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Making A Deal With The Bad Boy by QUEEN-PURPLE-PANDA
Making A Deal With The Bad Boyby Purple Panda
I opened the door to the toilet when he slammed the door shut before I could walk through. "I heard your in some trouble with money," he said. "Was you li...
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His Pride is Prejudiced by dinnybels
His Pride is Prejudicedby Geraldine Fernandez
Every girl--well, almost--counts down to Valentine's Day, wondering what their boyfriends have prepared for them but not Ava. Love is in the air w...
  • boyfriend
  • completed
  • kellan
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Paid to Please Him by hayley_renee
Paid to Please Himby Hayley
The offer shouldn't have appealed to me as much as it did, but something in me just couldn't turn it down. What started off as a normal day at work for me quickly took a...
  • family
  • drama
  • newadult
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Book of Paid Work by Lillypond00
Book of Paid Workby ~LillyPond~
Commissions I have written for customers! Short stories , backstories and poetry.
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ÉMERAUDE by Livanaya
ÉMERAUDEby Livanaya
" Adolescence ; une étape entre l'enfance et l'adultère "
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How to Make a Good Book Cover on Wattpad by LoveAthenaa
How to Make a Good Book Cover on LoveAthenaa
Learn how to make a good book cover! In here, I will give secrets about the photo editing, tips about the picture, and more!
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Daring Collisions by bellawich_
Daring Collisionsby bellawich_
Kimberly is from a small town called Greensfield and humiliation has driven her away from it. Now she is living in glorious New York as an anchors assistant and one of t...
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  • onedirection
  • fiction
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Hollow Twilight by nick
Hollow Twilightby Nick from Wattpad
Reid is a pretty normal guy in his last year of high school. He doesn't know what to do with his life, and everything feels kind of...boring. But when his friends hear a...
  • darkthemes
  • sciencefiction
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The Basketball Player's Wife by Strecyxpanics
The Basketball Player's Wifeby Strec
Gabriella "Gabby" Green is the wife of a basketball player, one of the hottest in the league, Tremaine Green. But that's not all she is, she refuses to be just...
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Greatest Stories in WATTPAD that you would absolutely LOVE! by bloodybummerren
Greatest Stories in WATTPAD that bloodybummerren
Greatest and worth-reading stories in wattpad. If you can't find any more stories to read, you can find them here. These are the stories that i have read for the past...
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The Badboy's Hired Wife by piper_mcc27
The Badboy's Hired Wifeby piper_mcc27
Meet Vincent Miers, the only heir to Miers Inc. And arrogant playboy that knows how to deal with every girl on campus. On the other hand, Isabella Stevens is suffering...
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Beta's Assassin by faithkirstyn
Beta's Assassinby faithkirstyn
She is trained to kill To never get injured To get the job done in whatever way possible But what happens when mates get in the way of completing the job? Will she succu...
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  • colton
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The Player Meets The Heartbreaker by Just-curious
The Player Meets The Heartbreakerby Cleo
Athena is a professional heartbreaker. She is the woman you turn to when you need to break a guy's heart. Whether he's cheated on you, played you, or ghosted you, Athena...
  • heartbreak
  • women
  • carter
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His Appointed Wife (Match Made In Manhattan #1) by bellasonline
His Appointed Wife (Match Made Fathy Light
"I'll give you a place to stay and I'll pay you, all you have to do is to pretend to be my wife for an year, in return. It is that easy." Or is it? With a con...
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How To Write So Readers Would Read by twinscribblers
How To Write So Readers Would Readby Isha Hooda
Wanna Become One Of The Best Authors On Wattpad? From my experience on Wattpad and other writing and reading forums, I bring to you the best way to write a book. Get Fam...
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We're in "love"  by abbbbbbbie
We're in "love" by A•B•B•I•E
"You know what? Fuck you and fuck your stupid opinion. I don't pay you to boss me around I pay you to look good on my arm and smile for the camera. As far as I'm co...
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[Opinión] Wattpad Paid Stories: ¿El fin de la plataforma? by Yellow-Vibes
[Opinión] Wattpad Paid Stories: ¿ Yellow Vibes
Lo que vas a leer es solo mi opinión con respecto al programa "Wattpad Paid Stories". Recuerda que no es ni más válida ni mejor que ninguna, simplemente es la...
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STAY WITH MEby Sirina The Star
Main characters :- 1-EXO (Chan Yeol) 2-BlackPink (Rose) 3-BTS (V) Notice\ the main characters' names I won't change it (finding new names make it more difficult) & t...
  • love
  • novel
  • sadquotes
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Wake Up, Get Paid, Get Laid, Gatorade by anxietyattheclub123
Wake Up, Get Paid, Get Laid, Patrick Stump=Daddy
A combination of a journal, a tag book, a rant book, and a place I put all my random bullshit. I'm really emo btw bye. This is the cringiest shit ever I'm so sorry.
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FAIRY GODFATHER |Unleashed His Highness Useless Fairy...Eh...(^o^)?| by mis4-2n8
FAIRY GODFATHER |Unleashed His Mis4-2n8 D' Smooth Criminal (...
(Genre: COMEDY, ADVENTURE.... WARNING: NO ROMANCE) Tired of fairytale romance?! then try this twisted fairytale \(^O^)/ so you'll understand that it's better to read rom...
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