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Ex's to Lovers by AuthorReinvented
Ex's to Loversby AuthorReinvented
A fun spin on the classic "enemies to lovers trophe" x "fake dating trophe". When Alfred gets caught egging Ivan's house by the scariest kid in town...
The Reinforced Promise by nxdiir
The Reinforced Promiseby me
America and Russia used to be best friends when they were in kindergarten through 2nd grade. Then America had to move as well as Russia a few years later. America went t...
Fake by Crazy4ships15
Fakeby CJisHere
-Discontinued- America, perceived as a cocky, loud, self-centered country, in Russia's eyes, probably in everyone's, but that's besides the point. Russia despises the Am...
Where Winter Meets Summer (Rusame Countryhumans) by OnyxxCrow
Where Winter Meets Summer ( OnyxxCrow
THE DISCOVERY A fundamentally lonesome person, Russia believed he could survive the Academy all on his own but his assumptions were quickly torn down as the Awakening se...
Intoxicated // Countryhumans RusAme by CandyZONE
Intoxicated // Countryhumans RusAmeby Candy
Oh boi this one's gonna be one hell of a ride. I think I hate myself enough now to write this trash. Basically, America gets 'intoxicated' with a love curse that makes h...
RusAme  by YaoiFansOnly
RusAme by YaoiFansOnly
THIS IS A SMUT BOOK!!! 18+ please!
Blue With White Stars | RusAme ✔️ by Carousel_Palace
Blue With White Stars | RusAme ✔️by Carousel Palace
After the Cold War, many countries have noticed that Russia is quiet, dark, and more to himself than before. Not only is he keeping his feelings to himself, but he is al...
Pretending Stupid | America's Backstory [READ DESC] by FudanForeva
Pretending Stupid | America's Definitely FudanForeva
[IS BEING REVAMPED ON ANOTHER BOOK, THIS BOOK IS DISCONTINUED] "Isn't it abnormal for a baby to write while they're still 9 months old..?" "There's no way...
wishes // a CH rusame story by uzanemu
wishes // a CH rusame storyby nem
In a world where you receive a power on your eighteenth birthday, America received the power to see people's biggest wishes. This year is his second year of college, an...
Say I Love You (Hetalia RusAme) by Independent_Skies
Say I Love You (Hetalia RusAme)by Kuro Menou
(Warning kind of gory) Russia absolutely can't stand the sound of America's voice. When America comes over uninvited with a couple of drinks Russia unexpectedly slits Am...
Take Two | Rusame | Countryhumans AU by Miriorite
Take Two | Rusame | Miriorite
America is the top actor and singer in the entertainment industry. But everything changes when he disappears from the public for two years. People believed he disappeare...
MY OMEGA (Russia x America-Omegaverse) by dontmindmealr
MY OMEGA (Russia x dontmindmealr
Russia is a Alpha who is going to be the next leader of the pack he's from but he has to find a mate too and America is a beautiful omega who's Father is the leader of t...
-You- // Rusame story~ by Jennifer_Animation
-You- // Rusame story~by Jenimates
-This is a story about Russia obsessing over America and basically starts stalking him and gets to learn more about him, his friends, his family, and anyone who is close...
🌻 𝑴𝒚 𝑺𝒖𝒏𝒇𝒍𝒐𝒘𝒆𝒓~ 🌻 | 🇷🇺Russia x America🇺🇸 by Halo-Shine
🌻 𝑴𝒚 𝑺𝒖𝒏𝒇𝒍𝒐𝒘𝒆𝒓~ 🌻 | � 🕊♡Jessia♡🕊
♡🌻"Your mine, my sweet beautiful innocent sunflower. No one else can have you just me. Only me. Forever and always~"🌻♡ **************************************...
Dog Days by Ben_Fakename
Dog Daysby Satan
America gets turned into a dog Russia adopts him, not knowing he's America *+*Warnings*+* •mentions of self harm at some point •dog
Predator and Prey by Ben_Fakename
Predator and Preyby Satan
This story is old and I know it says last updated in August 2022, but the last part was actually published in March 2020. The reason it looks like it's updated is I was...
RusAme Oneshots by Rainbowstar_772
RusAme Oneshotsby Rainbowstar
Random RusAme oneshots I write, mostly fluff and smut. (will be crossposted on Ao3 under Crowsong_The_Rusame_Reader)
50 states 1 Country (OLD) by TheMushroomWltch
50 states 1 Country (OLD)by TheMushroomWitch
America has 50 kids that no one knows about not even the U.N. The country can take care of them but they make it harder to take care of himself. He usually only gets 30...
Oh No! [Rusame] by KageUzumaki1
Oh No! [Rusame]by Kage Uzumaki
So basically Russia and America get drunk and they do it. Then like two weeks later America finds out that he is pregnant. So now they have a kid *cough cough * Alaska...
RusAme Oneshots I guess by taroafalls
RusAme Oneshots I guessby taro
Starting off fresh because my other oneshots book is old and cringe ‼️Mainly Top America and Bottom Russia‼️(because its smexier- btw Russia is still taller than America...