Bonjour, welcome to my delightful page. For confidential reasons, I don't like posting my name but you can call me Jane and no, I would prefer if you don't give me an additional surname of Doe for I would like to remain alive. I'm an 18-year-old Singaporean Chinese female who loves writing, psychology and a lot of other topics I shall not bore you with. As of now, I'm currently waiting for my national exam results and university admission after an intense 2 year curriculum in junior college.

Things you need to know about me:
# I adore reading autobiographies- Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Lee Kuan Yew. You name it, I probably have read it already.
# I love Sherlock and Criminal Minds because of the psychological complexities they explore in the show. And no, while I agree that the males are fine specimens of human beings, they are not my focus.
# I am a walking paradox. I can be exceedingly laid-back and open-minded about things like failures but I can be a perfectionist.
# I am an individualist and I like celebrating my unique traits. Just so you know, I'm an INTJ female which is apparently as rare as a unicorn but I'm not a typical INTJ either. I am at least far more outgoing and social than the stereotypical INTJ. (I hate stereotypes by the way since 99% are false)
# Out of all world issues, I'm probably the most passionate about gender inequality due to personal reason. (Chat me up if you are the same too. It's astonishing so many people are ignorant about it)
# I admire Angelina Jolie as she's a phenomenal woman who has done so much to raise awareness for so many things and Emma Watson because embodies all the traits I value. We should be celebrating them instead of people like Kim K or Snooki.
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beautifulatsunrise beautifulatsunrise Jul 03, 2014 07:26AM
Hi guys, sorry for the delay! I'm back from my hiatus and I just updated The Blood Contract :))
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