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Honey | Jimin by CallMeByYourName97
Honey | Jiminby Targaryen Enthusiast
"Are you a virgin?" "No." The boy said with a small smile. Jimin, the quiet boy who could barely look her in the eyes. The boy who was silent, that...
She was a rainbow But he was color blind A story about how she helped him see colors again . °•°•°•°•°•°•° In which a girl gets locked out of her appartment and a bo...
Vincent Santorini and his cursed life by donnieissad
Vincent Santorini and his cursed Salamiboi666
Trigger warning physical abuse It's gay
Peach Pits by HunterTheWriter
Peach Pitsby HunterTheWriter
"He wants to do a line of cocaine off of my bare chest," A debut poetry collection concerning the ideas of falling in love and falling out of love, even if the...
Farfalla Blu by wannabiieechemistry
Farfalla Bluby pecandu kimia
Reykal adalah pemimpin geng motor dan juga dokter bedah hebat. selama 15 tahun, dia mencari gadisnya yang memiliki tato kupu-kupu setengah badan dipergelangan tangannya...
The Unscheduled Haircut // KiriBaku by LOHR_Png
The Unscheduled Haircut // KiriBakuby File Not Found
hi I still exist :D I don't even post on Wattpad anymore except for Mute Love (Which I barely update as well) so have this as an apology- Yes, this was a random idea aft...
Emo boys hour •story + chatfic >mha by PANtasexual
Emo boys hour •story + chatfic >mhaby 𝐚𝐧𝐢𝐦𝐞 𝐚𝐝𝐝𝐢𝐜𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧
kaminari texts the wrong person and finds out theres more to his depressed and sleepy teacher than he knew. (NO im not shipping aizawa and denki, this is purely fluff an...
SadBoy•悲しい少年 | Ghostemane by pepsigee
SadBoy•悲しい少年 | Ghostemaneby Gami
Do you ever run out of time? Do you ever feel alone? Do you ever just want to end it all? So does Eric... Started 6.6.18|| Follow Eric and his adventure in his mind as h...
Seline & seorang mafia edric Seline telat mengungkapkannya......
The insta boy by exxtrovertx
The insta boyby floodytears
"Why don't you just leave me like everyone ". Even though I can't see him but I know it hurting him "I won't and I'm not everyone " i text him and I...
Conan Gray Oneshots by conangrayspam
Conan Gray Oneshotsby jamie 🦋✨
one shots of king of sad boi pop, Conan Gray. weekly updates 💖
TOXIC (one shot) by Naung02
TOXIC (one shot)by Anthony Theo
" ရှိုင်းငယ် ကိုကိုက ထွက်သွားပြီးရင် တကယ်ပြန်မလာတတ်ဘူးနော်" " ရွိုင္းငယ္ ကိုကိုက ထြက္သြားၿပီးရင္ တကယ္ျပန္မလာတတ္ဘူးေနာ္"
The boy who was too sweet for honey. by maggie1515
The boy who was too sweet for Mara
Atlas Demos A broken cry baby who wears his golden heart on his sleeve for all to see. Born to late for his time, tries to find love in a world were everyone seems repet...
He Sees Himself as... | A Mario & Luigi Dream Team Oneshot by Super_Novel_Saga
He Sees Himself as... | A GUMMY !!!!!!1!!
"Name an 8-letter word for... thinking badly about one's self." "Insecure, of course!" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ In the game, Dreamy Luigi is portrayed as hand...
Oblivion🐾 | ✔ by Confused_Skittles_xx
Oblivion🐾 | ✔by Skittles
Ironic how he believed in living so much that he forgot to live.
SOFA, SO GOOD by JohnnyTuturro
Where chaos meets disorder.
A Sad Aether {Genshin Impact}  by Pheonixspy
A Sad Aether {Genshin Impact} by Pheonixspy
Commission after Commission, all Aether ever did, nobody helped him, so why should he help them, he hasent Seen his sister for so many years, he felt as though he abando...
My Sweatheart Justin  by BrielleBieber
My Sweatheart Justin by AgnesEka
Aku seorang gadis dengan pekerjaan paruh waktu. Kisahku menyedihkan dan hanya tinggal dengan seorang ayah. Selena Marie Gomez. Kau tak perlu tahu tentangku. Aku hanyala...