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Naruto The Last Sith by Drakan465
Naruto The Last Sithby James Curtis
The Force a power that moves us and binds us together a power that is a destructive as any weapon and as powerful as any one read on and learn how one move one desperate...
  • clonewars
  • revan
  • starwars
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the veloci elite by darthfalence
the veloci eliteby the sith acolyte
a collection of A( rps B( quizzes C( star wars d( warriors cats e( wings of fire f( stories and more now sign on in
  • wof
  • starwars
  • anakin
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Star Wars The Old Republic: Way of the Sith by Sith_apprentice
Star Wars The Old Republic: Way of...by Darth Wattpader
  • 2cool4school123
  • oldrepublic
  • starwars
Star Wars: The Soldier by Storm-Shadows7
Star Wars: The Soldierby Captain Kiri Storm
Kalc doesn't know how it happened. One moment, he was fighting for the glory of the Republic beside a karking Sith Pureblood, for the Force's sake. The next, he was waki...
  • malexmale
  • jedi
  • ross
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Dedicated Star Wars OC Archive by SuperiorGhost
Dedicated Star Wars OC Archiveby Ꮆ卄ㄖ丂ㄒ
In an attempt to clean up my main OC book.
  • sith
  • starwars
  • jedi
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Star Wars: The Old Republic: Deception by TriPlane
Star Wars: The Old Republic: Decep...by Ryan
  • starwars
  • old
  • beginning
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Jula and Striker: A Star Wars Story by AvaelysePelennor
Jula and Striker: A Star Wars Storyby AvaelysePelennor
"My name is Jula Marack. I am a high ranking officer in Corellian Security, known as CorSec. I joined when I was eighteen, and I've been moving up the ranks my whol...
  • sciencefiction
  • fanfiction
  • adventure
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Starwars:The Battle against mandalore by Untouchable_books
Starwars:The Battle against mandal...by Untouchable_books
A action packed book! The story begins when the mandalorians started raiding the republics trade routes the republic soon started to believe that the mandalorians were w...
  • republic
  • starwars
  • action
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Dear Diary, I'm Getting Married! by Eaaooo
Dear Diary, I'm Getting Married!by Matt
Alvyn has some time alone and reflects on his relationship with Vallos.
  • sithlord
  • diary
  • imperial
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Dealing with Nyron by CaptainBritain04
Dealing with Nyronby CaptainBritain04
The novelisation of the Star Wars Famfic roleplaying game. A tale of adventure, treachery, madness and humour.
  • bountyhunter
  • humour
  • fanfiction
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Tempest - Book 2 of The Ocean Floor by Silentis
Tempest - Book 2 of The Ocean Floorby K. Franklin
[A Star Wars: The Old Republic fan story] Blurb TBA. Yes, TBA not CBA. I'll think of something eventually. [This is a Sith Warrior backstory which (while staying tru...
  • sci-fi
  • scifi
  • swtor
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Star Wars Old Republic Roleplay by TheAbraCronicles
Star Wars Old Republic Roleplayby TheAbraChronicles
Attention: There is not going to be a chapter for every planet in the Star Wars Old Republic Universe. Thank You! And also read the rules!
  • starwars
  • future
  • adventure
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Archives - Star Wars Universe by CyanaShan
Archives - Star Wars Universeby Cyana Shan
Star Wars. Canon and Legend. Archives' Files. SIS - ISB. That resumed the book (I have the same in French but anyway). Everything said "technic" I will put in...
  • sis
  • cyana
  • sw
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The Lost Apprentices by Fandomgurltwo
The Lost Apprenticesby Dusk and Luminous
In 5000 BBY, the time of the Old Republic, It is a dark time. The outlanders, who rid the galaxy of Emperor Vitiate have suddenly vanished. A dark force swarms the galax...
  • georgelucas
  • oldrepublic
  • starwars
Star Wars EU/AU Story Ideas by GolgariPower
Star Wars EU/AU Story Ideasby GolgariPower
This will be my comprehensive list of current projects as well as potential future projects Note: some of these will have no title but simply a point in time and the ide...
  • 2000bby
  • starwars
  • sith
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star wars review by dudegamer
star wars reviewby dudegamer
sorry I have no other covers so just go with this on my channel
  • xreaders
  • oldrepublic
  • sith
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Gray (A Star Wars Fanfiction) by justanothersheepcow
Gray (A Star Wars Fanfiction)by justanothersheepcow
This is set 50 years before Episode I. Kimra is a Gray Jedi, using both the Light and Dark without getting consumed by either. Kimra and her fellow Gray Jedi, Davian...
  • fanfiction
  • oldrepublic
  • starwarsfanfiction
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The Amazing Adventures of Captain Rex & Co: Disney World by GeneralAhsokaTano
The Amazing Adventures of Captain...by 🐺SNIPS THE WIERĐ BEAN🐺
You have been assigned a very simple task, directly from Anakin Skywalker. Your mission is to successfully guide Captain Rex and his brothers around Disney World, Florid...
  • holiday
  • oldrepublic
  • anakinskywalker
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STAR WARS: Wikine, The bounty hunter. by Slyasabug14
STAR WARS: Wikine, The bounty hunt...by julian smith
Wikine is the galaxy's newest hunter to start on a quest to get into the great hunt this s the first book of the series which tells of her tales on hutta the second book...
  • hutta
  • swtor
  • vex
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The Sith [The Creator] by UnknownPineapple
The Sith [The Creator]by UnknownPineapple
This is my first actual book so please don't judge me because as I said before its my first. Its about how I think this is how the Sith from Star Wars were originally cr...
  • lords
  • oldrepublic
  • starwars
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