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Al - Birru by estetika_senja
Al - Birruby @estetika_senja
📌 GA FOLLOW GA ELIT 📌 PLAGIATHOR MOHON MENJAUH :) " tiga tahun itu sangatlah menyiksa bagi birru yang menginginkan pelukan hangat papa dan mama" - ALBIRRU R...
[FOLLOW DAN VOTE SEBELUM MEMBACA]:) kebahagianku telah hilang ketika usiaku delapan tahun.dimana anak yang usianya masih kecil harus menanggung rasa sakit disetiap harin...
Love Story':Same Feeling by zoeyoolee
Love Story':Same Feelingby Maria Rosari Bagasia
Ketika hal yang berubah menjadi kenyataan.nafsu,wanita dan keadaan yang membuat ku kehilangan sadar akan jalan yang benar bahwa ada yang lebih tulus dari kesempurnaan ci...
She was a rainbow But he was color blind A story about how she helped him see colors again . °•°•°•°•°•°•° In which a girl gets locked out of her appartment and a bo...
Weylyn--a Battle Of Hearts by LOUHAZZAYNILI
Weylyn--a Battle Of Heartsby promiseme96
skylar storm...the next super alpha...son of alpha Darius storm .the cold one ...the mysterious one..... Blossom storm the alpha's daughter..badass and tough... Martha s...
Save me Luna by Alishya123
Save me Lunaby Ali
Archer comes from a hard home, if you would even consider it that. His parents got into some dangerous business before he can even remember, causing him to grow up paran...
i'm sad but horny by ThisBoyIsSad
i'm sad but hornyby Sad boy
have fun reading my shit lmao
You know when your time is up(Sam golbach) by animelover7807
You know when your time is up( Demi-godthe1
Sam was happy...until... it struck Sam was told something he didn't want to know
The Unscheduled Haircut // KiriBaku by LOHR_Png
The Unscheduled Haircut // KiriBakuby File Not Found
hi I still exist :D I don't even post on Wattpad anymore except for Mute Love (Which I barely update as well) so have this as an apology- Yes, this was a random idea aft...
Spare Change by peaspeaspeas
Spare Changeby peaspeaspeas
**I wrote this in middle school I promise it's not good** Finnegan Kelly was living his life peacefully, scraping the bottom of the barrel for rent money and stealing fo...
Beamer Boy by TheTrueBeguiled
Beamer Boyby A writer of sorts.
"You ever think about life sober?", I asked. He smiled warmly, content almost, as if this was a question he received nearly everyday and had gotten used to hi...
He Sees Himself as... | A Mario & Luigi Dream Team Oneshot by Super_Novel_Saga
He Sees Himself as... | A GUMMY !!!!!!1!!
"Name an 8-letter word for... thinking badly about one's self." "Insecure, of course!" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ In the game, Dreamy Luigi is portrayed as hand...
He is Different by krystalsshi
He is Differentby krystalsshi
Ini tentang Anugrah dan saya yang hanya saling berjauhan kami berbeda dari segala hal sampai akhirnya aku sadar, bahwa Anugrah adalah akhir dari segala yang ku cari.
These are Song Lyrics Archived Volume 1 by ciiissss
These are Song Lyrics Archived cis
I want to make a song lyrics book from my playlist that I often play back. And I dedicate it to all the bands that have made great songs, to make me feel better, accompa...
WHO by Saayaaaaaaaaa
WHOby Saaya
Valentina Vixen's everything was her sister Isabella but one tragic night Isabella goes missing, What happened to her? Where did she go? Is she even alive? The police se...
Sad Poems :( by urlocalsadboi
Sad Poems :(by Adam
Those 3 a.m. thoughts if ya know what i mean heh...
Toxic relationship❓❗️ by ZahraAudina6
Toxic relationship❓❗️by ZahraAudina6
Melangkah untuk ke jalur yang baru itu sulit, tapi tidak lebih sulit bertahan dalam situasi. hurting is the way we love each other! Kita ga akan pernah bisa merubah sese...
Don't Kill My Father by mr_bridgemoon
Don't Kill My Fatherby Mr. Bridgemoon
Here I am, finishing the whole story about a man with Dissociative Amnesia that cost him his future and past.
pretty boys don't cry by hemmoxxkayla
pretty boys don't cryby kayla
I was just a pretty boy With a sad personality. They did things to me That I hope will never Happen to you. The end was near.
Face reveal/Rant book by GayGreenie
Face reveal/Rant bookby Kay Morgan
Um, I'm really sexy, take that as you want. Also, don't try and post hate comments, it just makes me feel better about myself knowing you feel threatened by me, and my p...