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The Rogue Soldier (COMPLETED) by janelovesbooks_
The Rogue Soldier (COMPLETED)by Jane
You think your life sucks? Get a load of Lynn's. She's been a good girl her whole life, even thought her mother hates her. She suffered alone through a rejection, and jo...
Him (Slowest updates ever) by nay_fluentsarcasm
Him (Slowest updates ever)by PhoVex
My book is not finished and I don't know when I will update it. Aesthetics by @bvttercup_bby A love story about two loners, one by chance the other by choice "I kno...
The castle of lies by fantasylight06
The castle of liesby Chloe
Amura lived in the city under the Warlock Federation's rule. She hated them and vowed never to succumb to them. That all changed when she was almost assaulted by what sh...
ELIDE  by kaira__lee
ELIDE by Kaira Lee
She wasn't born for the weal of the world, but she was obviously not afraid to crush it if that concerned her people. ********* Elide eventhough had temper issues...
My Knight Princess | JK by taezaff
My Knight Princess | JKby yoonie
"Promise me to stay by my side. Believe me while no one does and hold my hand while I am falling apart. Can you?" "Yah...what with that? It's weird and s...
Hunter of The Supernatural by 13defender37
Hunter of The Supernaturalby 13defender37
When a mysterious girl turns up and saves the Winchester brothers from a Wendigo she ends up hurt. The brothers fight their way through the forest and down a mountain wi...
THEM by iamkathiana
THEMby Kar.ty
Cole is the nerdy guy at school that nobody knows except for his bullies. Life has not been perfect for him ever since he was young, but that didn't hold him back from b...
Don't Whistle Past the Graveyard by Jagermeanshunter
Don't Whistle Past the Graveyardby Jager
Survival is all about rules. It's really very simple. Follow the rules and maybe you last just a little bit longer than most other people. These rules are harsh. They ar...
Wrecked by BillieJenna
Wreckedby Billie Jenna
217 of us boarded flight MJ027 20 of us survived the crash now there's only 11 of us. We aren't alone on this island But we are, Wrecked ...
The Story of my Life | An Outsiders FanFiction by emmiecurtis
The Story of my Life | An The outsiders
"Written in these walls are the stories that I can't explain, I leave my heart open but it stays right here empty for days..." Elise Gray seems like your...
Dangerous CEO; Falling for the Mafia Boss by ZorroDeSombra
Dangerous CEO; Falling for the ZorroDeSombra
After witnessing her new boss violently murder a fellow employee, An Vo's life gets thrown back into the very underground criminal activities she spent most of her life...
The Things Our Parents Left Us by xrayz1209
The Things Our Parents Left Usby Raven McCoy
Ramona "Mona" Gray only wanted to catch a big fish. Instead she caught a boy the same height as herself. Adam Fink was trying to catch a girl to take home to h...
Always Been Love by Nezisa08
Always Been Loveby Dontknowmyself
Aurora, 25, falls in love with her new boss but tries hard with her all to hide it because she's unsure of how her serious boss feels about her. He keeps confusing her b...
The Game of Hearts by imcountingstars10
The Game of Heartsby ミ✭ 𝙯𝙖𝙩𝙖𝙣𝙣𝙖
❝ If you want my heart, be aware of the spades. ❞ Picture this: life as a deck of cards. Matthew Clarke, the Golden Boy with golden locks and conceit in every inch of h...
One of the boys by StareyedWolf
One of the boysby -e
With her mother god knows where, Jordan still away, and her so called father dead, Keira Drew has nowhere to go and still being shy of 18, she'll have to spend her senio...
Being Normal isn't me by Angel164
Being Normal isn't meby #Moonwalkers Forever
Angel Borgono isn't your typical girl. She's tough really tough she can break your bone if you mess with her. Her life isn't easy. But it gets easy when she meets someon...
Marianne x Bog King: Strange Encounters by creativityunleashed
Marianne x Bog King: Strange creativityunleashed
A bunch of oneshots! on how Marianne and Bog King meet! (Using images to get inspiration!)
My broken Angel (a Daryl Dixon love story) by TWD2903
My broken Angel (a Daryl Dixon CheyDixon2903
Cheyenne is a 25 year old woman who's had it ruff. When she was nine she was abused by her foster parents forcing her to run away. She ran and ran. She came upon a secre...
The Eight Lies We Tell Each Other by ChristineKirchoff
The Eight Lies We Tell Each Otherby Christine Anna Kirchoff
- Editor's Pick - - Best Teen Book of 2020 - Lie one: we're all going to survive. Nova just wanted to do her duty like everyone else. Become a soldier, keep Earth safe...
Tomboys tales by southernarmygirl
Tomboys talesby jess.alderman
The life of a girl who isn't all that feminine but is teased and persecuted for it but ends up falling in love with the star quarterback. Will her boxing career be over...