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enchanted | eli moskowitz  by enchantedxpetal
enchanted | eli moskowitz by im bethany :)
when the diaz twins move to town, things seem to brighten up for shy nerdy eli moskowich eli/hawk x female oc cobra kai :)
Lego Ninjago Crossover (Percy Jackson) by ilcadampaot
Lego Ninjago Crossover (Percy ilcadampaot
Great. I helped my cousin, Harry Potter, defeat a guy called Voldemort, went back, and got teleported away. Now I'm lost. It's fine though. Really. Leo and Jason came to...
our hatred- daniel x johnny by paulpuffdragon
our hatred- daniel x johnnyby paulpuffdragon
johnny and daniel have hated each other for years. ever since johnny saw daniel hanging around his old girlfriend he knew he hated daniel from his appearance to his acti...
The Savage Youth (Karma Akabane x Reader) by ooofff_05
The Savage Youth (Karma Akabane Jazzz💓🪐
Part 1 of the The Savage Youth series Gangster AU! Note: In this fanfic, the moon didn't explode, and no experiment on Koro-sensei was made. He will remain human. And R...
Ass Class X Reader ((One~Shots)) by Lil_Kawaii_Monster
Ass Class X Reader ((One~Shots))by ♧ ☬ Notre Poupée ☫ ♤
This is my first One~Shots book Please be nice (/ 0=0)/
Saved Me ~ Miguel Diaz x Reader~ by EllaMazeB
Saved Me ~ Miguel Diaz x Reader~by newtie
Miguel x reader! Your name: y/n lawrence Backstory: your johnny lawrence's daughter, robbie keane's twin. Your father got custody of you while your mother got robbie...
A Flower In The Field by YoPeopleItJay
A Flower In The Fieldby JayCristian
A Ninja. Zuka's Mission Destroy the Lord's army. Easy? Not.
The Gifted by th3_rolling_thund3r
The Giftedby Dani
Gifts are something given at birth. They are not prejudice to race, sex, or intellect. If someone is Gifted, they are forced to master that Gift, to fight in the Eternal...
Reccatonic Love by foxykawaii104senpai
Reccatonic Loveby foxykawaii104senpai
Hey guys it's foxy sepai ^.^ how are you? Are you feeling Gucci today, oh konnichiwa. Remimotto is a yung boi in highschool and he is so happy (Yay!) He meets this reall...
the glitch sensai (under construction) by IzukuMidoriya113908
the glitch sensai (under Izuku Midoriya_neko
okay im new here and im suck's at writing so this what the story is...... 25 years old guy who has the power of glitch he look like a broken tv but the truth is (that is...
The Devils Grin (Karma x Reader) by DemonBean36
The Devils Grin (Karma x Reader)by DemonBean
Being a spy has its eventful days. Y/n is sent to a particular school with a quirky teacher who happened to have blown up half the moon and threatens to blow up earth as...
Shinobi by loleetuh
Shinobiby 𝐀𝐑𝐈𝐙𝐎𝐍𝐀.
"ℓσνє ιѕ α мєяє fℓαω тσ συя єχιѕт ιи α ωσяℓ∂ fυℓℓ σf вℓσσ∂ℓυѕт кιℓℓєяѕ ωнσ ¢αℓℓ тнємѕєℓνєѕ ѕнιиσвι." Suki тнσυgнт. тнєи ωну ιѕ ѕнє fαℓℓιиg ιи ℓσνє?
Oh Miss Karate Nerd Im Going To Get You Back by SianyLovesEngland
Oh Miss Karate Nerd Im Going To Sian
Cleo Monroe used to be ugly; she used to be the wimp in the corner the bully magnet. She was just too shy but a few days before the summer break she snapped, she caved u...
Bob and Uni by lenkwlf
Bob and Uniby lenkwlf
About a bald crazy obsessed human named Bob, and his best friend Unidog (Uni for short) that also loves food. They go on wild adventures and usually end up in a pickle i...
The Karate War by miyagido4life
The Karate Warby miyagido4life
Blow after blow Demetri was still fighting against Hawk as he continues to beat the poor kid up. The when Hawk kicks Demetri in the head just as sensei Daniel walks in a...
"ѕ¢нσσℓѕ fυ¢кє∂ υρ" by PrincessBqbygirl
"ѕ¢нσσℓѕ fυ¢кє∂ υρ"by Ρяιи¢єѕѕВqвуgιяℓ
This is a story about two girls who must face the cruel world with violence in a bipolar school where you train with weapons... when they learn they will be switching to...
Sasuke x kakashi x OC love triangle by Maidaviess981
Sasuke x kakashi x OC love triangleby Maidaviess981
Kyra fell for her Sensai but when he breaks her heart the only person to make her feel better is the last Uchiha. Follow along to find out Kyra life and who maybe she e...
POWER RANGERS FIRE SABER SEASON 2by Tobih Daniels Storyline Produ...
Freddie's dream made the six friends become what they never thought of becoming.....With the help of kim(Mrs jones), their new gear and abilities--The power rangers atte...