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Child of the Force by EzraBridger17
Child of the Forceby EzraBridger17
Jedi Kanan Jarrus had visited the Lothal Jedi temple in search of guidance. Inside the temple he finds a boy, shut out from the world for who he is. Now it's Kanan's job...
SPECTRE-7 by AllieKatBooks
SPECTRE-7by Alexandria Kathrine
Celeste Greys has always been on her own, accepting any job she could get to keep herself alive. She only cared for herself, jumping from planet to planet. Making sure s...
Unexpected Issues. [Complete] by Notrandomatall
Unexpected Issues. [Complete]by Notra
Ezra wants to leave the Ghost to explore Capital City again. Typical. Ezra goes to town by himself. No problem there. Ezra returns with an array of cuts and bruises. Yep...
Back to the Past (Star Wars Rebels) by AquaticDragonet
Back to the Past (Star Wars Rebels)by AquaticDragonet
What if Ezra Bridger (from s4, last episode) went back to the past (episode 1, s1)? Ezra Bridger, a trained Palawan who recently lost his master was ready to leave Lotha...
Broken No More: Luxsoka by Thegreekgodsarereal
Broken No More: Luxsokaby Thegreekgodsarereal
Under editing (I wrote this like two years ago and this is trash, so I'm gonna try to fix it. PROLOGUE: Alone. No allies. No friends. No family. No order. N...
Strange Sight by Crazyoceanlove
Strange Sightby Crazyoceanlove
Kanan in this story meets Ezra in an unexpected turn of events and not with the others. When the empire shoots down the ghost, Kanan falls off and the others are taken t...
SPECTRE-7: RESTORED by AllieKatBooks
SPECTRE-7: RESTOREDby Alexandria Kathrine
"You are a Rebel. No matter what anyone says." Celeste Greys is broken. She lost the only family she ever knew. Her best friends, her mentor and any connection...
Finding You...Kanan Jarrus x oc by Jjdb2001
Finding You...Kanan Jarrus x ocby Jjdb2001
The Ghost crew has always been a tight family. Each one has their rolls in the battle against the Empire. Each one has a reason to fight. Each one has a past that they d...
Survived by JediStalker
Survivedby Winter Shadow
Its been 19 years since the Clone Wars ended and the Republic fell. Cody Togjid has just about forgotten that the War even happened when he encountered someone that he h...
Happy Birthday Ezra by secret_jedi
Happy Birthday Ezraby The Secret Jedi
The Ghost crew gets Ezra a laptop for his birthday! He tries to sell Zeb on EBay. He plays Undertale and minecraft. He creates his own commercial. He goes to mcdonalds...
Star Wars Ahsoka Tano: Discovering (BOOK I) by SWFan1977
Star Wars Ahsoka Tano: Discovering...by Kimi L.
Hello Wattpaders! This is book I of my new Star Wars Ahsoka Tano Fanfic series, this is also my first story on Wattpad! This story takes place 6 months after Ahsoka lef...
Vulnerable to the Force [Star Wars Rebels]{Wattys 2015} by Minecrafter2098
Vulnerable to the Force [Star Wars...by Minecrafter2098
Aboard The Ghost, the night after Kanan and Ezra went to Fort Anaxes, everyone begins to notice a change in behavior in Ezra. He begins to split from the rebels and hide...
How did I get here?                (A Star Wars rebels fan fiction) by maddog12345678
How did I get here...by Maddio 64
I do not own Star Wars rebels! Ezra has been getting a ton of visions lately and he doesn't know what is real. Until one vision does something terrible... Follow Ezra o...
The Perils of Death (Star Wars Rebels) by Cold_Matchmaker
The Perils of Death (Star Wars Reb...by Moon Inkwell
When Ezra wakes up at the scene of a battle, things take a turn for the strange. Only time will tell what the cause was . . . or what the result will be.
Star Wars Fanfic: What If? by MuslimOtaku
Star Wars Fanfic: What If?by Shadowstrike
What if Obi-Wan didn't go to Mustafar? What if Padme reached into Anakin's light side? What if she survived childbirth? What if the Skywalkers move to Lothal?
Barriss Offee: Remnants of the War by arianadume
Barriss Offee: Remnants of the Warby Snippy Skyguy
Barriss Offee betrayed the Jedi, destroyed numerous lives and spoke out publicly to both the senate and the courts, ultimately leading to the departure of Ahsoka Tano, s...
The Past Comes Back (Star Wars Rebels FanFic)~On Long-Term Hold~ by Mellum
The Past Comes Back (Star Wars Reb...by Melody
The crew of the Ghost were battling TIES when they began to fall into the atmosphere of an unknown planet. They find each other after the crash, and get help from a youn...
The Search for Hope - A Star Wars Story by masterk04
The Search for Hope - A Star Wars...by Kamryn
"The Search for Hope" is a continuation of the epilogue from Star Wars Rebels, and follows Ahsoka Tano and Sabine Wren in their quest to find Ezra Bridger, who...
After The Ghost by Skywaler7279
After The Ghostby Skywalker7279
After the events of Star Wars Rebels. With the liberation of Lothal and the disappearance of Ezra Bridger and Grand Admiral Thrawn, the Ghost crew is in disarray. The le...
Ein Leben voller Komplikationen by WhiteRose5510
Ein Leben voller Komplikationenby WhiteRose5510
Eine Vision - Kann das wirklich alles ändern? Was, wenn nicht alles, was die Crew über Ezra weiß, die Wahrheit ist? Welche Folgen kann das haben?