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bed of lies by yoonminseoks
bed of liesby KiM
Yoongi cheats on Hoseok with Jimin. -short chapters -yoonseok + yoonmin started: 1st July 2018 ended: Yoonseok fanfic ©yoonminseoks
Betrayed (AN AUBRIH/DRICKI STORY | COMPLETED) by champaagneemami
Betrayed (AN AUBRIH/DRICKI STORY | champaagneemami 🤍
Onika Tanya Maraj has a very special and happy life. She is a famous rapper who goes by the name of Nicki. She has a bestfriend that she's known for years, Robyn Rihanna...
Fuck You Guys! I'm Part of 1-B Now! by PaleKittenVoid
Fuck You Guys! I'm Part of 1-B Now!by On Hiatus
"Izuku, he barely has time to spend with you." Shinsou broke in, "If he doesn't have time for you don't you think you guys should take a break or somethin...
Love Galore🤍 by nyomixxjoelle
Love Galore🤍by nyomixjoelle
they fw each other vibe, but will trauma from their past get in the way of their relationship? read and find out😏 i hope y'all fw it💕
Ti possiedo by Papigenius
Ti possiedoby Cindy Lou who
Sometimes we find ourselves in unfortunate situations that may lead to infinite pain and suffering, will that be the case for Athena when she is forced to marry the big...
All I want  • stiles stilinski fan fiction  by cany0nm00nHS
All I want • stiles stilinski Your dad
You've lived in Chicago all your life now but when your mom gets a better job offer in beacon hills you have to leave everything behind . When you arrive you meet a guy...
Heart Break Fever (Vkook short story) by _Rolling_Thunder_
Heart Break Fever (Vkook short _Rolling_Thunder_
[Completed] Inspired by Valentines day.. It's true that not everything turns out how we expect it. Even the perfect plan can blow up in smoke. The perfect boyfriend can...
Akatsuki: I Believe In You  by Mxnique_-
Akatsuki: I Believe In You by 🔪мοиιգυє🔪
When Sakura, Tenten, Ino and Hinata realize their long time boyfriend's have been cheating on them because they considered the girls to be "Useless" they meet...
Lost Love by TheShieldImagine
Lost Loveby The Shield Imagine
Ava thought she had found her Mr right until she caught him cheating on her. Now her whole world's been turned upside down and she finds comfort in the arms of one of Ro...
Toxic - Vinnie Hacker  by wetpussy3000
Toxic - Vinnie Hacker by WETassPUSSY
The rough road of y/n and Vinnie Where will they end up? Together forever or will Vinnie's actions finally tear them apart. Sex, Lies Breakups and Makeups
My Mistake. Tamakixreader by w92955
My Mistake. Tamakixreaderby Ù w Ú
pls read this is my first story.....:) In this story you and tamaki are getting married in 8 months. One day Mirio and Hado take you and tamaki to the bar so you and tam...
The secret diary of a pregnant teen  by MadisonThough
The secret diary of a pregnant MadisonThough
"So what were you gonna tell me?" He said seeming irritated. "You know what I think I will just come back another day" I said knowing that he was wa...
Cheater Wedgie Slave by quietwriter1686
Cheater Wedgie Slaveby quietwriter1686
Emily and Jordan had been dating for 4 years, but Emily soon received word that Jordan was cheating. She was heartbroken and wanted payback.
Sold! by AuthorWho6487
Sold!by ໓ēค໓ iຖŞi໓ē
"Let me go!" I screeched as he dragged me out of the house. And quickly removed his hand from my hair to my arm. "Mom! Dad!" I screamed right before...
II. Should I trust you? | kth✅ by whoareyousir
II. Should I trust you? | kth✅by Laura
"Should I really trust you? After everything you did?" "I-" "I don't want to hear it Taehyung. I don't think it's love what we had. We're done...
always ending the night together by chxseatlantic1
always ending the night togetherby chxseatlantic1
have you ever gave someone too much power over you? another manthony book.
You Didn't Love Me... Thanks (CREDITS TO @Pans_Person) by CockitchyDrinksPanta
You Didn't Love Me... Thanks ( ♥ Cockichi ♥
What happens when Izuku is cheated on by his two boyfriends, Katsuki and Shoto? Like any other person, Izuku gets his revenge on them. You may be wondering, who did Kats...
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one more chance [l.s ] by L0Larry
one more chance [l.s ]by elysa sꨄ
which harry and louis are happily married couple but then someday harry cheated on louis. Louis with his heartbroken heart, lost all of his respect for harry. Harry so...
Losing Happiness by BluberryMuffs
Losing Happinessby Bluberry Muffs
Have you ever experienced being stabbed deeply in the heart? Have you ever experienced being numb because its too painful to feel anything more? Have you ever been in lo...