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The Need For Speed by LoveTheNerd
The Need For Speedby LoveTheNerd
"I feel the need..." "The need for speed"
Bubble Gum Heart [Hisoka x Reader] by nonexistentauthor
Bubble Gum Heart [Hisoka x Reader]by Rei
This is an old old story I will likely never finish or get to. There is a 1% chance I will update this but enjoy it for what it is, it has probably been my most popular...
Karma by LoveTheNerd
Karmaby LoveTheNerd
"Karma has no menu. You get served what you deserve." Her call sign is Karma because she worked her butt off to be the best of the best and whoever dares to ch...
Lunar x Reader Oneshots! (Requests Open!) by CosmicJester
Lunar x Reader Oneshots! ( Cosmic Chan
This book is about my favorite character from the Sun and Moon Show! He's such a bean! This is my first book so sorry if I make any mistakes! One-shot Types: Fluff (sign...
over the moon ; ruikasa  by rramencup
over the moon ; ruikasa by rramencup
rui the town's most popular bard is hired to work for the tenma family, as they are hosting a event where their son finds the girl he will marry. things go smoothly unti...
hypemyke(michel) x reader/smut by storysat3am
hypemyke(michel) x reader/smutby storysat3am
toue bestfriend michel(hypemyke)(mike)as a crush on you and he dose 3am vids like you do your other bestfriend jester(jesse) your dating him but you also have graphnix i...
No Longer Heartless by BrendaDaaeDestler
No Longer Heartlessby BrendaDaaeDestler
In this sequel to Marissa Meyer's Heartless, Catherine Pinkerton, now the Queen of Hearts, has become a cold and angry person, not at all how she used to be. The young g...
Need help in your miserable life?  by M0rak1
Need help in your miserable life? by Meraki
you keep having bad luck, with coincidental, kinda strange situations. After you keep getting these commercials and flyers for a 'life changing service' you decide to gi...
[SEQUEL TO JESTER] ❝ surely i'd remember a handsome blond man, how could i forget a face like that? ❞ in which the clown doesn't remember the clown. BOOK TWO IN...
The Jester of Hell (Hazbin Hotel X Male OC) by D1sastr0usK41
The Jester of Hell (Hazbin Hotel D1sastr0usK41
Dull had always been a good kid, he would play magic tricks for his neighbours next door, he would make things that you thought were impossible, possible. A bright and c...
The Jester of Halkeginia by Deathcomessilence
The Jester of Halkeginiaby Deathcomesslience
Akami loves anime. He does everything with the greater goal of reading more light novels, watching more anime or having more time to tailor his costumes. Why costumes th...
Jackpot baby: Devil May Cry 3 (Dante x reader)  Book 1: Rewrite by chasy2804
Jackpot baby: Devil May Cry 3 ( chasy2804
Even though Devil May cry was the first game but I thought it make sense because the begin of Devil May cry 3 was when Vergil was still in the human world and how Lady w...
Hypemyke Jester GraphNix fanfiction by user90346957
Hypemyke Jester GraphNix fanfictionby
Hey guys in this fanfiction there will be sweet sad dirty and anything else I can think so I hope you enjoy the stories
The Return of Molly by The-Dragon-Hearted
The Return of Mollyby The-Dragon-Hearted
Caduceus has had the same dream for a few weeks now; a familiar grave of a tiefling he never met and the life that The Wildmother placed over that grave. So familiar was...
DRIVE | Top Gun by didnoahschnapp
DRIVE | Top Gunby ッ
❝you cant go on, thinking nothing's wrong❞ based on the movie 'top gun' t.kazansky X fem!oc 𝐈𝐍 𝐖𝐇𝐈𝐂𝐇, lt. kat 'razor' hayes become the first woman fighter pilot i...
Tale Of The Witch And The Puppets.  by CloversFieldOfFire
Tale Of The Witch And The Puppets. by Clover's Field Of Fire
Please note that this story is made for TerrorMoon2 and is inspired by many other Puppet Master stories. I don't not own the movie and the characters but I do own my OC...
The Jester Princess by Sarefena
The Jester Princessby Shimmer da⚡️Dragon
The story of a girl by the name of Rose who is the daughter of a queen who rules over a happy land and how a neglected daughter falls in love with a prince of darkness a...
Sonic and Reala to the rescue by WishieAlice33
Sonic and Reala to the rescueby WishBitch
Reala made a truce with NIGHTS cause he had no choice but to let the nightmarens and nightopians live in harmony but he got used to it soon after. But a few weeks later...
Bad Meets Evil by harley_quinns_twin
Bad Meets Evilby harleen Quinnzell
joker and Harley are expecting a baby! that's all I can say for rn though mature content possible spoiler's possible trigger warnings (abuse and such) I will mention s...