Veiled Stars »  LotR [1] ✔️

Veiled Stars » LotR [1] ✔️

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Frodo was meant to be the Ring-bearer. But when he falls under Sauron's control and vanishes before Elrond's council, where does that leave the Fellowship?

Elle was orphaned at a young age, with a dark childhood that keeps her on her toes. And when her thieving past finally catches up with her, Elle is thrust head first into a quest to recover the Ring-bearer and the One Ring, before it is too late.

But not even the deepest secrets can stay hidden for long, and it seems the Fellowship carries more than what appears on the surface. From elf to man, a darkness runs rampant.

Welcome to a retelling of adventure and love, yet also heartbreak and unimaginable loss. The big what if... What if Frodo became the wraith? What if the Ring was stolen? Will anywhere be safe?

Began: September 19th. Completed: April 11th!

Contests: Precious Awards of 1st Place Winner, Best Female Character Winner, Best Cover Award! 2nd Place Tolkien Club Award in the Fanfiction Genre!

#1 in LOTR  5/20/2018 - 6/22/1208!