Dark Fall

Dark Fall

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The world changed forever after the Awakening.  Long dormant genetic code was activated giving people degrees of telekinetic abilities, known as Talent.  As certain that power corrupts, the Dynasties arose.  To the favored upper classes came freedom and luxury, to the lower classes repression and poverty.  The Blue Uprising emerged to overthrow the oppressive Dynasty.

Terra Lorr was a top agent for the Blue Uprising, a stealthy spy and deadly assassin.  As atonement for blowing a mission she was sent to a remote province to find a mythical 'Hooded Man', if he existed at all.  What she found was Will Sall, an enigmatic man who already knew far too much about her.  He opened her eyes and challenged her to reexamine the cause she served, all the while touching deeply her heart.  But there was an unsettling darkness about him, one that could upset the very basis of the society they lived in.

This is their story.

Cover by IvoryKeen.