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Mad Love | Park Jimin ✓ by kingguk_
Mad Love | Park Jimin ✓by nik
highest rank: #37 • psychopath park jimin au • He leans forward, covering his mouth and whisper, "Only I can look at my babygirl, like that." He quickly steps...
From London With Love by JKMacLaren
From London With Loveby J K MacLaren
She's always wanted to date a gentleman - so why does she find herself falling for a rogue? *** Ophelia Prescott is a hopeless romantic, and she's determined to find her...
ELITE | crazy rich asians by vivid-iris
ELITE | crazy rich asiansby amor
There are three words to describe Isabelle Leong. Beautiful. Elegant. Rich.
The Locker Room Incident (Completed)✔✔ by Fizzadulous206
The Locker Room Incident ( Fizzadulous206
Harper Jones is a normal girl with a normal crush on football player, Mason Stone. She's been crushing on him forever but he's never noticed her. She is also one of the...
The King's by treetopskies
The King'sby treetopskies
Ashton Moore was abused by her father for years, up until the day the cops were called and he was arrested. She's been living on her best friend's couch ever since. Her...
Mad In Love || J.JK. by bangyanforever
Mad In Love || bangyanforever
"What do you want?" he whispered as he then trailed hot kisses down your neck, across your jawline while pulling your body closer and breathing heavily once ag...
Innocent Girl [18+] by Faarihhh
Innocent Girl [18+]by Team Farih❤
"Apa itu bercinta...?" "Aku akan memasuki mu" "Ahh Fathar" 📌 Mature Content ⚠ 18++ 🔞 Mengandung unsur dewasa 🔞 Anak kecil? Get out !!!
🚫 BE MINE  🦋🦋 by 1993Dul
🚫 BE MINE 🦋🦋by Dul Anjalee
මග හැරුණු මව් සෙනෙහස සොයන තරුණියක්.... කඩවසම් මුරන්ඩු මුහුනට යටින් සැගවුණු සෙනෙහෙබර ආදරවන්තයෙක්......... නොදුටු මිතුදමක්........ තුන් කොන් ප්‍රේමයක්........
RaghVi FF (MHRW) by Seenu1999
RaghVi FF (MHRW)by P. Seenu
This FF is based on show Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali Basically follow the Open Shorts after marriage of Raghav and Pallavi It's a complete fan friction and I neither own to...
Stay (BoyxBoy) by BethieSimone
Stay (BoyxBoy)by Bethie
Previous Title: HOME Naive and innocent looking Dylan encounters a pompous bad boy who just happens to hang with the wrong crowd. Lies and deception, with a little bit o...
Playing For Keeps {completed} #projectrichkids by SherrVS
Playing For Keeps {completed} SherrVS
Leaving has always been a specialty of mine, guess thats the one thing my mother ever taught me; the art of leaving. She was a pro, left my dad, brother and I one day an...
GUCCI BOY//kth by ummmmmmmi
GUCCI BOY//kthby Umi
Cassia hated the dark. Complete darkness reminded her of her family home, it reminded her of bad times and threatened to drown her when she was alone with her thoughts...
Rich Boyfriend Next Door by KimSoRa092
Rich Boyfriend Next Doorby MochiChimkook11
It's senior year for Y/n and a new boy who's not so new in the town come to her school. Things got intense since the first day of school. He's good at everything and rea...
The Girl He Wants by music_arah
The Girl He Wantsby Arah
"Okay... let me get this straight, I'm not an object that you can claim anytime you want. And if you want me, that doesn't make me want you back. Besides... I need...
Fire and Ice | On Hold by ThePenPrincess
Fire and Ice | On Holdby 🧚
Just a few months into a new high school, Jodie Calloway is immediately engulfed by the high end social crowd as one of them even though this charismatic red head isn't...
the boy from the village -《jaywon》 by jakeyjakeyy
the boy from the village -《jaywon》by deedeey
a story where jay and his dad go to their servants house for vacation and there he meets a boy that happened to be servants son . started : 05/05/2021 ended : 19/05/2021...
Spoiled Rich Boy by Zarrystylik69
Spoiled Rich Boyby Sob
Benji Kear wasn't your typical high school teenager. Everything about him screamed rich and spoiled, which is exactly what this seventeen year old boy was. A smug smile...
My Amnesia Boyfriend by lanemarshall
My Amnesia Boyfriendby lanemarshall
Allyson Walker, a successful woman in her generation, an heiress and soon-to-be Mrs. Thompson, is bound to face the most challenging task of her life after her fiancé me...
Game of Love by Eclipsedream33
Game of Loveby Aerilyn
Emma's dream is to be an actress but her quirky,sarcastic,clumsy attitude mostly leads her nowhere so when she gets a part, in a reality t.v show , Emma couldn't be mor...
New York Dream ||Draco Malfoy|| by MayaAngelia14
New York Dream ||Draco Malfoy||by MayaAngelia14
Trigger Warning: Foul Language, Abuse, Blood, Death Evies one biggest dream since she was 10 years old was to become a successful writer. Nobody believed she would ever...