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The Jedi's Change. by BlackRoseSith
The Jedi's Emily
When the Jedi Council find out that Senator Amidala is pregnant with Anikin's children, they try to expell him for breaking the Jedi code. But, when all his Jedi friends...
Balance and Victory: A Star Wars Alternate Universe [COMPLETED!] by AuroraSkywalker
Balance and Victory: A Star Wars AuroraSkywalker
Anakin Skywalker will not become Darth Vader. Not yet, anyway. Padmé saved him from a lifetime of regret by pulling him out of the fateful battle between Mace Windu and...
Reunited at Last by anakinpadmeforlife
Reunited at Lastby anakinpadmeforlife
Anakin and Padmé are finally reunited in the force after so long of being separated. Is their once irrational love still as powerful as ever? And what happens when new t...
When She Was Gone by mxgic-dust
When She Was Goneby R - She/her
"Your Padawan was weak, like you. So I killed her," said the Togruta, circling Anakin's interrogation chair. Anakin finally looked at her in disbelief and horr...
a new hope - time travel au by starwalkee
a new hope - time travel auby starwalkee
final time trying to make a decent au that actually makes sense. anakin and padmé go 20 years into the future to see the consequences anakin set for his kids. disclaimer...
Secrets and Suspicion (Book 1) by euphoriahh
Secrets and Suspicion (Book 1)by ⊱열정⊰
After three years of Padmé and Anakin Skywalker being married, suspicion rises between others close to Both Anakin and Padmé. This is the Clone Wars, and tensions run hi...
Calls from the Lightside by ChloeHudleston
Calls from the Lightsideby ChloeHudleston
Anakin doesn't fall to the dark side. A fanfic on the destruction of Palpatine, Anakin staying in the light and the Skywalker family. Picking up from the return of Ahsok...
Secret of Mortis.                                      by Ebba_Cassandra
Secret of PadméxAnakin
This is my new story. It's about the mortis arc. The only difference from the original arc is that this is like my version. Okay it's a very big difference. And in this...
Remember What We Were by Starwarzgirl
Remember What We Wereby Starwarzgirl
As the Battle of Geonosis comes to an end, the gunship carrying Anakin, Obi-wan, and Padme is shot at. We all know what happens: Padme falls, Anakin wants to save her, O...
Anidala One-shots by Padme_N_Amidala
Anidala One-shotsby Brianna
Just a whole bunch of non-lemon, non-smut stories for Anidala. If you're looking for some clean shipping, star wars, Anidala one shots, then you've come to the right pla...
Revenge's End by Introverted3xtrovert
Revenge's Endby Introverted3xtrovert
Revenge of the Sith alternate ending. When Anakin discovers the Chancellor's true identity what will he do with that information? Will the dark side and fear of losing...
Obikin super-short stories by bunsforharry
Obikin super-short storiesby Martzen🙃
Just some weird shiz, because I'm a sucker for obikin <3 STARTED APRIL 22 2018 I won't be using a posting schedule so the story won't be updated very frequently :) An...
Clone Wars chat. by Snips_Fan_Girl_101
Clone Wars Fan Girl 101
If clone war characters got phone's and created group chats. Ships included.
Clone wars High School  AU by Snips_Fan_Girl_101
Clone wars High School AUby Fan Girl 101
Clone War Character go to High School in Alternate Univers. Drama Unfolds.
TCW: Ahsoka and Anakin Oneshots  by theredroomwidow
TCW: Ahsoka and Anakin Oneshots by AHSOKA TANO
Oneshots of SKYGUY and SNIPS along with other characters like Padmé, Obi-Wan, Yoda, Plo Koon, and so on from your favorite Star Wars show. PLATONIC RELATIONSHIP AND ANIS...
Star Wars One Shots by ReinaStarnight
Star Wars One Shotsby ~*luke*~
Here is a book of a bunch of story ideas that I am too lazy to make into books, so instead I turned them into one shots. Stories ranging from Complete Utter Crack to An...
Traveler Girl by Seaotter17
Traveler Girlby Iz
Ahsoka Tano is afraid of failing. Again. She trains hard until Anakin notices she's hurting herself. When he tries to confront her about it the unexpected happens. Will...
Restoring the Galaxy by GreyJedi_Knight11
Restoring the Galaxyby I took the Happy Halloween si...
What if the events in Star Wars never really happened? What if it was all just a vision brought up by Obi-Wan, given to him by the force. Could he stop all the terrible...
Star Wars Characters Reacts to Ships by Rotten_Slytherin
Star Wars Characters Reacts to RottenSlytherin
Basically Star Wars Characters react to ships.
✩ star wars preferences ✩ by lukesfrappucino
✩ star wars preferences ✩by emma ︎︎❤︎
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