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Contained - yandere indominus rex by KawaiiCatCalls
Contained - yandere indominus rexby Cardealia
When Bella Cardle is offered a job at Jurassic World. The specimen that she is to train is none other than the indominus Rex. As she gets closer to this new asset, she f...
The Bad Guys: Mr. Komodo. by ReptileEdge
The Bad Guys: Mr. ReptileEdge
Everyone knows about the group known as 'the bad guys.' Notorious thieves who have a knack for showing off during their heists. That is until a heist goes wrong, and mus...
Yu-Gi-Oh: The Heart of a Millennium by AmunetKv
Yu-Gi-Oh: The Heart of a Millenniumby KimV
The prophecy was told that the great Pharoah would return to defeat the great evil that would lurk again 5000 years later. But the prophecy had a hidden secret, it tol...
Furries by TransG18
Furriesby Kenzie
Read the stories of these human girls and their furry lovers. See how much their lives change as they discover true love with furries who were once animals but now have...
My Reptile Buddy [IndoMalay Fanfic] by juneDAbby
My Reptile Buddy [IndoMalay Fanfic]by Pee Paw Poo
There lived a lazy country person named Malaysia, always working getting scolded by his boss for being a lazy one! One night, he was following his coworkers to a storage...
Iguanatopia - ONC 2021 (Completed) by lisa_london_
Iguanatopia - ONC 2021 (Completed)by Lisa London
A badass pirate girl. A crew of bickering men. A missing captain. An iguana. A treasure map. Add to that a mermaid, a bunch of manatees, and perhaps a capybara or two. T...
Wolf Pack by Whitefire95
Wolf Packby Whitefire95
What if KARR had left immediately after being pulled from the sand? What if he wanted revenge and to hurt his twin in the worst way possible, What if he found someone wh...
Dinomorphs Vol. 2: Grand Larcen E. by RoadkillSarny
Dinomorphs Vol. 2: Grand Larcen Gill
A legendary thief is striking fear into all the wealthy citizens of Sarasota, stealing precious gems and artifacts from even the most secure buildings. The Dinomorphs ta...
snake  <Jaeyong> by multistanbitch
snake by multistan bitch
Taeyong is cold blooded and gets bullied in school because he needs to dress warm and has two different eye colors and jaehyun notices it (i am bad at descriptions lmao)...
Snake Boy by HerioKillugonwriter
Snake Boyby Noodles (Alt ac)
Killua, didn't like nature. He didn't like plants, he didn't like animals, he didn't like bugs. He didn't like fish, or being outside in general. He was 5 years old, and...
Glimmer #1 by Waterbuffalo34
Glimmer #1by
This begins my series. It is about this energy based alien's pets on Earth. Plenty of hints of future characters.
Mortal Kombat x Reader by Red_scarfed_person
Mortal Kombat x Readerby 草 Grass 草
Greetings! The title says it all! The reader shall be female, otherwise specified. (ノಠ益ಠ)------>(*-*\) yes, that was my attempt at Scorpion's spear- Art by Hellraisor...
DOLONIA ༄ [raph x reader] by _callmesa
DOLONIA ༄ [raph x reader]by ☆*:.。. sasa .。.:*☆
/duh-loh-nee-uh/ • n. the fear when people genuinely like you and you can't fathom why. thinking you aren't the one they deserve cause of the qualities you hate the mos...
A Series Of Unfortunate Events by squidiagmailcom
A Series Of Unfortunate Eventsby Alex Jack Sweeney
What if I was the only one Baudelaire child? What if I wasn't as close to my aunt Josephine as I was to my uncle Monty, and a disturbingly awkward Count Olaf. What if m...
Facts About LeafyIsHere by PokkiSlayz
Facts About LeafyIsHereby avery
Scaled Mind Games by PressOption
Scaled Mind Gamesby PressOption
In the year 2025, Aliens have invaded Earth and have taken control of most of the human civilization for 20 years through the Advent administration, reorganizing them in...
kulipari: Another World by endercomet
kulipari: Another Worldby endercomet
lord marmoo had risen... again. Darel, Koa,burnu,wilka and some other lizards were lost in the outback, stinger is gone as scorpion Lord and quoba has changed after stud...
Spectrum - A Science Fiction Short Story by AidanJReidAuthor
Spectrum - A Science Fiction Aidan J Reid
The human brain decodes only 0.0035% of the entire electromagnetic spectrum. A tiny fraction which our eyes recognise as 'visible light'. BioLuminary Enterprises conduct...
The Lion Guard: The Northern Crocodile by KentroKreations
The Lion Guard: The Northern NET
The dry season is here, and it isn't exactly easy on anybody, but it only gets worse for the crocodiles. When two different groups of crocodiles from faraway places snea...
All My Reptiles!!! by Bieber_Source
All My Reptiles!!!by Bieber_Source
This is just a random book, I'm just showing pictures of every single reptile I own to this day....and I own a lot Copyright 2017