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Red Eyes |Genji x Reader| by Cryanide
Red Eyes |Genji x Reader|by Cryanide
Light flecks of crimson littered Genji's eyes, coloring the dark, soulful color of burnt sienna. "Why do you stare?" He asked, though no curiosity flitted into...
Dance of Two Colors (Genji x Reader) by RedOnBlack
Dance of Two Colors (Genji x cl
Genji Shimada was his name. Before he grew up, before he played with girls, and before his brother killed him... he was the sweet boy who approached a crying girl on the...
" NIGHTHAWK " genji shimada.  by belovedgenji
" NIGHTHAWK " genji shimada. by ~ 𝑀 ❥
" a story in which the infamous talon assassin known as nighthawk is forced to become a blackwatch agent in exchange for her freedom " overwatch semi-au [ gen...
" YUANFEN " genji shimada.  by belovedgenji
" YUANFEN " genji shimada. by ~ 𝑀 ❥
" a story in which genji shimada vows to assist dahlia blackrock in breaking whatever spell the reaper has put on her. " overwatch semi-au slowburn [ genji sh...
Genji x Reader [One-Shots] by Amberhen
Genji x Reader [One-Shots]by Wolfly
On the weekends I'll update with two shots on both days. This is my first time of making a one-shot so please don't judge me to harshly and enjoy the one-shots I give yo...
Overwatch Boyfriend One Shots by DeadlySheep2212
Overwatch Boyfriend One Shotsby DeadlySheep2212
Genji, Hanzo, Soldier 76, Reaper, and McCree. 50 scenarios and 205 one shots / x Readers. I will do smut if asked.
Genji x Reader || True Self by general_enthusiast
Genji x Reader || True Selfby General Enthusiast
Author Note Hello! This is going to be a long, continuous story following the reader as they get closer and closer to Genji. It will include romance and fluff but I have...
Overwatch Husband Scenarios [Discontinue] by KhaoticKris
Overwatch Husband Scenarios [ KhaoticKris
Hey! So I'm doing this now, been obsessed with Overwatch that I wanted to write my own stories. Requests are welcome. ^-^
Your Touch by Franzilla69
Your Touchby Franzilla69
Female reader. Probably smut. Definitely smut. This story takes place at the time Genji and Hanzo are in the age of their "young" skins. So you're a helpless...
Colleague - Gency by GencyWatch
Colleague - Gencyby Sin
Angela "Mercy" Ziegler is a world renowned doctor, famous for 'bringing people back from the dead'. However, no one knew her real name or how she got her hands...
Echoes! by Sanssa_Elorede
Echoes!by Elorede
The Overwatch girls go on a vacation to the mountains in Japan. Expecting to relax and have a calm, soothing time. Well, that's not exactly what happens.... A Genji and...
overwatch oneshots! by kittensintheshower
overwatch oneshots!by kei
not character x character, only x readers! kittensintheshower © 2018-2020 overwatch © blizzard 2016
Overwatch (Various) X Reader by Kittyhugsyou
Overwatch (Various) X Readerby 「Indo」
»〔Requests are open!〕« ★☆One-Shots with all your favorite Overwatch waifus and husbandos! I'll be doing all heroes at least once, though highly requested characters can...
Forgotten Friendship |  Genji x Reader by Blackwatch_Reyes
Forgotten Friendship | Genji x Blackwatch_Reyes
{Highest ranking: #1 in Genji!} You were friends with Genji and Hanzo in their youth. Tragic events split you all apart and you reunite years later at Overwatch. Origina...
The Blind Meister (Soul Eater OC story) by GrimstoneRX1300
The Blind Meister (Soul Eater OC GrimstoneRX1300
At the Death Weapon Mister Academy, students are trained by the Grim Reaper himself to hunt the Keishen that threatens the world. Many know the stories of seven friends...
The Fallout of Conquest (Fallout x Overwatch) by Cmonkey512
The Fallout of Conquest (Fallout Muffin
Overwatch is looking for an edge over Talon. Winston has an idea for a teleporter that can scan radio frequencies and teleport someone to the source. It's assembled, so...
[On Hold] Forever In Love (Gency Genji X Mercy) by GenjiShimadur
[On Hold] Forever In Love (Gency GenjiShimurder
This Story is NOT following the events of Recall of Overwatch, Instead. This story follows a group of friends attending a school, Genji being childhood friends with Ange...
Overwatch Family by carleewannabe
Overwatch Familyby material gorl 💅
A baby was barely a month old when they was abandoned by their real parents. Eventually an Overwatch agent, Mercy, found the baby barely alive and took them in as theiro...
Men (Overwatch x Female Reader Lemons) by thelderscx
Men (Overwatch x Female Reader thelderscx
Just a couple works and stuff about my favorite game. These are all lemons and have mature content on them. I'm not the greatest at writing, especially fanfiction and l...
Overwatch ➸ Reader Insert Oneshots by SinDumpling
Overwatch ➸ Reader Insert Oneshotsby Yang 🐉
McCree is willing to flirt even with a gun to his head. Hanzo is too distant to accept your honesty. Soldier: 76 is a dad, but that's not the only reason he's so strict...