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For Our Freedom (CountryHumans RusAme) by CallMeCactipri
For Our Freedom (CountryHumans Cactipri
The governments failed. The new generation has taken over. Everything was failing - from the economy to overpopulation. The world split into two sides; The Freedom activ...
To hell and back (Rusame) by EmberDragon34
To hell and back (Rusame)by Ember
GO TO CACTIPRI BECAUSE SHE IS AMAZING! SHE DID THE COVER AND YOU CAN SEE HOW AMAZING IT IS! 'You said you would go to hell and back before you'd be my friend. How about...
The Secret by Aether_Down
The Secretby Corin
Everyone knows of the fierce competition the Soviet Union and United States were locked in for decades after the Second World War. The stockpiling of weapons, launching...
The Safe Haven  by ImNotMentalyStable
The Safe Haven by Ded Inside
There's facilities around the world that kidnap and experiment on their kind. America happened to escape from one of those facilities. He is told that there's a safe ha...
Blind Date (RusAme) by ABunnyNamedCoco
Blind Date (RusAme)by Minou
America's blind, literally! How does he go by his day every day? What's it like to be blind? What do flowers look like? Is his hair as messy as people say? What does he...
Handcuffs (RusAme) by RaccoonMania
Handcuffs (RusAme)by Im a raccoon-
Yeah... ok, so, Russia and America get in a fight, UN cuffs them together for a month in hopes to make them get on a friendlier level, or just to teach them a lesson. So...
His State's and Him (RusAme) by weird_American
His State's and Him (RusAme)by weird_strawberry-rose
nobody knows about America's state's except UN and EU, but soon enough they get tired of Russia and America fighting and tell Russia and America that Russia will be livi...
The Prince And The Paper Boy by Ze_Bookdemon
The Prince And The Paper Boyby Alaska
One there was a prince who could never seem to fall in love until that changed... when he met a paper boy. Best ranks 12 in rusame
RusAme- To much, not enough Time by JustUrAverageAngel
RusAme- To much, not enough Timeby JustUrAverageAngel
America looks and acts normal; he's late, lazy, barely pays attention in the world meetings, you know, the normal. But after America passes out on his way to his car, Ru...
They don't need to know...|Rusame|Hetalia| by DragonPrincess22
They don't need to know...|Rusame| Cassidy
America/Alfred has secrets. That's not a surprise as all nations have them. HE has a significant amount more than the others though. Only a few people know of his secret...
Rusame Oneshots and Pictures (Finished) by Final-Boss
Rusame Oneshots and Pictures ( ƈօʀʀʊքȶɨօռ ӄɨռɢ
Just a bunch of Rusame oneshots. Best Ranking: #39 in Countryhumans
Love Worth Dying For (RusAme) by xxxbrandikaixxx
Love Worth Dying For (RusAme)by Brandikai English
Trigger warning: Abuse, self harm/suicide, trauma/violence, homophobia (For storytelling purposes, I fully support the LGBT community) America comes from a well off fami...
Kingdoms(complete) by Moonismadeofchez
Kingdoms(complete)by chezmoon
Inspired by Royal Gaurd(suggest you read that cuz like it really good) a lot of it was by a friend of mine(credit's go to @ImRealBoredRn) enjoy this cringe-fest and have...
Pangea Academy's Number One! by VenusBuggie
Pangea Academy's Number One!by small hiatus until testing is...
[RUSAME] What happens when a dangerously charming and bitterly sweet boy is pushed to the limits? Hell. America is #1 at the Pangea Academy, but how? Nobody has ever se...
Soulmates! by Pikachumaster06
Soulmates!by ItzWoody
Countrys gather every month to discuss about there country. Sum if there are really young around 18 or 19 when they start learning what a soulmate is. But before you st...
Product of The World (APH) by Alan_is_Luminous
Product of The World (APH)by Bruhiwannadie
"You turned him into what he is now..." • • • • • America is imperfect. He is filled with many flaws. The world knows this, and they take advantage of such...
Intoxicated // Countryhumans RusAme by CandyZONE
Intoxicated // Countryhumans RusAmeby Candy
Oh boi this one's gonna be one hell of a ride. I think I hate myself enough now to write this trash. Basically, America gets 'intoxicated' with a love curse that makes h...
Dog Days by Ben_Fakename
Dog Daysby Satan
America gets turned into a dog Russia adopts him, not knowing he's America *+*Warnings*+* •mentions of self harm at some point •dog
(Russia x America) Unnamed (oneshots) by Spacebored
(Russia x America) Unnamed ( Spacebored
Ahhhhh this is my first fanfic one shots so sorry in advance if it's bad, there will probably be spelling mistakes........ WARNING theses are smut stories so please leav...
Ailment ((Rusame)) by CarnivaleTwists
Ailment ((Rusame))by Raindrops-On-Roses
America's health was always unstable growing up, so when the time comes, he doesn't become independent from his father. Instead, he acts as nothing more than a supportin...