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The Billionaire's Price (A Steamy Romance) anselacorsino
8.8M 258K
Somehow I Ended Up Being Kidnapped By A Billionare beenalongtime
3M 88K
Under Mafia Protection alea_lee
5.9M 199K
Living With The Bad Boy crazycliche
5.5M 138K
It's Simple. I use you. You use me. giveasmilex
1.7M 43.1K
Storm and Silence RobThier
28.1M 992K
Miss Clumsy and the CEO VampirefangsRule
5.1M 143K
Something Inside (Wattys2015) OutOfMyLimit17
12M 296K
What Vincent Wants #Wattys2015 katiecruz
4.3M 147K
Loving A Criminal (#3 in FFAW Series) Sheryl_Megan
1.6M 77K
Desire- Book I elizabethrosem
16.7M 423K
Unfaithful - Book I AKindMind628
733K 23.1K
The Italian Devil F-CKSH-T
8.6M 282K
Cleaning For The Mafia inbar_bienner
470K 11.3K
Passion- Book II elizabethrosem
2.9M 85.1K
Not love a business contract (formerly finding love in a marriage contract) sweetiezee
1.8M 44.3K
The Other CEO (REVISING) ivojovi
23.9M 425K
Dangerous Conceit alea_lee
861K 38.7K