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After Dark by Okieleaf
After Darkby Z
《 This is a BoyxBoy story 》 William Caddel wants to live. Between crushing expectations and the strictness that comes with them that seems like such an impossible thing...
i'm sad but horny by ThisBoyIsSad
i'm sad but hornyby Sad boy
have fun reading my shit lmao
Love is ready by lelo_sh
Love is readyby 𝗶 𝗹𝗼𝘃𝗲 𝗮𝗹𝗹.
چـارەنـووس لـە دەقـەیـەڪدا هـەزاران جـار دەگـۆڕێـت "دوای هـەمـوو نـاخـۆشـیـەڪ خـۆشـی دێـت ئـەمـە قـسـەی خـودایـە بـۆ بـەندەڪەی ڪەسـایـەتـی سـەرەڪی"لـیڤـیان بر...
She was a rainbow But he was color blind A story about how she helped him see colors again . °•°•°•°•°•°•° In which a girl gets locked out of her appartment and a bo...
Why ME (singer izuku) by Indigenous14806
Why ME (singer izuku)by Indigenous14806
Mineta won in a game by "cheating" and told everyone we should ignore izuku and they got everyone in including eri and kota Caime, sakio, prohero who are girls...
Beamer boy (SUNA X READER) by KenmaBahng96
Beamer boy (SUNA X READER)by ᴡʜᴀᴛᴇᴠᴇʀ_ɪᴛꜱ_ᴄʜʀɪꜱ
⚠️ WARNING! Language Mature Drug use Maybe you met the wrong person so it would lead you to the right one even if you had to get your heart broken to find him "...
Sadboy by churchbellomuboye
Sadboyby churchbellomuboye
A collection of short stories about things hidden beneath the shadows of every city.
You know when your time is up(Sam golbach) by animelover7807
You know when your time is up( animelover7807
Sam was happy...until... it struck Sam was told something he didn't want to know
The Last Page - A Depressed Deku Story by LemonAiden
The Last Page - A Depressed Deku LemonStories
"If there was one thing I could tell my past self, it would be: To Hold On." - This statement plagued Izuku's mind. He was a loner. Far from anyone interesting...
Save me Luna by Alishya123
Save me Lunaby Ali
Archer comes from a hard home, if you would even consider it that. His parents got into some dangerous business before he can even remember, causing him to grow up paran...
Weylyn--a Battle Of Hearts by LOUHAZZAYNILI
Weylyn--a Battle Of Heartsby promiseme96
skylar storm...the next super alpha...son of alpha Darius storm .the cold one ...the mysterious one..... Blossom storm the alpha's daughter..badass and tough... Martha s...
He Sees Himself as... | A Mario & Luigi Dream Team Oneshot by Super_Novel_Saga
He Sees Himself as... | A GUMMY !!!!!!1!!
"Name an 8-letter word for... thinking badly about one's self." "Insecure, of course!" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ In the game, Dreamy Luigi is portrayed as hand...
Rivanza Romesa by fsna_17
Rivanza Romesaby Fa.
[ R E U P L O U D ] ***** Saat masih kecil Rivan menyukai Mesa. Namun tidak dengan Mesa, dia menyukai Zivan-kakak Rivan. Saat beranjak dewasa Mesa menyukai Rivan. Namun...
Sad Boy  by BrooklynJames3
Sad Boy by Brooklyn James
A story about a boys suicide and his the police are trying to figure out who is responsible.
The Unscheduled Haircut // KiriBaku by LOHR_Png
The Unscheduled Haircut // KiriBakuby File Not Found
hi I still exist :D I don't even post on Wattpad anymore except for Mute Love (Which I barely update as well) so have this as an apology- Yes, this was a random idea aft...
last word by picov_
last wordby J B
Jeśli mógłbym cofnąć czas, zrobiłbym wszystko, aby nie być tym kim teraz jestem... . . . . . UWAGA! Mogą pojawić się wulgaryzmy oraz sceny erotyczne...
My Sweatheart Justin  by BrielleBieber
My Sweatheart Justin by AgnesEka
Aku seorang gadis dengan pekerjaan paruh waktu. Kisahku menyedihkan dan hanya tinggal dengan seorang ayah. Selena Marie Gomez. Kau tak perlu tahu tentangku. Aku hanyala...
The unforgettable beauty by nasliana
The unforgettable beautyby pinterestkid
everything was perfect between me and you, friends to lovers and ..... to strangers i guess love just last in stories
forever is an unbreakable bond (rengiyuu) by Iwannabedazaissock
forever is an unbreakable bond ( dazai's#1suicidebuddy
this is literally just a rengiyuu story... giyuu is a sad an depression filled beautiful smexy man and regoku is DONUT. so read and find oouuuttt..