The Mystery Fighter

The Mystery Fighter

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Aleks By A_Elin Completed

Seventeen-year-old Cassandra Haynes has never been the one to follow rules.

Without giving the numerous threats of expulsion from her teachers a second thought, Cassandra lives in no fear of the lack of a proper education. But when a death in her family occurs, her mindset quickly changes. Now in charge of her seven-year-old sister and a house they cannot afford, Cassandra decides to pack their bags and leave the only place she has ever known for an apartment in a more secluded area in the neighboring city.
With street fighting being her expertise, and well-needed stress-reliever, it is only fitting that the illegal sport proves to be Cassandra's most efficient way of income as they struggle to get by. Yet, as she transfers old habits and tendencies to the new city and her new school partially filled with persistent, arrogant soccer players, Cassandra soon learns that old enemies and grudges journey over the city border, as well. 
     On the getaway from child services, and the childhood she so desperately wants to forget, Cassandra's hope for a peaceful life in the new city slowly begins to crack.

Torn between trust and instinct, law and moral, and her constant need to protect her sister; Cassandra finds that life on the street of gangs has just risen to a whole new level.

  **Sequel completed**

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MehmetAliErol MehmetAliErol Nov 25, 2017
Aşk hikayesi okumak isteyenler için kitabımı okumalarını öneriyorum. Bu yolda bana yardım etmenizi canı gönülden isterim.Teşekkür ederim
LonnieToonie LonnieToonie Dec 08, 2017
This story is sooooo good already! I wish I could be as good as this...I just write random stuff XDD check them out if you want
CarrotMuffinLover CarrotMuffinLover Aug 09, 2017
I read this two years back and I forgot everything so I'm back
hooopn hooopn Jun 18
Listen. I only read the description and this seriously should be a movie
MIlada12 MIlada12 Oct 27
Daymmmm girl you lookin as sexy as the wattpad sign🤩🤩
                              (Note the sarcasm)😂
She's beautiful, the crossing of the t's is so graceful and delicate