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Gotham Imagines (Requests Closed) by FeirceAngel
Gotham Imagines (Requests Closed)by Anna
-I take requests as long as they have no smut!!!- Request any male Gotham character x female reader! Warning, reading this book may cause various side affects, such as ...
inferno  ❖  gotham by onegrainofbrownrice
inferno ❖ gothamby struggling from the womb to t...
DC Universe | Gotham | Harvey Dent x (F)Reader x Jerome Valeska | Tumblr Request Disclaimer: I own no Gotham/DC character mentioned in this fic. Also, I'd like to give a...
Gotham preferences by another_stereotype
Gotham preferencesby another_stereotype
This doesn't follow the Gotham plotline. I do not in anyway own any of the characters in this fan fiction. Jim Gordon Harvey Bullock Harvey Dent Oswald Cobblepot Ed...
DC Villain Preferences! X Reader! by AshToxicity
DC Villain Preferences! X Reader!by 💚Ash🖤
DC Villain Preferences! If you love villains like me, you have came to the right place! The villains featured in these preferences will be, Joker, Jonathan Crane (Scarec...
Exceptional Love [Tim Drake x Reader] by Yam_0403
Exceptional Love [Tim Drake x Read...by 𝑌𝑎𝑚
You make memories everywhere, but in the end, you choose which ones you remember. Exceptional memories come from those you care about the most. Those are the ones you ch...
Lovely Scars {A Heath/Joker Story} by Kaylakuy
Lovely Scars {A Heath/Joker Story}by We All Float Down Here.. 🎈
Bella Wayne, better known as Bruce Wayne's daughter, has seen her share of crime in Gotham, working at the local paper 'The Gotham Times' means having to put herself int...
Gotham X reader by AfsheenShaik
Gotham X readerby Afreen&afsheen Shaik
•》Gif imagine. •》All of this is gender neutral. •》 No smut
Devil in me || Harvey Dent || Gotham by -JeromeValeska
Devil in me || Harvey Dent || Goth...by -JeromeValeska
In which a vigilante has to find the killer of her bosses and the only people she can trust are two Detectives and an assistant District Attorney. All of this while help...
Falling for Insanity ⇒ Joker  by Insanity69
Falling for Insanity ⇒ Joker by PERMANENT HIATUS
Katie is the daughter of Bruce Wayne and she knows her father is batman. Her mother died when she was young and her father has always been there for her. And since she's...
Batman: The Telltale series x Male oc by Jp721jr
Batman: The Telltale series x Male...by Jp721jr
I do not own Batman: The Telltale Series. It is developed and published by Telltale Games. I only own the male oc.
gotham stories by the_saw_is_family
gotham storiesby MadameAnonymous
yeah... i LOVE gotham btw. i decided to move these around my different accounts on different sites. soo cha cha. btw these are random so dont get pissed at me if its con...
Fear Behind The Mask (Scarecrow/Gotham Fanfic) by Sugardarkness
Fear Behind The Mask (Scarecrow/Go...by Sugardarkness
When Psychologist Claire Robson is convicted of murdering her family she is sent to Arkham Asylum alone and afraid. That is until she meets her new doctor, Dr. Crane, an...
𝐒𝐈𝐋𝐄𝐍𝐓 𝐇𝐈𝐋𝐋 , the dark knight by Toxicobsessed
𝐒𝐈𝐋𝐄𝐍𝐓 𝐇𝐈𝐋𝐋 , the dark k...by 𝐈.
𝐒 𝐈 𝐋 𝐄 𝐍 𝐓 𝐇 𝐈 𝐋 𝐋 ━━━━ ' you died screaming, yet the monster who took your place was silent. ' in which jacqueline wayne falls prisoner to the ghosts of...
The City of Gotham by Just_Simply_Asian
The City of Gothamby Just_Simply_Asian
The City of Gotham. Infested with both crime and corruption. Is Batman enough to put criminals and villains in their place? Is there someone else to aid him in his night...
Trust | Bruce Wayne by onograce
Trust | Bruce Wayneby onograce
In the lowest depths of Gotham's recession, one man rises up to combat the constant struggle against the city's furthering corruption. In the midst of this dangerous war...
Gotham X Reader [Oneshots] by TheAceOfChaos
Gotham X Reader [Oneshots]by ~Ace~
Currently On Hold! As the title says. I am a huge fan of Gotham and I love the show and its characters. I will be happy to write for any character but I will write mainl...
That Beautiful Woman In Arkham (Two-Face/Harvey Dent) by Writerexe
That Beautiful Woman In Arkham (Tw...by Deer-C
Jade had worked for Penguin for most of her life. That is, until she quit. She eventully met Two-Face,a nd started to work for him. But over time, the two become friends...