have a happy new life. Sometimes, one must face...
Twee betekenissen by Fleva_fanfics
Twee betekenissenby Rανεη
Ze keek op, recht in zijn blauwe ogen. Nogmaals zonk ze er diep in weg, ze verdronk erin. Hij besloot de stilte te verbreken met een van zijn zinnen die een dubbele bete...
Les Grandes Fées d'Arcanix (Winx Club) (EN PAUSE) by Silveriku
Les Grandes Fées d'Arcanix (Winx Nalarya
Beaucoup de personnes pensent que la Flamme du Dragon est le pouvoir le plus puissant de l'Univers Magique mais ils ont tords. Il existe un autre pouvoir plus puissants...
Wood's Eternal by Marion_Hood
Wood's Eternalby Ava Grace Van Astor
A story about how a princess and a thief became more than just friends. *A Robin Hood mischief in Sherwood fanfic*
The company of light: book one by mkkhisenhour
The company of light: book oneby Wild Enough
Before the Winx club there was another group of hero's. Heroes that gave everything and fought for what was right for the magic dimension. Even to their end. *****This...
Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark by paulbat1234
Indiana Jones and the Raiders of paulbat
The race for the Lost Ark of the Covenant is on! Join Indiana Jones, an archeologist who has been asked by the U.S. Intelligence Army to track and locate the Lost Ark be...
Up In Flames by HuntressInTheWoods
Up In Flamesby R. A. De'Vene
When you asked James Potter what he thought of when he heard the word flames, he would say he thought of Lily Evans fire red hair. When you asked Effie Michaels what she...
Winx Club A Diffrent Begininng by TheMirre96
Winx Club A Diffrent Begininngby TheMirre96
What if Bloom grew up with her birth parents on Domino and with her sister? Grew up as Princess knew all along who she was? ( Raiting i don't know yet if going to be or...
Vechten tegen je gevoelens is het moeilijkste gevecht in je leven...
Unafraid (FNaF2Human!) by TrashOfHamil
Unafraid (FNaF2Human!)by HamilTrash
Leila Tang and her family move just a few blocks away from Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria 2.0, also known as Junior's. Due to her father loosing his job, Leila is forced to f...
Crown princess daphne by Daphne_nymphsirenix
Crown princess daphneby daphne✨
Hello everyone my name is crown princess daphne prefer to be called daphne go into great shocking and amazing great adventures with me and my friends also the winx club...
Weirdo Girl: Kids Book by cookiegirl2
Weirdo Girl: Kids Bookby Me
Zaprookah is just weird. Oh no. She's in Kyrstine's class!