A Perfect Stitch

A Perfect Stitch

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Derrick Williams By DerrickWilliams_AA Updated Jun 20

On lover's day, an innocent soul got trapped in the chambers of Lucifer.
A case of mistaken identity brought two complete strangers together, to seal a wedding in a church, live under one roof,  and share a bed for two. Two complete polar opposites, whom instead of attracting, repealed each.

Dwain Horton is a multi-billionaire who owns several five-star hotels and shipping companies around the globe. One night with a stranger and she ruined his reputation to the mud and bruised his heart. He promised himself to make her pay but too bad, he got the wrong bride.

What happens when Ellis Blien gets married in the place of Elisabeth Dixon to this revenge-seeking monster who is determined to crush her life to dust.
New Adult Contemporary Romance.

Brussels, Belgium, and Time Square, New York.

Cover Artist; @shreyasengupta29
Featured on Wattpad Official Newadult Profile; There's Only One Bed | Romance.

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